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Mercedes Ener-G-Force Concept

Arsenal Firearms Double Barrel Pistol

The Pit Boss BBQ Belt Is The Last Grilling Apron You’ll Ever Need

The Pit Boss Barbecue Tool Belt will help you store those BBQ gadgets in one convenient place, so when the time comes to test the temp of your red meat or your pig-tail meat-hook, you’ll know exactly where to find the thermometer. Same goes for any other of 15 barbecue and grilling tools and accessories. This ready-to-wear tool belt is something you can put on at a moment’s notice and have everything you need. It even holds a pair of cold beers, since barbecuing is a thirst-inducing job. Reduce those trips to the house and carry every BBQ essential on Read More

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Customize Softness And Height With The Lovethink Pillow

The makers of the Lovethink Pillow believe it’s high time we reinvented the way we think about the place where we lay our heads at night. With this unique creation — now available via Indiegogo — you can actually adjust the height and hardness for a pillow that is customized to your preferences every time you go to sleep. The desired softness or hardness is controlled via the SmartCore, one of four key parts. The knob — part two — allows you to change the settings at will, while the SmartCushion — part three — is where you put your Read More

Stove Lite Generates LED Lighting Through Burning Wood

If you live in bitterly cold areas and often rely on a wood stove for heat — which in the next 20 years, will probably be all of you — then you may want to pick up a Stove Lite while you still can. This brilliantly innovative device uses the heat from your average wood stove to generate enough heat to light up the LED inside, providing bright illumination to any room in the house as long as the bottom is hot. No more relying on gas or electric to get the job done! The Stove Lite is currently available Read More

Baron Fig Presents The Poster Project

Our friends at Baron Fig, typically known for their stunning assortment of sketchbooks and notebooks, are now in the poster business, and we’re excited to see what designs they have on the horizon. The first four have the kind of creeds that we can stand behind: One day is worth two tomorrows. — Benjamin Franklin Fail. Fail again. Fail better. — Pablo Pintachan Stop talking. Start making. — Jen Mussari Jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down. — Ray Bradbury More will open up as the project continues, but you can get all the details by Read More

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Animal Heads On Your Wall Without Firing A Shot

Want something to spruce up that cabin in the woods, but a little too afraid to go mano-y-gunno with a moose or grizzly bear to get it? If so, then you may want to consider these laser-cut, PETA-friendly animal heads. The craftsmanship from this father-and-son team is pretty darn impressive, though they stop just short of looking like the real deal. Each piece is crafted from environmentally friendly materials and is durable in spite of the lighter weight. The Heads On A Wall Kickstarter page explains further: “We started with cardboard but found it was not durable enough, creased easily Read More

Glyde: A CNC Machined Pen, Stylus Combo

We’ve always been of the belief that pens are pens and just about any one will do. Yes, there are some that are more pleasant to use, but we save a very small percentage of the things we ever sign, and you really don’t even need paper any more if you have an app that allows you to electronically sign via stylus. Unfortunately, the choices for styluses leave much to be desired. In other words, we don’t usually go to the trouble of guesswork on which nib is the right one to replace the factory-installed job that fell off after Read More

RumLuck Art Book: A Gorgeous Hardback Time Warp

Sacramento artist Nooligan’s star should be on the rise once you get a look at some of the breathtaking Americana drawings he’s conjured up for the art book Rumluck. Each of the released drawings have a tender, romantic feel that captures life in the early 20th Century with a modern, comic book feel. The theme will throw you back to images of old newspaper strips, classic cartoons, early automobiles, picture shows, barbershops and traveling circuses. A time when everyone smoked, people believed in their country, no one locked their doors, and children played all day in the street. Format-wise, the Read More

iLumi Wins Over Shark Tank, We’re Next

If you managed to catch the latest episode of Shark Tank over the weekend, then you were probably as impressed as we were by iLumi, a revolutionary new light bulb system that is, thus far, the simplest-to-use product of its kind. Operating on Bluetooth technology, you can have iLumi working for you in two easy steps. First thing you do is screw in the bulb like you would any ordinary bulb. Then, you download the iLumi app and use the Bluetooth connectivity in controlling the light to behave however you want it to. You can set it to turn off Read More

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