You Can Now Own Your Own R2-D2 Mini-Fridge

Your dream of owning your own R2-D2 droid has finally come true. A Japanese (of course it’s Japanese!) company has created the world’s first astromech mini-fridge which is fully capable of bringing Read More

Your Girlfriend Will Love This Cat Egg Mold

Cooking isn’t just about eating. For years, the French have been trying to teach us that more than just stuffing our bellies food should also be aesthetically pleasing as well. And what Read More

Xiaomi Releases Super Efficient Smart Water Filter

Xiaomi isn’t all smartphones and tablets y’know. It’s also about things ike crazy thin television sets and water purifiers. Yeah, you heard right: Xiaomi manufacturers totally rad water purifiers that use reverse Read More

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$210 Buy

Bake Perfect Dishes With The June Smart Oven

Imagine your oven. You doing it? Good. Now imagine that same oven with enough computing power to run Half-Life 2. Seems like overkill to you? The San Francisco-based team behind June don’t Read More

$1495 Buy

Impress Your Girlfriend By Cooking The Perfect Meal With Meld

Want to cook the perfect meal every time? You need the Meld Knob + Clip in your life. Featuring a precision temperature sensor that attaches to your existing kitchenware, Meld will monitor Read More

The IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster Is Simply The Best Coffee Experience Ever

You don’t need to be some kind of coffee hipster to roast your own coffee at home. More and more people are realizing that the taste and aromas of home-brewed coffee just Read More

Smart Phone? Smart Watch? Smart Kettle?! Yep, Meet Miito.

We ‘Muricans aren’t too used to the whole Kettle thing. We’re much more likely to just put a mug in the microwave to get boiling water for the few times when we Read More

Find Out Exactly What’s In That Junk Food You’re Eating With Countertop

Want to know exactly what you’re putting into your body? You should, it just might be the key to a longer and healthier life. Luckily we now live in an age of Read More