Center for Otherworld Science Coffee Mug

Any monsters or critters hiding under your bed? Not sure? Then, maybe the Center for Otherworld Science can help. They find and identify the things that go bump in the night, not Read More

Uuni Pizza Oven

Politicians can’t agree on much, but on the topic of income inequality, there is little room for debate. Now the reasons for that inequality are open to interpretation, but the cold hard Read More

HAPIfork Vibrating Fork

When you live in a society that moves at the speed of thought, there is a danger to eat at the same rate. And we use the word “danger” here because when Read More

Swiss Diamond Ultimate Kitchen Kit: 10 Piece Set

The Swiss Diamond Ultimate Kitchen Kit: 10 Piece Set isn’t the kind of product you’ll see every day on inStash, but we thought it would be a nice fit today because of Read More

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Chef’n Bananza Banana Slicer

It worked well for tomatoes, why not bananas? That’s the question the folks at Chef’n must have started with when they launched what would become the Bananza Banana Slicer. This one isn’t Read More

Sodastream SOURCE

All right, Coke, Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew. We’ve had it with you. We’re just gonna start making our own soda, and now it’s going to be a lot easier thanks to Read More

Volcanic Chili Mill

Looking for a specialized mill grinder that won’t mix ultra-spicy with other milder forms of seasoning? You may wish to give the Volcanic Chili Mill from Cheltenham Kitchener a whirl. Shaped like Read More

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BISTRO Electric Coffee Dripper

Making coffee – that’s actually good - is a real pain in the behind, right? Well with the BISTRO it is decidedly less so. The people behind the BISTRO Electric Coffee Dripper, or Read More