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Victorinox Knife Block, 13-Slot

Do you find it as difficult as we do to unplug from your electronic devices? Are you checking your tablet every hour or so even on family vacations? Taking it with you to the bathroom? (Don’t do that, it’s gross.) Engrossed in the latest shiny app as your least favorite relative drones on and on about their health issues during get-togethers? If so, the kitchen is probably not immune from your obsession either, and for that, we’ve got the Victorinox Knife Block, 13-Slot with tablet stand. If you think about it, the knife block really lends itself to the tablet Read More

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Knork Set Of 4

We want to give a special shout out to Ippinka.com for bringing this one to our attention. You’ve heard of the spark, no doubt an ingenious kitchen utensil that belongs in every flatware draw (even in disposable form), but have you ever heard of a Knork? Where the spark can stab and scoop, this one durable utensil is capable of scooping, stabbing, and cutting, with the latter function thanks to the beveled edges that allow you to break your food down without cutting your mouth to pieces. Since every guy becomes sort of a minimalist when they first get their Read More

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CeramiPro 4-Piece Black Knife Set

The CeramiPro 4-Piece Black Knife Set definitely gets good marks on the unique design. It’s not often you see a set of kitchen blades as black as night, but it’s not the color or the design that makes this collection stand out for us. No, it’s the functionality and longevity inside the kitchen. Not only has CeramiPro come up with a set of knives that are twice as sharp as your regular set of cutlery, they also stay sharp for five times as long. Cut clean and quick with a set that slides through foods as if slicing through a Read More

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Nostalgia Electrics Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster

Yes, we know, it’s way too early to be going to work or <insert burden here>, but a good breakfast can help you get through anything. But part of the problem of getting that good breakfast is dealing with all the moving parts that go into cooking it. Here to help is the Nostalgia Electrics Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster, which simplifies the food prep process by allowing you to do everything on one device. The toaster will handle the bread while a removable flip-down griddle (with drip tray) handles everything else, including clean-up. Sausage, bacon, eggs, toast — it does everything Read More

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ROK Espresso Maker

It’s tough to start a morning out around here without a pick-me-up, generally of the caffeinated variety. And some A.M.s are worse than others, requiring even more power to get the motors running. Enter the ROK Espresso Maker, an affordable and dependable device that comes with everything that you’ll need to make a quality espresso. Furthermore, ROK is crafted from engine grade metal and comes with a 10-year guarantee, so you can rest assure that not a morning will go by without the proper beverages to make the workday complete. Now you don’t have to fork out $6k to have Read More

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Kuro Cube

The Kuro Cube from Sort of Coal makes the inside of your refrigerator permeate with the pleasant odors of a charcoal cookout. Put simply, the cube purifies and refreshes your fridge without using any chemicals. It’s hand-crafted with powdered, compressed White charcoal that’s organically enacted through a controlled burning process, reducing odors via gas absorption. It also keeps your environment and your food healthy for you to partake of. That’s the sales pitch. But here’s something else to remember. You’re a man, and there is nothing manlier than charcoal. Well, that and a fridge full of spoiled food. But the latter Read More

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Fifty Shades Of Bacon Cookbook

The Fifty Shades of Bacon Cookbook from authors Ben Myhre and Jenna Johnson takes you into the naughty, passionate world of bacon recipes that are the very essence of manliness. In all seriousness, you won’t find much naughty about this tome, but you will find some excellent riffs on Man’s favorite breakfast food. Bacon ice cream? Check. Bacon au gratin? It’s in there. Bacon alfredo? You betcha. Pretty much any meal is a better one with bacon in it, and that’s something the authors clearly understand. So equip your kitchen, coffee table, or dorm room with Fifty Shades of Bacon Read More

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Pirate Pancake Griddle

The Pirate Pancake Griddle will ensure that you never eat another boring peace of griddle’d up mix ever again. Now you can indulge your pirate’s spirit with your very own skull and bones pancakes that are perfect for fixing the kids breakfast, or if you’re the single, unfettered type, showing the kitchen table who’s boss. Designed by Joe Sandor, this is a second generation pancake griddle of the high seas, guaranteed to bring you breakfast booty of the Bisquick type in keeping with the theme established by the Captain Crepe Pan. No idea if the Cap’n is still available, but Read More

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