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Floppy Table 3.5″ Hot Rolled Table

Whomever among you thinks the 3.5″ floppy disk has outlived its usefulness, think again. Yes, with today’s file sizes, they’re not much good for digital storage, but they can still protect your valuables IF you’re using the FLOPPYTABLE 3.5″ Hot Rolled Table. This witty use of the classic computer’s equivalent to VHS mimics the design of the 3.5″ floppy to a tee. It stands just over two feet tall and wide while measuring around one and a half feet in depth. The steel lip slides out, same as the ones you used to keep your English comp papers on, but Read More

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Oviedo Leather Chair

Chaise lounge chairs have never been associated with premium leather until now. The Oviedo Leather Chair has the class of a writer’s den but the look of something that belongs in a sunroom. The goal: a versatile chair that can cross over in appeal. It’s like the Bon Jovi of furniture. Supple and soft leather is stitched in a way that results in gentle curves that hug the body. The effect: a right mix of sink and support that goes against the more rigid leather chairs on the market. A chrome base provides plenty of support for the leather padding Read More


More and more the office geeks of the world are realizing that it’s best to get off their butts and moving around. The sedentary life can create a number of health problems, such as obesity and, dare I say it, hemorrhoids. (Don’t laugh, it’s true–and very unpleasant.) As we all grow more concerned about living longer and healthier lives, items like the GeekDesk Max and v3 can make a world of difference. The functionality is simple. Electronically synchronized dual motors drive the lift mechanism at varying speeds depending on the style of desk that you choose. The v3 moves at Read More


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Spartan Daybed

Turn your backyard into a resort with the Spartan Daybed by Neoteric Luxury. This luxurious, modern daybed is made from a sturdy steel frame and wrapped in hand woven all-weather wicker. A 5″ thick bed cushion ensures superior comfort, and an overhead canopy offers filtered sun protection while allowing air to circulate. Attracting beautiful women to your pool everyday of the week just got a whole lot easier.

Focal Locus Workstation

Sitting disease no more. The Focal Locus Workstation features a pivoting leg that adjusts to every move you make while supporting your natural balancing point. This encourages active movement, keeping blood and oxygen flowing. The desk and chair are also both fully adjustable, enabling you to sit comfortably in either a sitting or standing position (or anywhere in-between). To some, the Focal Locus Workstation might seem like an overpriced computer desk. But for those of us who spend upwards of 15 hours a day at our desks, it’s a dream come true.

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Elia Nightstand & Power Dock

We’re always looking for creative ideas that help to reduce clutter. The Elia Nightstand & Power Dock does just that. It features three drawers and is made from American hardwoods and encased in a black walnut veneer with a natural and dark two-tone finish. But what makes it interesting is the integrated power dock inside the top drawer, allowing you to charge all of your gadgets while keeping them protected and out of sight. There’s even a velvet lined tray to ensure nothing gets scratched, and a cable management system so that everything remains organized.

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Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

Looking to add to the man cave? How about a coffee table? The Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table is made using an aged-oak Whiskey barrel that once had a home in a Tennessee distillery. Now it’s a furniture piece that makes for a perfect conversation starter. A pine tabletop is placed on top of the barrel, and the base is hand-stained for “rustic charm.” Lifting the tabletop reveals a hidden storage area where you can keep blankets, magazines, and of course, booze.

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