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Oru Kayak: The Origami Folding Boat

Mega Hammock Equals Mega-Awesome

Hammocks have always been an awesome way to enjoy a warm, breezy day, but they’re pretty much a solitary activity, and that’s a shame if you have some special people in your life that you’d like to include during your relaxation. Fear not. Hummingbird Hammocks has a solution to this little problem. With its Mega Hammock, the company has turned a one-man deal into fun for the whole family. This giant piece of material brings backyard relaxation to a whole new level with the ability to comfortably accommodate three people. Available in four colors of ripstop nylon with black webbing Read More

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XVENTURE Off-Road Trailer

The XVENTURE Off-Road Trailer from Schutt Industries is a revolutionary new way of handling your extreme off-roading. A vehicle engineered for the hardcore O/R overlanding community, the XVENTURE severe-duty trailer sets a high bar for its competitors thanks to the dual functionality of attic and cargo. Say you go camping: you can store all your gear in the lower level and sleep in the upper. All the items you need to survive in the wild — or all the ones you think you need — fit nicely without taking up too much space for the most important cargo of all Read More

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Skydrop Sprinkler Controller

Water’s becoming more scarce, and it’s scary how much of it is wasted on over-watering lawns and gardens. Most of you don’t have time to continually reset your sprinklers according to the weather. A weather-adjusted timer requires a separate weather station installed on your roof, which probably doesn’t seem like a great option either. Skydrop’s weather-monitoring service, though, helps you water efficiently. This sprinkler controller connects to The Cloud to get local, real-time weather data, which it then uses to determine if your lawn and garden need watering. It analyzes not only atmospheric weather but also the amount of water Read More

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Taxa Firefly

Garrett Finney is at it again. The former NASA designer has already made waves with his Cricket Trailer design, which promised (and delivered) a “covered wagon for the new frontier.” Now through his Taxa LP company he is bringing together the camper and toolbox into Firefly, a portable rugged invention that can act as a storage unit or temporary shelter. The aluminum construction keeps the weight light at just 600 pounds so you can load Firefly into the bed of a pickup truck along with a couple of dirt bikes for a full day of riding. It’s also light enough Read More

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Death Star Birdhouse

Even a Stormtrooper has his softer side and you can see it with this Death Star Birdhouse modeled after the planet killing battle station of the evil empire in the original Star Wars film. It’s a birdhouse by geeks and for geeks while not being so scary that it frightens the little guys away. This is an officially licensed Star Wars product so there’s no need about getting paranoid that the Hollywood elite will come after you for buying a one-off ancillary item. The material used is a high-quality ceramic. Pack contains the birdhouse itself and one wire hanger so Read More

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Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

Ever been stuck out in the wild stinking to high heaven and not knowing where the next spritz of water is going to come from? If so, then you would have probably enjoyed having a Nemo Helio Pressure Shower in your corner. Unlike the gravity fed camp showers, which require hanging to work effectively, while still producing crappy water pressure, Helio goes on the ground and delivers fantastic pressure for washing your hair, rinsing off gear, or even doing the dishes. If you’ve got any camper in you — along with maybe a little vanity — you’ll want to pick Read More

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Renetto Zero Gravity Hammock

Renetto Zero Gravity Hammock is an essential summer pick-up if you’re needing something easy to set up and supportive enough to comfortably hold your full body weight. Just snap the poles into the pivot joints,  stretch out the fabric between the two sides, lock both sides in place, and get ready to relax. Unlike most hammocks, the Zero Gravity can actually incline and recline, so it’s basically the hammock version of the La-Z-Boy. And when you’re done, just roll up the fabric, remove the poles, and place back into the bag for easy storage. Summer has never been this comfortable.

$170 Buy

Beach7 Airlounge

The Beach7 Airlounge allows you to become your own personal Great Gatsby without the hit-and-run and eventual murder (hopefully). Simply hook up, turn on the pump, and in a very short amount of time, you’ll have enough seating for all your friends and the people who pretend to be. And when it’s deflated, you’ll find it easy to pack up and put away, making it the perfect answer to outdoor entertainment whether you’re in your backyard or at the beach as the title would suggest. No pricing available that we could find, but with the 15 to 30 this behemoth Read More

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