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Honda F1 Carbon Fiber Gear Wall Clock

Get ready to know how close it is to quittin’ time in style, gearheads. With the Honda F1 Carbon Fiber Gear Wall Clock, you get an authentic piece of garage decor that will look great if you work in a busy shop, or if you would simply like the mental image of working in a garage instead of pushing numbers in a cubicle village all day. The Honda F1 Gear is really cut out for all types of man as long as said man doesn’t mind getting his hands a little dirty. For the Lava Soap crowd in other words, Read More

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En Suite Sky Garage

How do you know when you’ve made it big? When you’ve got a supercar staring at you from across the living room. The En Suite Sky Garage is an elevator system that brings your car up to the designated level and then opens the door, allowing you to drive your car into the “garage”… which is actually more like a showroom. The En Suite Sky Garage is currently being built into luxury tower residences, but we’re willing to bet that billionaires are already lining up to get these things attached to their mansions.

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Cardok | Underground Parking Solution

We all know street parking sucks, so if you’ve got two cars and a single car driveway, you’ve probably wished that you could just drive one up on top of the other and park ‘em two high. That’s exactly what Cardok is for. It’s like a bunk bed for your cars. The system consists of a two-level platform mounted on an electro-hydraulic system. The push of a “hold to run” button on a standard remote raises or lowers the whole thing, bringing either the upper or lower platform to ground level in less than thirty seconds. Two cars in the Read More

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Craftworks Toolbox Garage Refrigerator

Not every guy is “handy” – in the, “Honey, the sink is clogged again,” sense of the word. If you want to let the world (and your wife) think you know your way around a table saw while you watch the big game with your buddies in the garage, it might be wise to invest in the Craftworks Toolbox Garage Refrigerator. Designed to look like a regular garage-style rolling toolbox, the refrigerator has a locking door, easy-clean top, interior can stacker/dispenser, 4.4 cubic feet of storage and is Energy Star certified, so it only uses about 1/2 the power of Read More

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