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RabbitAir Minus A2 Artist Series: Clear The Air With Art

RabbitAir is a company that appreciates style, sophistication, and elegance as much as they do functionality. The air purifier manufacturer has decided to add a splash of personality to its line of product with the MinusA2 Artist Series. In addition to doing all the awesome things that a good purifier should, it spruces up the place with a striking art display, including works like Starry Night (Vincent Van Gogh), The Kiss (Gustav Klimpt), and Cherry Blossom (the RabbitAir creative team), just to name a few. Each unit is ultra-quiet and can filter air thoroughly for a space of anywhere from Read More

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The B.O.B. Bottle Opener Board: Kitchen Innovation At Its Finest

The Bottle Opener Board (B.O.B.) is the ultimate kitchen accessory whether you’re at home, outdoor grilling, hanging out by the pool, or tailgating at a sports event. By running double-duty as both cutting board and bottle opener, it’s a highly convenient way of enjoying a beer while you prep or slicing up the limes for your mixed beverage. Beyond that, it’s also a great serving platter and a conversation starter. Plus, if you opt for the Professional funding level, you’ll get a bamboo tablet stand to match the standard- and travel-sized boards. And before we turn you loose to get Read More

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Hey You Dirty Rats! Wanna Own Al Capone’s Miami Mansion? Here’s Your Shot.

Look out, history buffs and mob aficionados. Al Capone’s Palm Island mansion in Miami is back on the market, and if you have an extra $8.5 million laying around, it could be yours. That’s what the company that currently owns the 10,000-square foot estate is asking for it. They paid $7.4 million, but before you think you can lowball them, just know that every time the house has changed hands since Capone died in it (circa 1947), it’s gone up in value. Built in 1922 by Clarence Busch, a member of the Anheuser-Busch brewing clan, the house was purchased by Read More

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Letterforms Brings Dry Erase Board To Your Notebook

In all the years since the dry erase board first made its debut, why has it taken this blasted long to translate the slick, clean swiping feel to the standard notebook? Oh well, no use complaining. Letterforms has finally done it with a 40-page notebook that may seem a little steeply priced at $30, but is actually a great deal when you consider how you may never have to buy another notebook for as long as you live. Okay, so maybe that’s overdoing it a bit, but this will last you a long time, whether you’re a student, designer, entrepreneur, Read More

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Birdi: The Smart Air Monitor That Could Save Your Life

In today’s world of smart technology, your smoke detector could do so much more for you than make shrill noises when you burn your steak a bit. Well the Birdi’s a smart air monitor does more by keeping your home’s air quality in tip-top shape without disturbing your life. The device connects to your smart phone and anticipates a dangerous situation before it happens. Instead of setting off a blaring alarm, it senses when smoke levels are starting to rise and sends you a message on your phone. If smoke levels become dangerous, the device lets you decide if it’s Read More

Tranquility Pod Lets You Say Bye-Bye World For Solid Sack Time

Products featured by inStash can certainly be thought of in combination, composing a collage of luxury or weirdness.  This item may call for some  a good book, a portable snack, and some duct tape.  Meet the tranquility pod, a sound canceling bubble with a waterbed: an igloo without the ice, a man cave without the deadly chemicals in the air. One seems to plug an i-pod or whatnot into the thing, getting in return gentle music all around, even vibrating through the bed.  Further, it has a pulse-sensing biofeedback thingamajingy that somehow synchronizes one’s heart rate with light.  Worth a Read More

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Octopus Chandelier

Well, I was wrong, it is possible to buy a chandelier in the shape of an octopus.  I mean, I spent hours online looking for a vacuum sweeper in the shape of the Fonz from Happy Days and struck out, so I figured the same would happen with the octopus chandelier.  Oh how naive I am.  Choked by my pessimism.  I could’ve been enjoying this tentacled provider of ambient light months ago. So, if you’re worried that your home, bar, motorcycle shop,or religious cult headquarters has been languishing in a state of being understated, lacks that certain panache, help is here. Read More

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Skydrop Sprinkler Controller

Water’s becoming more scarce, and it’s scary how much of it is wasted on over-watering lawns and gardens. Most of you don’t have time to continually reset your sprinklers according to the weather. A weather-adjusted timer requires a separate weather station installed on your roof, which probably doesn’t seem like a great option either. Skydrop’s weather-monitoring service, though, helps you water efficiently. This sprinkler controller connects to The Cloud to get local, real-time weather data, which it then uses to determine if your lawn and garden need watering. It analyzes not only atmospheric weather but also the amount of water Read More

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