The Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Edizione Tecnica

iStick USB Flash Drive With Lightning Connector

F2 iPad/Tablet Stand, Now On Kickstarter

Pamper Your Handwriting With Baltz Pens

We may live in an age of tablets and styluses and Bluetooth keyboards, but does that mean the traditional pen should be made to suffer and be forgotten? We hope not. After all, no matter how advanced things may get in the handwriting department, nothing can quite replace the experience of pen-to-hand combat with the blank page. It’s still the cheapest, most convenient, most dependable way to get your thoughts and creativity out into the world. Here to make the experience even more pleasurable is Baltz Pens with their Exemplar line of luxury designer pens crafted from stainless steel and Read More

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Letterforms Brings Dry Erase Board To Your Notebook

In all the years since the dry erase board first made its debut, why has it taken this blasted long to translate the slick, clean swiping feel to the standard notebook? Oh well, no use complaining. Letterforms has finally done it with a 40-page notebook that may seem a little steeply priced at $30, but is actually a great deal when you consider how you may never have to buy another notebook for as long as you live. Okay, so maybe that’s overdoing it a bit, but this will last you a long time, whether you’re a student, designer, entrepreneur, Read More

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Pivot Power Genius: Get Smart With Your Powerstrip

How many times have you been in this situation? You have more than one device that you want to plug in and charge up. You have six-or-so different outlets along your rectangular powerstrip, and even though you’ve only got, say, four devices, you can’t use every outlet because of the bulkiness of the plugs and how they’re positioned in relation to the holes. Whether you have this issue or not, the Pivot Power Genius has come along to solve it with a pivoting strip that accommodates each device with no need for careful planning and frustration. As an added perk, Read More

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Three Favorite Workplaces Of 2013

The office is ever-changing. Fewer hours, slashed benefits, and constant uncertainty has led many of us to strike out on our own as freelancers or business owners. As a result, we’ve really started to redefine what the “workplace” actually is, and for some of us, that’s a great thing because we get to create the environments that we’ve always wanted to work in rather than the ones determined for us. In that spirit, we now take a look at our three favorite workplaces of 2013. 3. OfficePOD Earlier in the year, we covered the OfficePOD, a 2.1m x 2.1m work and Read More

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Stop Productivity Dead In Its Tracks With The Rustic Slingshot

From RedEnvelope comes this lovely little time waster that is sure to declare all out war on your productivity time. Fashioned from carved rubber wood, the slingshot comes in a walnut base that can be easily personalized with the initials of whoever receives it. The device gives you a chance to lash out against your boss when he is not looking or engage in a friendly battle of wits with your coworker in the opposing cubicle. And even if you don’t want to use it there is still the fact that it is quite attractive and makes for an excellent Read More

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XGear Folding Laptop Stand

I like reading the online version of the morning paper in bed, but hate having laptop marks on my thighs.  Enter the XGear Folding Laptop Stand, which keeps my laptop off my sensitive skin. Its surface measures 15 inches in width by a foot in depth, with slightly larger dimensions for the distance between its wire legs. The stand is constructed of aluminum, and the legs do fold.  Probably the best feature is the in-and-out, table-leaf quality that allows you to pull or push the tabletop to greater or lesser width. Putting your laptop on a stand is good for Read More

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Moleskine Notebooks For The Star Wars Fan

It’s funny that the older I get the more I cherish the original Star Wars films and hate the prequels. When creator George Lucas sold to Disney in 2012, I felt like I was getting an old friend back. Now with the latest movie slated for the holiday season of 2015, we’re starting to see a boost in Star Wars-related activity. Predating that sale, however, these Star Wars Moleskine Notebooks continue to be a bright spot in recent SW lore. Moleskine, the heir of the legendary notebooks used by avant gard artists and thinkers of the past two centuries, often Read More

4 Products That Blur The Line Between Work And Play

Many gadgets, bags, and accessories these days cross the line from formal to casual. We’ve de-formalized much of the workplace and this has created the same need in the types of products we own. Here are four of our favorite products that totally “get it” when it comes to blurring the line between work and play. The JBird Collective There is so much fragmentation in the bag market that most guys have to own something different depending on what they’re doing — going to the gym, hiking the highlands, or heading to the office. JBird Collective asks the question: why Read More

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