Concerned About Privacy? You Should Probably Buy Angee.

Did you know that every 13 seconds someone breaks into a home in the US? How about the fact that 41% of successful burglaries happen when the home’s alarm system isn’t armed? Read More

Playbulb Is The Best Smart Light Bulb We’ve Seen

Adding some color to a room is now as simple as screwing in a lightbulb. No paint required. What amazing gadget could possibly do that? Mipow’s Playbulb of course! Now, we know Read More

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Evapolar Is Your Own Personal Cooling System

Do you find yourself feeling hotter than most people? Perhaps you might just not want to invest in an expensive air conditioning unit? Maybe your girlfriend is suffering from hot flashes? Whatever Read More

Apple Takes On Gaming Consoles With New Apple TV

Last week the Apple TV stopped being “just a hobby” for Apple. The brand new Apple TV marks the largest update for the world’s best-selling digital media player which now features a Read More

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Make Your Dog Look Like John Travolta With The Disco Dog Vest

Why should humans have all the fun? Our canine friends like to party too! If you want your four-legged buddy to showcase their personality while keeping safe then you should probably get Read More

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The K8500 Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player Lets You Watch Movies In Glorious 4K

Blu-ray has been around for nearly a decade now so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the next version of physical storage is already being released. If you’re not already aware, then you Read More

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Tado° Cooling Intelligent AC Controller Is A Must-Have For Warm Weather

Tado° may be making waves by lowering your heating bill, but did you know that their tado° Cooling Intelligent AC control product can save you money on your cooling bill as well? Read More

Turn Any Appliance Into A Smart Appliance With LG’s SmartThinQ Sensor

Smart homes are great and all but they require significant expenses to get set up and going. You have to buy a bunch of ‘smart’ appliances when you’ve very likely already invested Read More