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Top 10: Richest Men (of All Time)

Egg Minder

Ever been traipsing through the supermarket when you approach the egg cartons and can’t remember whether you have enough at home, or even if what you’ve got left is any good? We have tons of times. (Okay, that’s not entirely true since we eat out every meal, but still!) If you do have this problem the Egg Minder is going to make your world a much better place. The device, created by Rafael Hwang, is a smart egg tray that wirelessly connects to your mobile device and tracks the number of eggs you have. It also tells you when the Read More

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Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl From Just Solutions!

Since childhood, we’ve been looking for a better way to enjoy the all-day crunch of our Count Chocula Shredded Wheat, but inevitably by the end of each bowl, the cereal is just a shell of its former self. Sogginess is a sad end for a slow eater who just doesn’t want to finish the bowl because it means he’ll have to go to school or work. Enter the Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl from Just Solutions! The cereal goes in the slanted section and feeds into the 15-ounce milk compartment as needed. We’re told the bowl only holds one cup of cereal, Read More

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Fruit-Wall Kitchen Storage System

Fruit-Wall is a novel system for vertically storing all of your fruits and vegetables. The product is composed of up to six trays that hang from a support base that is securely anchored to the wall. Delicate yet resistant wires hold the trays in place, creating a floating sensation for all of your produce. Fruit-Wall will prolong the life of your fruits and veggies, saving you lots of space, and helping you with your shopping list. If you have any little ones, this will also bring the healthiest foods to within their grasp. Last but not least, it’s a triumph Read More

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Waring Pro Rotisserie Turkey Fryer And Steamer

The Waring Pro Turkey Fryer and Steamer offers a healthier alternative for those of you who just have to have a crispy gobbler on Thanksgiving. What sets it apart from the other appliances on the market? Well for starters, it uses one-third less oil than traditional turkey fryers, and it’s capable of rotating a bird as big as 18 pounds for an even cook. Other duties it’s able to pull: a basket allows you to fry non-poultry items, and as the name of the product states, you can also use it as a steamer. With a little more than a Read More

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Nespresso U

Some of us do just fine with a cup of mild morning coffee (or six) to get us through the day, while others need something stronger. If you’re the type to require an IV coffee drip for simple functionality, you might want to switch over to espresso. The Nespresso U allows you to do just that with a gorgeously designed appliance that won’t take up that much space. Simply pull off the top and drop in any one of 19 varieties and in moments you’ll have a pure work of coffee art in your hands. It’ll be hard to tell Read More

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GIR Spatulas

We have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the spatula around these parts. While they come in handy for flipping burgers, they’re also a pain to clean, and depending on the weight, can buckle when you need them most, thus sending your cheeseburger straight to the ground. From there, it’s you versus the 5-second rule in a race against time to decide if dinner will be served. Enter GIR (Get It Right). With GIR Spatulas Skinny, Mini, and Pro, you’ll get three different sizes to go with the Ultimate Spatula the company launched last year. Each of these designs Read More

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Cold Bruer Coffee System

Cold Bruer Coffee System approaches the whole idea of your morning coffee in a completely different way. Instead of turning up the heat, it cools things off with a nice cold brew that utilizes the slow-drip method in creating a pot of Joe for the summer months. While the process will take a long time to complete — try three to 12 hours depending on your settings — it couldn’t be simpler. Just pour the coffee grounds in the bottom of the tower, layer the filter on top of it to ensure complete saturation of the grounds, pour the water Read More

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The Scream Ice Tray

Edvard Munch could paint creepy with the best of ‘em. It’s no wonder the Scream franchise made its iconic killer look like a living depiction of the maestro’s haunting portrait “The Scream.” Now you can own this beauty in a highly unlikely form: The Scream Ice Tray. Specially designed to mimic the screaming face from the painting, each cube pops right out and plunks down into your drink ready to frighten and delight just in time for the Halloween season. Imaging a few of these floating around in a mug of beer staring at family members through the glass as Read More

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