Jagkommando Tri-Dagger Knife

22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper

Beardski Ski Mask

Tranquility Pod Lets You Say Bye-Bye World For Solid Sack Time

Products featured by inStash can certainly be thought of in combination, composing a collage of luxury or weirdness.  This item may call for some  a good book, a portable snack, and some duct tape.  Meet the tranquility pod, a sound canceling bubble with a waterbed: an igloo without the ice, a man cave without the deadly chemicals in the air. One seems to plug an i-pod or whatnot into the thing, getting in return gentle music all around, even vibrating through the bed.  Further, it has a pulse-sensing biofeedback thingamajingy that somehow synchronizes one’s heart rate with light.  Worth a Read More

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Octopus Chandelier

Well, I was wrong, it is possible to buy a chandelier in the shape of an octopus.  I mean, I spent hours online looking for a vacuum sweeper in the shape of the Fonz from Happy Days and struck out, so I figured the same would happen with the octopus chandelier.  Oh how naive I am.  Choked by my pessimism.  I could’ve been enjoying this tentacled provider of ambient light months ago. So, if you’re worried that your home, bar, motorcycle shop,or religious cult headquarters has been languishing in a state of being understated, lacks that certain panache, help is here. Read More

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Skydrop Sprinkler Controller

Water’s becoming more scarce, and it’s scary how much of it is wasted on over-watering lawns and gardens. Most of you don’t have time to continually reset your sprinklers according to the weather. A weather-adjusted timer requires a separate weather station installed on your roof, which probably doesn’t seem like a great option either. Skydrop’s weather-monitoring service, though, helps you water efficiently. This sprinkler controller connects to The Cloud to get local, real-time weather data, which it then uses to determine if your lawn and garden need watering. It analyzes not only atmospheric weather but also the amount of water Read More

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Hood Lighting Modular Assembly Lets You Set The Mood

For a workspace to be efficient, you have to be able to see well in it. The quest for efficiency, though, has made many workspaces a bit too bright. You might be able to see clearly, but you lose much of the coziness and intimacy required to comfortably stay in a space for an extended period. The Hood Lighting Modular Assembly from Form Us With Love creates adaptable lighting that takes the harsh edge off of and lends warmth to modern workspaces. The hood, which comes in red or dark gray, suspends from the ceiling like an upside-down bathtub. It Read More

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Superheroes With A Native American Twist

Jeffrey Veregge is an effin’ genius. The pop culture art power has set his sights on some of the most popular comic book characters around and recreated them in a Native American style. Included in this stunning collection are the Batman, Superman, Hellboy, Spider-man, Iron Man, Wolverine, and the Flash, to name a few. (It’s really kind of unfortunate that you don’t see DC turning out more Elseworlds these days because this would be a great series of books if they wanted to give it a go.) Also, if comics aren’t really your thing, fret not. There’s a jaw-dropping Alien Read More

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HiddenRadio 2 Brings 360-Sound To Your Living Room (And Everywhere Else)

Want a speaker that’s absolutely future-proof? You got it in the HiddenRadio 2. Those familiar with the first version of this audio star probably know that the original finished with close to $1 million in Kickstarter funding. Naturally, the makers went back to the well for their updated piece of hardware, and so far, it’s turning out equally stellar. Seeking a funding target of $90,000, the total is now at $454k+ with 19 days left to go. What’s the big deal? Isn’t it just a speaker that looks sort of like the new MacPro? Well, not exactly. It’s a kick-a Read More

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Lynx SmartGrill Allows Even Bad Grillers To Fake It

Can’t keep up with the demands of grilling? Well hey, it ain’t easy managing all kinds of meat and veggies at the same time. Fortunately, the Lynx SmartGrill is on the way, and it will have your back. This grill for big backyard parties or families with big appetites automatically sets and adjusts itself to cook your food just the way you like it. Here’s how it works: you connect the grill to your WiFi and it asks you a few questions about what you want to cook. Based on your answers, the SmartGrill tells you which cooking technique to Read More

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Sleep Number X12 Bed Could Be The End Of Snoring

The Sleep Number X12 promises the best sleep of your life…every night. That’s a pretty bold claim because nobody sleeps well after gridiron failure on Sunday or before tomorrow’s big presentation in the office. Still you’ll probably get more shuteye on the X12 than on most other mattresses out there. Sleep Number’s carved out its niche in the industry by making mattresses with adjustable firmness. The X12 features DualAir™ technology to help you find your perfect sleep number of firmness and support by adding air to or removing it from each side of the mattress. As with many other products that Read More

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