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Hector Hardskin Leather Sleeves For Apple Products

Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Kit

Attention Rebels! Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block Blasts Off This August

Attention, all Chefs of the Galaxy, the time has come to prepare for the release of Star Wars Episode VII in the only way that makes sense — by purchasing a Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block from The Fowndry. The set includes five stainless steel knives — a cook’s knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife, and paring knife — all hanging from a replica X-wing block. Chrome finished and standing over 20cm high, the X-Wing Knife Block raises the status of the humble knife holder, whether you’re an Aunt Beru or cooking for the Emperor himself. Pre-order now for Read More

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La Fenice: The World’s First Induction Coffee Machine

La Fenice is an electromagnetic induction coffee maker that can instantly prepare a perfect espresso or American filter coffee. Inspired by the design of 900’s Italian coffee maker, the company describes its creation as “a tribute to the past with a futuristic viewpoint.” It’s built from three key materials — aluminum, glass and wood — and it can improve energy efficiency up to 95 percent. Thanks to the induction MO, La Fenice allows the coffee maker to be always off, switching on to heat up water instantly, and only as needed. Furthermore, the machine controls pressure and flow rate with Read More

Samsung Smart Fridge: Never Miss Another Expiration Date

Smartphones, smart wallets, smart cars — we suppose it was only a matter of time before they made a smart refrigerator. And who better to bring about such an invention than the wizards at Samsung? The Samsung T-9000 Four-Door is the fridge that will keep tabs on what you have, what you’re out of, and when certain foods and drinks are set to expire, all sent your way via push notification to an app on the ol’ smartphone.  With a storage capacity of up to 900L, you’ll be able to keep more food on-hand and know exactly what you need Read More

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Turn Your Coffee Maker Into A K-Cup With The K-Pod

Ever had the joy of using a K-cup coffee maker? If so then you know how quickly it can brew a mean cup of Java. But why should you have to spend all of that money on the extra equipment just to take advantage of the convenience? (Easy. You shouldn’t.)  Introducing the K-pod Coffee Converter. All you have to do to make it work is, add a cup from your favorite K-cup line to the pod, place it inside your normal coffee maker, and before you know it, you’ll be sipping a nice cup of whatever. So rejoice. You can Read More

Brew Cutlery: Bottle-Opening Flatware For The Craft Beer Lover

T’isn’t often that we get excited about flatware around here, but Brew Cutlery isn’t your typical flatware. As a lover of craft beer — much to the disapproval of my parents — I’ve found myself sitting down to dinner in front of the TV on several occasions with a beer in the cup holder. Only problem: I wasn’t thinking and set it down before popping off the top, and inevitably, I don’t realize it until I’m seated and ready to eat. Annoyed, this usually sends me back into the kitchen to take care of the business that I should have Read More

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The B.O.B. Bottle Opener Board: Kitchen Innovation At Its Finest

The Bottle Opener Board (B.O.B.) is the ultimate kitchen accessory whether you’re at home, outdoor grilling, hanging out by the pool, or tailgating at a sports event. By running double-duty as both cutting board and bottle opener, it’s a highly convenient way of enjoying a beer while you prep or slicing up the limes for your mixed beverage. Beyond that, it’s also a great serving platter and a conversation starter. Plus, if you opt for the Professional funding level, you’ll get a bamboo tablet stand to match the standard- and travel-sized boards. And before we turn you loose to get Read More

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Khordz Hand Tied Mugs

If you’re looking for new mugs with a hand-made look for your home or drinking your bevvies on the go, pick up a few Khordz. These mugs feature 25 feet of military-grade mold- and mildew-resistant para-cord wrapped around a 16-oz heat-resistant glass canning jar. The makers of Khordz use expertise in tying sailing knots to snugly fit the para-cord around the jar and create a sturdy and comfortable handle. Khordz represent “upcycling” at its finest. They use two simple products–para-cord and a glass jar–to create whole new fashionable product that you can use every day. This mug also employs environmentally Read More

Temperfect Mug

The golden window of coffee consumption: that period starting when your coffee cools enough to comfortably drink and lasting until it becomes too cool to enjoy. The golden window provides maximum java enjoyment, but it’s just too damn small. Well the Temperfect Mug turns that tiny picture-window into a massive floor-to-ceiling looking-glass for drinking coffee at the optimal temperature. An extra layer of vacuum-insulation initially absorbs heat to cool coffee enough to not burn your mouth. It then radiates that heat back into the coffee over time to keep it at an enjoyable drinking temperature. Creator Dean Verhoeven has spent Read More