TrackR Bravo: Keep Up With Your Life

The gTar Turns Your iPhone Into The Best Guitar Teacher Ever

Jagkommando Tri-Dagger Knife

dlab Minimal Float Wall Desk

We live in an age of minimalism, quickly leaving behind the days of clunky VHS tapes, large vinyl music platters, and phones that looked like walkie talkies. With everything else getting smaller – almost invisible – shouldn’t your office desk be jumping on board the movement as well? Now with the Minimal Float Wall Desk from dlab, it can. The Float, we’ll call it, is mountable and comprised of rift oak for added stability. It’s adjustable, so you can have a seat if you want, or you can stand and get that blood pumping down to the feet. Your choice. Read More

Adirondack Ski Chair

Want to get your skiing fix during the warmer months, snowbirds? If so, then you may want to consider this piece of outdoor furniture from Maine Ski Chairs. In actuality, the piece may vary from what you see up there in the picture as each one is built to your specifications adding for an extra touch of customizability. While the rest of the neighborhood is sticking with the boring Wal-Mart specials, you can stand out from the pack. And even if your idea of skiing is a week on the kiddie slope at Aspen, you’ll be able to appreciate this Read More

$200 Buy

Skate-Home Indy Armchair

Well, if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em, and if you can’t ride ‘em, sit on ‘em. That’s the philosophy we’re adopting with skateboards, and thanks to the Skate-Home Indy Armchair, it just got a whole lot easier. These chairs consist of four genuine skateboards with leatherette upholstery and supported with a steel frame structure. Combined these elements promise a sturdy and comfortable piece of furniture equally perfect for your patio or computer desk. The Indy Armchair comes with three options: black, white and custom, which will run you a tad more. Skate-Home also makes stools, mirrors, hangers, shelves, and Read More

Igor Chak Retro Alien Couch

Want to do something different with the interior design layout of your living room or man-cave? It’s time to get with the post-Atari world and incorporate this Space Invaders-inspired Retro Alien Couch from Igor Chak. This little item should seem like a lot more of a joke than it is, and it probably would if not for the fact it’s a very functional item that will look great in even the stuffiest of apartments. It accomplishes this through a fine leather design that perfectly recreates the pixellated look of the arcade classic. Cushions are made of thick memory foam, which Read More


Do you live in a coffee table house? Is there not a recliner in sight? You poor thing. Luckily, you can circumvent the madness with KickRest, which takes the hard surface of your room centerpiece and turns it into a soft and cushy experience that is perfect for men and women. The base that your feet will be resting on is made of a nice memory foam, while a detachable fleece drapes over the top encircling you in a world of warmth and relaxation. We can also see KickRest coming in handy – or is it footsy? – in those Read More

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The People Table by Joe Johnston

Say what you want about Nashville, Tn., but it’s a place that isn’t lacking in imagination. Designer and author Joe Johnston has taken an ordinary, everyday figure of speech – “table leg” – and turned it into something literal, bizarre, and very kitschy. Johnston’s table legs look like the real deal. The only thing they’re missing is the people they’re attached to. We can see something like this in a man-cave or in-home recording studio. Have the neighbors over. Break out the six strings. Play some Johnny Cash and drink a little beer. Toss the football back and forth. Pieces Read More

$175 Buy

Bonbon’s Doc sofa bunk bed

Thank Bonbon’s Doc Sofa Bunk Bed for finding a way to maximize the space in your home, apartment, or – dare I say it – office. In about four steps – less than 30 seconds – you can go from having an ordinary looking sofa to a set of bunk beds with ladder attachment. Think of all the room you’ll now have for activities! All you’ve got to do is lift the cushion part, pull up on the bottom until it has revolved into the top position, flatten it out, and unfold the ladder. Boom, you’re ready to go. With Read More

Eastpak Sofa

Very cool-looking contraption in the Eastpak Sofa, a bizarre piece of furniture that packs more storage space than you ever thought possible into one three- or four-seater that would look just as good in your living room as it would in a shop, den, or man-cave. This special edition piece of furniture incorporates a rigid-yet-comfortable polyurethane foam with cordura for an experience that is rustic, comfortable, and convenient. The only problem that you may encounter when using the Eastpak Sofa is forgetting what pocket you’ve hidden the iPad or remote control in. The seat, the sides – who knows? Comes Read More