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Mozayo Interactive Multi-Touch Table

Give The Gift Of Cheeseburger This Holiday Season From Gift Couture

Nearly 7 years ago this coming January, Eric Nakagawa and Kari Unebasami discovered a photo of a fluffy grey cat with the caption, “I can has cheezburger?” They decided then to create the now iconic site, I Can Has Cheezburger? where loads of funny cats with captions would be displayed. The site has become easily one of the most well recognized on the ‘Net. What does this have to do with Gift Couture and its offerings? Not a whole lot, apart from when I first had a glance at their latest — Cheeseburger wrapping paper — that was my very first Read More

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Tloveskin Batman Keyboard Decal

On t-shirts, as graffiti, and even shaved into the back of people’s heads, you’ve seen the Bat-Signal everywhere. And now it’s coming to your Apple device. Tloveskin makes Batman decals to fit over the keyboard of your MacBook and the backs of your iPad and iPhone. Made from vinyl less than 0.3 mm-thick, this decal serves to both protect and make your Apple device look cooler. The decals are completely oil- and water-proof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling coffee on your keyboard or dropping food crumbs beneath the keys. High-quality printing creates an authentic Bat-Signal, adding character Read More

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NFL Licensed Duck Tape

No half measures for die-hard NFL fans.  You have to show your loyalty by owning team logo products of all kinds.  When they come out with Pittsburgh Steelers lint rollers, you’ll get one.  Denver Broncos fiber bars?  In the cart!  Therefore: NFL Duck Tape, the product that takes its name from a common mispronunciation. Bring your favorite football team into your garage and allow your beloved team to help you fix what’s broken.  The roll is 1.88 inches wide by 10 yards, one first down.  More expensive than plain old Duck Tape?  You bet!  But that’s part of the fun. Read More

Koolatron Coca-Cola Mini Fridge

Like it or not, you’ve got to admit that the Coca-Cola company is a classic piece of Americana, and anything that bears its design generally brings warm feelings of nostalgia in a Norman Rockwell tradition that is just perfect for this time of year. If you find that your dorm or office needs a little sprucing up for the holiday season, why not bring in the Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal Six-Can Mini-Fridge. This four-liter appliance holds up to six 12-ounce cans of soda, so it’s a tad limited in that regard, but it cools up to 32 degrees below ambient Read More

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This Doctor Has A Cure For The Common Cold

We’re not sure about how you guys feel regarding cold weather, but the last week where we’re at has pretty much sucked. Buried under six inches of snow and ice, it’s times like these that have us thinking about summertime. With the aid of a good space heater, however, this time of year can be much easier to manage, and Dr. Infrared delivers. Their 1,500-watt space heater can keep things toasty from about 65 to 86 degrees. It boasts an advanced dual heating system which increases the heat transfer rate, and evenly disperses heat in a 1,000-square foot area quickly Read More

Caffeinated Shaving Products

Pacific Shaving Company has offered a line of fine shaving products for more than a decade, yet so far they’ve remained caffeine free, along with the rest of the shaving industry.  Introducing, to use the company’s language, shaving cream with a kick and after shave that arouses, both with caffeine. Caffeine, the San Fran company tells us, prevents redness and delivers antioxidants while delivering a bit of a boost.  Nothing’s stopping you from dipping your razor in caffeinated water for more of a good thing.  The web site promises the stuff doesn’t smell like coffee, though they don’t explicitly deny Read More

Zuli Smartplugs

When you bring a date back to your place, how’d you like to enter the room and have dimmed lights come on to immediately set the mood? Zuli Smartplugs work with your smartphone to set the lighting in your home as you please. Rather than hooking your lights and appliances up to a messy system of timers, dimmers, sensors, routers and hubs, Zuli Smartplugs offer both an outlet and a wireless signal that works with your smartphone’s WiFi adapter. Through an app on your phone, you can set preferences such as on/off scheduling for lights and appliances. The plugs form Read More

Hillside V202 Nightstand #2

I don’t know what’s on your nightstand, I don’t want to know, and I’d make efforts to forget the information if you gave it to me.  But whatever it is, it deserves a product with very cool terminology associated with it.  The Hillside V202 Nightstand #2, from Michigan’s Hillside Contemporary Furniture is manufactured of materials whose names you could endlessly repeat.  The top is made of acid-etched tempered glass and comes in the colors sable brown or caviar black.  And we’re just getting started.  For the drawer front, choose between champagne, java walnut, or natural walnut.  You can also choose Read More

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