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M Spa Hot Tub: Gorgeous, Functional, Affordable

If you’re like us, you’ve always wanted a hot tub in your house or apartment, but were too broke in both money and space to justify the purchase. Well, you’ve obviously never met the M Spa Model B-110 Silver Cloud Hot Tub. (Don’t feel bad; neither had we until recently.) This must-have for your deck, sunroom, or patio, is crafted using premium three-layer laminated PVC and has a water capacity of 184 gallons. There are built in heaters as well as a patented, button-based control box for easy adjustment. Get yours through Amazon now for the low price of $674. Read More

The Filmography Of Aircraft Soars

As both a film buff and a guy who has to stop and look at the planes every time they buzz overhead, this project, now available via Kickstarter from creator Cathryn Lavery, really speaks to me. Called “The Filmography of Aircraft,” Lavery has created a unique poster concept that celebrates movies in flight (or perhaps it’s flight in movies). In all, more than 100 years of aviation in film play out on this sky blue canvas. Through 66 hand-detailed illustrations, Lavery takes us from the Wright Flyer of the early 1900s straight through the Top Gun Tomcat and beyond. This Read More

Ojas Speakers Beat Any You’ve Ever Seen (Or Heard)

SATURDAYS NYC and Devon Turnbull have teamed up on a new set of speakers that very few of us will be able to afford. The huge price tag is justified by some expert designs from Turnbull as well as quality construction and a smooth-as-silk sound that make it the ultimate accessory to any house party. Despite graduating with a degree in audio engineering, Turnbull chose a career rooted in fashion and visual design, and that on-the-job training shows in every inch of this mechanism. In addition to founding the Ojas brand, Turnbull served as the Design Director and co-founder of Read More

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Say Hello To Zen Float, Goodbye To Your Senses

Sensory deprivation is a mode of self-therapy that allows you to shut out all of your senses and get some much-needed zen time free and clear from the fools and scalawags, who make getting the day so difficult. That’s why it’s a fitting thing that Zen Float would be the company behind these at-home isolation chambers, now available on Kickstarter for the price of $1,500. Pictured above, you’ll see what the Isolation Chamber looks like without the cover on. Below is a design prototype with the cover. The company promises a unique and relaxing experience that will enable you to Read More

JAG Grill: Now This Is How You Barbecue

You’ve heard it said that too many cooks in the kitchen is a bad thing, but today we have a table/grilling area that challenges the notion. Introducing the JAG Grill, an octagon-shaped eating and grilling area that accommodates up to eight people with a total diameter of seven feet. The stainless steel grilling racks remove for easier storage and cleaning and the grill dome contains the fire and allows for the easy addition of wood or coal. Built strong for a lifetime of use, the JAG Grill is a design marvel that belongs in any backyard, at least for those Read More

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The Pit Boss BBQ Belt Is The Last Grilling Apron You’ll Ever Need

The Pit Boss Barbecue Tool Belt will help you store those BBQ gadgets in one convenient place, so when the time comes to test the temp of your red meat or your pig-tail meat-hook, you’ll know exactly where to find the thermometer. Same goes for any other of 15 barbecue and grilling tools and accessories. This ready-to-wear tool belt is something you can put on at a moment’s notice and have everything you need. It even holds a pair of cold beers, since barbecuing is a thirst-inducing job. Reduce those trips to the house and carry every BBQ essential on Read More

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Customize Softness And Height With The Lovethink Pillow

The makers of the Lovethink Pillow believe it’s high time we reinvented the way we think about the place where we lay our heads at night. With this unique creation — now available via Indiegogo — you can actually adjust the height and hardness for a pillow that is customized to your preferences every time you go to sleep. The desired softness or hardness is controlled via the SmartCore, one of four key parts. The knob — part two — allows you to change the settings at will, while the SmartCushion — part three — is where you put your Read More

Stove Lite Generates LED Lighting Through Burning Wood

If you live in bitterly cold areas and often rely on a wood stove for heat — which in the next 20 years, will probably be all of you — then you may want to pick up a Stove Lite while you still can. This brilliantly innovative device uses the heat from your average wood stove to generate enough heat to light up the LED inside, providing bright illumination to any room in the house as long as the bottom is hot. No more relying on gas or electric to get the job done! The Stove Lite is currently available Read More