Hector Hardskin Leather Sleeves For Apple Products

The Drink Cooling Pool Lounger From Hammacher

Top 12: Magazines for Men

TAKUMI: The First Length-Adjustable Pen!

When it comes to writing utensils, size definitely matters! But why should the pens that you buy lack in such diversity that your hand and wrist have to be a certain size to use effectively? No longer! TAKUMI is the first length-adjustable pen. This key feature means TAKUMI can fit every hand that picks it up. It also adjusts for writing position and usage – from note-taking to manuscripts; technical drawing to sketching and shading; and all other uses you can think of. The mechanical design of the pen is modular, allowing you to interchange parts and adjust the head length to suit your individual needs. Click Read More

The Writer’s Block We Wouldn’t Mind Having

Observing the litter strewn across my desk — the empty styrofoam cups, the vinyl-CD player in one that I thought I’d use all the time, but never do, the eight-year-old computer that I still have to occasionally boot up to pull off old documents — I’m reminded of how productive and beneficial I’d feel if I were a little better organized. While The Writer’s Block can’t undo years of bad habits, it can give any desk a kicking, elegant touch with its machined body and creative compartmentalization. You can use The Writer’s Block to hold your pen, notebooks, and even Read More

Nexus Minimal Fountain Pen

In the world of the multi-gadget, it may seem boring to you to have an object that only does one thing; however, minimalism can result in a product that is more direct and superior in the one thing it does than any all-in-one could ever be. Such is the case with the Nexus Minimal Fountain Pen, now available starting at $45 on Kickstarter. When the Nexus pen was designed, the goal was to uncover the essence of the writing instrument, to simplify it, keeping only that which was strictly necessary, in order to obtain the purest writing experience possible. The Read More

This Bicycle Exercise Desk Means You’re Out Of Excuses

Too busy to get exercise on the job? You may want to give this foldable exercise desk a try. This device allows riders to work while burning cals. It features a non-slip surface, easy-access drawer, and massage rollers positioned to make typing while exercising comfortable. A strong elastic cord secures a laptop to the platform. The bicycle’s semi-recumbent frame, twin-belt mechanism, and padded adjustable saddle and backrest make pedaling seem almost second nature as you surf the web, play games, or watch movies. The bike’s magnetic resistance adjusts easily with a turn of a dial and an onboard computer displays Read More

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Stop Productivity Vampires Dead In Their Tracks With FlipOff

Every office has them — productivity vampires! They’re those people who’d rather be bothering you with a gripe, complaint, or random observation, than actually doing any work. While they can have their use on slower days, you just don’t need them around when in the flow. Thankfully, the FlipOff is here to make sure you get the point across without having to be rude. From the project creators: Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the Read More

Cubii Is An Elliptical For Under The Desk

If you’re concerned about the ravages that a sedentary lifestyle can take on your body (and you work in a sedentary job), then you’ve probably researched all kinds of contraptions to help you stay active. Here’s another you can add to the list: the Cubii. Cubii facilitates simple, unconscious leg motions preventing any distraction from regular work. The elliptical motion along with appropriate foot angles ensures a smooth and comfortable motion. It is quiet, so you won’t distract others around you. And the exercise is not tedious, so you won’t sweat. It is just enough to keep you active. Cubii Read More

Glyde: A CNC Machined Pen, Stylus Combo

We’ve always been of the belief that pens are pens and just about any one will do. Yes, there are some that are more pleasant to use, but we save a very small percentage of the things we ever sign, and you really don’t even need paper any more if you have an app that allows you to electronically sign via stylus. Unfortunately, the choices for styluses leave much to be desired. In other words, we don’t usually go to the trouble of guesswork on which nib is the right one to replace the factory-installed job that fell off after Read More

This Notebook Has Stone Paper, And It’s Awesome

No trees, no water, no toxic bleach — this is a physical paper that I can get behind! Curiously,  the Da Vinci Notebook turns to another facet of nature in order to fill pages — stone. That’s right, this currently-on-Kickstarter construction offers you the same (or maybe even better) smooth writing experience as any notebook that you would buy in a store. It just doesn’t screw up the environment to bring about the same effects. Your pen will move along the page like silk, according to the project creators, and unlike traditional notebook paper, this stuff is tear and crease Read More

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