Puma Chalk Ping Pong Table

Star Wars Lightsaber Tongs For Your Next Out-Of-This-World BBQ

Seabreacher X

Center for Otherworld Science Coffee Mug

Any monsters or critters hiding under your bed? Not sure? Then, maybe the Center for Otherworld Science can help. They find and identify the things that go bump in the night, not entirely unlike the BPRD for any of you Hellboy fans. The major difference? These guys drink lots of coffee, and they’ve got their own mugs to prove it. If you need a little extra pep in your morning step, and you rely on coffee to do it, then why not sip in style with these striking black and white mugs that are instant conversation pieces to keep you Read More

Uuni Pizza Oven

Politicians can’t agree on much, but on the topic of income inequality, there is little room for debate. Now the reasons for that inequality are open to interpretation, but the cold hard fact of the matter is that 1 to 2% of Americans are capable of having wood-fired pizza ovens, and 98 to 99% are not. Until now. Thanks to the Uuni Pizza Oven, this concept reserved for high-dollar eateries and the homes of CEOs can now become a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment reality capable of reaching temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and cooking a delicious pizza pie in about Read More

HAPIfork Vibrating Fork

When you live in a society that moves at the speed of thought, there is a danger to eat at the same rate. And we use the word “danger” here because when you eat too quickly, you usually eat too much and your body doesn’t break the nutrients down as it should. Enter the HAPIfork, a kitchen utensil unlike any other that tells you when you’re being too much of a pig at the trough. HAPIfork sends vibration alerts when it thinks you’re eating too quickly. It uses capacitance detection, hand-to-mouth distance and online data platforms to log your progress, Read More

Swiss Diamond Ultimate Kitchen Kit: 10 Piece Set

The Swiss Diamond Ultimate Kitchen Kit: 10 Piece Set isn’t the kind of product you’ll see every day on inStash, but we thought it would be a nice fit today because of our memories of the dreaded “single” years. On those rare occasions where cooking seemed like a good idea, inevitably it would lead to dumping the dishes in the sink and forgetting about them for a few days afterward. Good luck getting off all the crap without a few hours of scrubbing! Swiss Diamond, however, has attempted to solve that problem with a non-stick surface that uses diamond crystals Read More

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Chef’n Bananza Banana Slicer

It worked well for tomatoes, why not bananas? That’s the question the folks at Chef’n must have started with when they launched what would become the Bananza Banana Slicer. This one isn’t a hard one to explain. Just slide the banana through the round hole, give it a squeeze, and whammo, you’ve got about six slices cut to perfection. Great for complementing that morning bowl of cereal or prepping a banana cake. On a side note, it’s one of the most frequently lampooned products via fake product reviews on Amazon. If you’re older than middle school, then you probably have Read More

Sodastream SOURCE

All right, Coke, Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew. We’ve had it with you. We’re just gonna start making our own soda, and now it’s going to be a lot easier thanks to the Sodastream SOURCE machine, which allows you to produce a selection of sodas with six different flavors and full control over the level of carbonation that the drink receives. The machine itself is a masterwork of design from the world famous Yves Behar, who has wrapped this bad boy in aluminum and fitted it with a BPA free container for carbonation purposes – you shall not pass into Read More

Volcanic Chili Mill

Looking for a specialized mill grinder that won’t mix ultra-spicy with other milder forms of seasoning? You may wish to give the Volcanic Chili Mill from Cheltenham Kitchener a whirl. Shaped like the mighty chile itself, this grinder is made especially for dried chiles and has a specially designed cutting mechanism for those among you who want equal distribution on your food. The design is an attractive one that will fit right in with your salt and pepper shakers at center-table. Fortunately, the design is also made to keep shavings under control as you rain the hot stuff on mashed Read More

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BISTRO Electric Coffee Dripper

Making coffee – that’s actually good - is a real pain in the behind, right? Well with the BISTRO it is decidedly less so. The people behind the BISTRO Electric Coffee Dripper, or basically your own personal Starbucks machine, claim that bitter, shit-tasting coffee is a thing of the past with one of their newest incarnations. The BISTRO coffee dripper boasts several advantages over your garden variety Mr. Coffee, like the high quality, removable (for cleaning) water tank linked to the filter via a glass-constructed pipe. Its filter, a titanium-plated and silicone work of art itself, needs no paper lining; from Read More