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Volkswagen Aqua

Aquarium Bed

Horror Movie Lawn Gnomes

Got a garden that is just dying for some attention? Then you may want to match it up with some little guys that know a thing or two about making things dead. Introducing these Horror Movie Garden Gnomes from Revenant FX. As if these little guys weren’t scary enough in their standard form, you can now get versions reminiscent of Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, who are without doubt the champs of body count. You may be asking yourself what purpose these could possibly serve on your lawn. Well, for one, they can save you the trouble of ever having Read More

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Luminair Tree Tent

We’ve featured a tree tent before here at inStash, but what we gave you was truly a tent and not a mini-globe all to itself. The Luminair Tree Tent is just that offering more than just an overnight experience. With this contraption, which is comprised of aluminum and features a thermal liner, you can play survivalist for as long as the supplies last. The Luminair Tree Tent is heavy duty enough for a table, a mess unit, a bed, bedroll, and wooden stove. It’s the perfect place to escape to if you and your buds haven’t quite grown out of Read More

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VITEO Upside Down Shower

Want a lovely addition to any outdoor living area? Excited about bringing the beach home to your own backyard — without the sand, of course? Then you will need the VITEO Upside Down Shower to cool things off. A great addition in the growing selection of products for summer, this device uses jets that are built in to the platform to propel water up high over your head. The experience as a whole is much more pleasant than having to bob your head in and out of the path of a steel faucet that hangs at the top of most Read More

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The Ant Jar by Jeff Schwarting

Teamwork. It’s a powerful thing, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the relationships that harvester ants share with one another. These creatures aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, yet somehow when you get them together in a colony, they can do amazing things. An example of this is in the traditional ant farm that you kept as a little guy. The Ant Jar from Jeff Schwarting takes this concept and develops it for the space age. Just how space age? Well, the Ant Jar uses NASA space gel, preloaded for these guys to do their thing. Obviously, Read More

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Mammut T-Trail Headlamp with Ambient Light Dry Bag

It’s almost here, guys. Camping season is almost upon us, and so it’s time to start looking for any great new gadgets and accessories to help your stay in the wilderness a pleasant one. For many, that means going back to the T-Trail with this Mammut T-Trail Headlamp with Ambient Light Dry Bag. Playing poker in the tent, reading a book as the rain pelts off the fabric just before bed, or simply cozying up to your favorite tent-buddy has never been easier with this special lighting system that uses the ambient light dry bag to diffuse the naturally bright Read More


Beer and obstacle courses. Yeah, this is a great idea! Actually it is, if you are on the adventurous side. The MudChug is a crazy obstacle course that makes great use of its surroundings in getting you so down-and-dirty your mother won’t be able to recognize you by the end of it. Of course, if you do make it to the finish line, there are plenty of rewards to be had: MudChug T-Shirt, beer, medal, snacks and some good old-fashioned camaraderie. Go with a group or just bank on it that you’ll meet some friends during the fun. There are Read More

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Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

The hounds of winter will be away from the door before you know it, good readers, so now is the time to start planning out your outdoor furnishing needs. The Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair is here to help by affording you an easy and convenient way to avoid direct sunlight so you can enjoy the day a little longer without getting burned to a crisp. The canopy chair is made of 600D fabric – heavy-duty stuff for you guys in the know – and it boasts two cupholders for your alcoholic ice cold beverages. There are also some utility pockets Read More

VW Camper Van Tent

The VW Camper Van Tent is perfect for any of you van guys who can’t wait for these things to come back in style. What you see above is a replica of the 1965 T1 from Volkswagen, and like that great auto from the days of yore, this thing has room, room and more room. The Van Tent will comfortably shield four people from the elements. The tent is the exact size of the original van. On the inside, there are two indoor living compartments for added privacy. It’s completely waterproof and comes with a canopy, tent poles, ropes, pegs Read More