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Moleskine Notebooks For The Star Wars Fan

It’s funny that the older I get the more I cherish the original Star Wars films and hate the prequels. When creator George Lucas sold to Disney in 2012, I felt like I was getting an old friend back. Now with the latest movie slated for the holiday season of 2015, we’re starting to see a boost in Star Wars-related activity. Predating that sale, however, these Star Wars Moleskine Notebooks continue to be a bright spot in recent SW lore. Moleskine, the heir of the legendary notebooks used by avant gard artists and thinkers of the past two centuries, often Read More

Egg Minder

Ever been traipsing through the supermarket when you approach the egg cartons and can’t remember whether you have enough at home, or even if what you’ve got left is any good? We have tons of times. (Okay, that’s not entirely true since we eat out every meal, but still!) If you do have this problem the Egg Minder is going to make your world a much better place. The device, created by Rafael Hwang, is a smart egg tray that wirelessly connects to your mobile device and tracks the number of eggs you have. It also tells you when the Read More

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Harman Kardon Nova 2.0 Wireless Speakers

Whatever device you use for listening to music, hook it up to the Harman Kardon Nova 2.0 wireless speakers and establish wireless connections across Bluetooth with NFC (Near Field Communications). Push a button and  fill the room with sound from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you want to connect the Nova 2.0 to your Apple TV or Roku, you can use an optical cable. And a 3.5mm jack lets you play sound from just about any other device you own. Harman’s proprietary DSP helps these little speakers be heard and not seen. And you’ll pick out plenty of aural Read More

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Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Honeywell’s Wi-Fi thermostat includes all of the functions of a standard thermostat, but it really excels in its programming functions. Its Wi-Fi technology allows you to access it with your Android or iOS smartphone or a PC and start heating your home while you’re on your evening commute.  Much like the Nest 2, you can program it based on your habits or to stay mostly off while you’re on vacation, for example, kicking in just enough to prevent pipes from freezing. You can also manually program it right on your wall. The “smart” properties of the thermostat include its motion Read More

3D-Printed Gramohorn Invites You Back To The Jazz Age

Retro is in, and the Gramohorn Acoustic Speaker is a smartphone dock (specifically for the HTC One) with a look and feel of the Jazz Age.  Whether you’re pumping out some Hoagy Carmichael or running the latest Florence and the Machine track through these silver horns, you’ll have a great conversation starter at your gatherings. Modeled on original gramophones, the new gadget comes to us through HTC UK’s Here’s to Creativity campaign, which chooses designs from up-and-coming  brains and brings them to life.  In this case, the design involves not only gramophone acoustics, but also the 3D printing that fabricates Read More

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Taxa Firefly

Garrett Finney is at it again. The former NASA designer has already made waves with his Cricket Trailer design, which promised (and delivered) a “covered wagon for the new frontier.” Now through his Taxa LP company he is bringing together the camper and toolbox into Firefly, a portable rugged invention that can act as a storage unit or temporary shelter. The aluminum construction keeps the weight light at just 600 pounds so you can load Firefly into the bed of a pickup truck along with a couple of dirt bikes for a full day of riding. It’s also light enough Read More

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Sautee Wood Works: Two Centuries Behind The Times, And That’s The Way They Like It

Sautee Wood Works is the creation of carpenter extraordinaire Jim DeVincentis, who makes some of the most beautiful 19th Century woodworks currently available in the United States.  You can find most of his stuff over at Etsy. A recent Garden And Gun piece on DeVincentis highlighted his expertise at making vintage pie safes that look like they came right out of the 17’ and 1800s — the period of time when they were their most popular. A pie safe, for those of you who’ve never heard of them, were predecessors to refrigerators. They were used for storing pies, breads, meats, Read More

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4 Products That Blur The Line Between Work And Play

Many gadgets, bags, and accessories these days cross the line from formal to casual. We’ve de-formalized much of the workplace and this has created the same need in the types of products we own. Here are four of our favorite products that totally “get it” when it comes to blurring the line between work and play. The JBird Collective There is so much fragmentation in the bag market that most guys have to own something different depending on what they’re doing — going to the gym, hiking the highlands, or heading to the office. JBird Collective asks the question: why Read More

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