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Zombie Bells

Light Show Fountain Speakers

Fiskars 7850 X7 14-Inch Hatchet

If you ever catch yourself out in one of those tricky 127 Hours-type situations, where you need to lop off a limb in order to survive, the first tool you’ll want to turn to is the Fiskars 7850 X7 14-Inch Hatchet. In all seriousness, this iron hatchet cuts deeper than most axes, which makes it perfect for the woodsy outdoorsy types among you who need to hack up wood for kindling. The building blocks of a roaring blaze come easy when you’re throwing this bad boy around. It gets the job done with a stable, inseparable PermaHead design, making for Read More

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RE Factor Tactical Survival Band

Made by a U.S. Combat Veteran and designed by a Special Forces SERE Level C graduate, the RE Factor Tactical Survival Band delivers an assortment of goodies that can help you survive if ever thrust into one of those stranded-in-the-wild situations, though we’ll stop short of saying that it would help in a 127 Hours scenario. Nothing to hack off any trapped and gangrenous appendages, but it does possess a whistle, #8 fishing hook, 30 feet of 80-pound fishing line, 12 feet of 550 Paracord, a can opener and a flint fire starter rod, all packed expertly into a manly Read More

BioLite CampStove

Hip, forward-thinking people know that dirty fossil fuels are the past and that green, clean, renewable forms of energy – e.g. solar, wind, turbine, hydroelectric – must start to come mainstream to preserve our beautiful, yet now-fragile planet. The BioLite CampStove stands out as a shining example toward those ends. Outdoor adventurers will likely find it incredibly useful and innovative. Food is cooked with nothing more than a charge and a few twigs (or pine cones, wood chips, etc.), eliminating the need for dingy containers of gas. Think that’s the only benefit? Nope. CampStove transforms the heat produced by fire Read More

Swim Spa Luxema 8000

Allow us to introduce you to the king of all Jacuzzis. The Swim Spa Luxema 8000 is a double-decker that combines a Jacuzzi with a swimming area. It also features a large LCD television, DVD player, built-in stereo system, and its own bar. Of course, for $58,000… we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Leaf Loader

Ready for those Autumn leaves yet? Neither are we, but cleaning them up doesn’t have to be all that bad. The Leaf Loader eliminates all of that wasted time you spend creating piles, bending and scooping. Simply insert the Leaf Loader into a bag, can or bin, and start raking the leaves into the 4 foot wide-mouth funnel from up to ten feet away. When you’re done, fold the loader up flat and stash it away.

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LawnBott SpyderEvo

Picture this: You’re mowing your lawn in mid-summer, exhausted and sweating bullets. You look to your right and see a small robot zipping around your neighbors yard, cutting the grass perfectly. Meanwhile, your neighbor relaxes by the pool. Feel like a chump yet? The LawnBott SpyderEvo is a next-generation robot mower that’s capable of doing everything on its own. Simply place the perimeter wire around your lawn and any areas you don’t want cut (i.e. flower gardens, swimming pools, etc.), turn the robot on and let it do its thing. It’ll run for up to 3.5 hours before needing to recharge. Read More

CineBox Home Backyard Theater System

Drive-in theaters are, for the most part, a thing of the past. That is, unless you’ve got one in your backyard. The CineBox Home Backyard Theater System is a massive, inflatable 220-inch movie screen. It comes with everything you need for playing your favorite movies and video games by the pool, in your backyard, or even on the beach. You get a LCD Sanyo projector, DVD player, audio mixer, speakers, cables, yard stakes, and an electric air blower. When you’re finished, the 16 foot screen deflates and fits inside a duffle bag, weighing just eight pounds.

Bombwatcher Surfboard Chairs

Surf art combined with functionality. The Bombwatcher Surfboard Chairs are fold-to-flat surfboard styled chairs that were designed by Clinton Underwood in Cocoa Beach, Florida. They’re rot-resistant, handcrafted from cedar and oak, and easy to carry and store. There are two styles to choose from: a 5 ft. tall longboard with a single fin, or a 4 1/2 ft. tall shortboard with three fins. Custom orders are also available on request, including woodburned or painted designs.

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