Light Show Fountain Speakers

Arsenal Firearms Double Barrel Pistol

The Oblique Bottle Holder

Pizzacraft Pizza Cone Maker

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…pizza!? That may be the first reaction that you have when you see these things from a distance. Closer review of one, however, will reveal hot crust and cheesy, ooey, gooey goodness. None of it is possible without the Pizzacraft Pizza Cone Maker, which takes two guy favorites and combines them in one disgustingly delicious package. The kit is being marketed as something kids would really enjoy, but we don’t know a single guy who doesn’t like ice cream and pizza. Now all we need is a beer popsicle, and we’re good to Read More

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Zephyr Horizon Wall

From designer Robert Brunner, the Zephyr Horizon Wall is a sleek and gorgeous range hood that combines the functionality and convenience of a top of the line model with a minimalist charm that will impress. It’s like something you would envision in the Apple break room. (They do have break rooms, right?) The front panel is removable for easy blower access should you need to get in there. The red glass is just an option. You can also get it in black or white glass, your choice, against the smooth, curved stainless steel of the hood itself. Perfect for bachelor Read More

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Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Well guys, the days of getting up in the morning and popping a prepackaged breakfast sandwich that nearly rubberizes in 90 seconds into the microwave may finally be over. With the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, you can make a sammich fit for any time of day. One that even beats the pros. (And by pros, I mean McDonald’s.) Using fresh ingredients and precooked meat, you’ll have a hot, steaming, melted piece of cheesy bliss on the plate and in your stomach before you can say, “Ronald McWho?” Perhaps the best thing Hamilton Beach has incorporated into the device are Read More

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Blades of the Gods Shastra Steak Knives Set

This isn’t just any knife collection, but one belonging to the gods themselves, if they were still up there on Mt. Olympus anyway. The Shastra Steak Knives Set from Blades of the Gods has an old world look with the ebony handles and the ornate aesthetics of classic Balinese carvings, but they are also highly functional. Each blade is hand-forged to 161 layers of manganese iron, and also makes use of high carbon steel and pure nickel, all with a sandblasted sterling silver look. In addition to getting a sweet looking blade, the eight-pack comes in an elegant box of Read More

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Nomad: The Go Everywhere Espresso Machine

We’ve always needed lots of help to get through our days here at inStash, and coffee stuff is usually the best bet. Now with Nomad: The Go Everywhere Espresso Machine, we’ve got the closest thing possible to a coffee IV. The problem with most espresso machines, however, is they cost about the same amount as a house, and they’re too big to carry with you wherever you go. Nomad seeks to correct both of those problems with a portable espresso machine that one-ups its bulky rivals in every department. This espresso machine has a 10-ounce water capacity and a 50mm Read More

Center for Otherworld Science Coffee Mug

Any monsters or critters hiding under your bed? Not sure? Then, maybe the Center for Otherworld Science can help. They find and identify the things that go bump in the night, not entirely unlike the BPRD for any of you Hellboy fans. The major difference? These guys drink lots of coffee, and they’ve got their own mugs to prove it. If you need a little extra pep in your morning step, and you rely on coffee to do it, then why not sip in style with these striking black and white mugs that are instant conversation pieces to keep you Read More

Uuni Pizza Oven

Politicians can’t agree on much, but on the topic of income inequality, there is little room for debate. Now the reasons for that inequality are open to interpretation, but the cold hard fact of the matter is that 1 to 2% of Americans are capable of having wood-fired pizza ovens, and 98 to 99% are not. Until now. Thanks to the Uuni Pizza Oven, this concept reserved for high-dollar eateries and the homes of CEOs can now become a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment reality capable of reaching temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and cooking a delicious pizza pie in about Read More

HAPIfork Vibrating Fork

When you live in a society that moves at the speed of thought, there is a danger to eat at the same rate. And we use the word “danger” here because when you eat too quickly, you usually eat too much and your body doesn’t break the nutrients down as it should. Enter the HAPIfork, a kitchen utensil unlike any other that tells you when you’re being too much of a pig at the trough. HAPIfork sends vibration alerts when it thinks you’re eating too quickly. It uses capacitance detection, hand-to-mouth distance and online data platforms to log your progress, Read More