Igor Chak Retro Alien Couch

Want to do something different with the interior design layout of your living room or man-cave? It’s time to get with the post-Atari world and incorporate this Space Invaders-inspired Retro Alien Couch Read More


Do you live in a coffee table house? Is there not a recliner in sight? You poor thing. Luckily, you can circumvent the madness with KickRest, which takes the hard surface of Read More

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The People Table by Joe Johnston

Say what you want about Nashville, Tn., but it’s a place that isn’t lacking in imagination. Designer and author Joe Johnston has taken an ordinary, everyday figure of speech – “table leg” Read More

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Bonbon’s Doc sofa bunk bed

Thank Bonbon’s Doc Sofa Bunk Bed for finding a way to maximize the space in your home, apartment, or – dare I say it – office. In about four steps – less Read More

Eastpak Sofa

Very cool-looking contraption in the Eastpak Sofa, a bizarre piece of furniture that packs more storage space than you ever thought possible into one three- or four-seater that would look just as Read More

Floppy Table 3.5″ Hot Rolled Table

Whomever among you thinks the 3.5″ floppy disk has outlived its usefulness, think again. Yes, with today’s file sizes, they’re not much good for digital storage, but they can still protect your Read More

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Oviedo Leather Chair

Chaise lounge chairs have never been associated with premium leather until now. The Oviedo Leather Chair has the class of a writer’s den but the look of something that belongs in a Read More


More and more the office geeks of the world are realizing that it’s best to get off their butts and moving around. The sedentary life can create a number of health problems, Read More