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Stove Lite Generates LED Lighting Through Burning Wood

If you live in bitterly cold areas and often rely on a wood stove for heat — which in the next 20 years, will probably be all of you — then you may want to pick up a Stove Lite while you still can. This brilliantly innovative device uses the heat from your average wood stove to generate enough heat to light up the LED inside, providing bright illumination to any room in the house as long as the bottom is hot. No more relying on gas or electric to get the job done! The Stove Lite is currently available Read More

iLumi Wins Over Shark Tank, We’re Next

If you managed to catch the latest episode of Shark Tank over the weekend, then you were probably as impressed as we were by iLumi, a revolutionary new light bulb system that is, thus far, the simplest-to-use product of its kind. Operating on Bluetooth technology, you can have iLumi working for you in two easy steps. First thing you do is screw in the bulb like you would any ordinary bulb. Then, you download the iLumi app and use the Bluetooth connectivity in controlling the light to behave however you want it to. You can set it to turn off Read More

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Grow Plants, Herbs Indoors With Pria Lamp

Pria may look like A trio of chopsticks fused together, but it is a lot more than that, especially if you have a soft spot for your indoor plants. Made in Urbana, Illinois, by a small team of designers, this unique lamp features two LED pods, powered by a DC adapter, that provide a beautiful direct and indirect lighting. To put this thing together, all you have to do is snap the pods in place and the magnets do the rest. You can even vary the mood and temperatures per your whimsy, and install grow lights to grow your favorite Read More

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iOn Turns Out The Lights On The Traditional Lightswitch

The future is here, friends, and in addition to things like wearables, trips to Mars, and 4K television sets, it means we also shouldn’t have to deal with light switches any longer. The iOn Switching System utilizes capacitive proximity switching — the same thing your iPhone uses, except with a larger area — to enable gesture control for controlling the electronics around your house. While we’ve said “light switches” above, it could really be any electronic. You can set the iOn underneath objects, such as a table for example, and then place other objects over it (like a lamp). From Read More

AirBulb: The First Music-Playing Light Bulb

AirBulb is like a 21st century version of the Clapper, except it’s not as annoying, and it doesn’t suck. What it does have going for it is LED lighting and crisp, clear audio in one unit that easily screws in and is ready to go in seconds. Control it all from a smartphone app that allows you to change everything from the color of the lighting to what song you are listening to. No longer will you have to get up and walk across the room to turn off the light on the way to bed. Want to listen to Read More

Octopus Chandelier

Well, I was wrong, it is possible to buy a chandelier in the shape of an octopus.  I mean, I spent hours online looking for a vacuum sweeper in the shape of the Fonz from Happy Days and struck out, so I figured the same would happen with the octopus chandelier.  Oh how naive I am.  Choked by my pessimism.  I could’ve been enjoying this tentacled provider of ambient light months ago. So, if you’re worried that your home, bar, motorcycle shop,or religious cult headquarters has been languishing in a state of being understated, lacks that certain panache, help is here. Read More

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Hood Lighting Modular Assembly Lets You Set The Mood

For a workspace to be efficient, you have to be able to see well in it. The quest for efficiency, though, has made many workspaces a bit too bright. You might be able to see clearly, but you lose much of the coziness and intimacy required to comfortably stay in a space for an extended period. The Hood Lighting Modular Assembly from Form Us With Love creates adaptable lighting that takes the harsh edge off of and lends warmth to modern workspaces. The hood, which comes in red or dark gray, suspends from the ceiling like an upside-down bathtub. It Read More

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Zuli Smartplugs

When you bring a date back to your place, how’d you like to enter the room and have dimmed lights come on to immediately set the mood? Zuli Smartplugs work with your smartphone to set the lighting in your home as you please. Rather than hooking your lights and appliances up to a messy system of timers, dimmers, sensors, routers and hubs, Zuli Smartplugs offer both an outlet and a wireless signal that works with your smartphone’s WiFi adapter. Through an app on your phone, you can set preferences such as on/off scheduling for lights and appliances. The plugs form Read More