Rawlings Baseball Glove Chair

If you’re wanting to honor the current baseball season and want to do something even more memorable than the Kansas City Royals NOT having a losing season, then you may want to Read More

$6400 Buy

Open Book Chair From TILT

As nice as it is to read a book on a tablet application or dedicated eReader device, it’s still nice to have some print materials around for when your eyes just can’t Read More

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CouchBunker is the couch you always wanted as a kid. A fire-rated gun safe under the bulletproof cushions, allowing you to store weapons within ready reach, but still out of the grasp Read More

$6700 Buy

Quartz Armchair

The Quartz Armchair looks like the type of armchair that you want to fall in to and never get out of, no matter what obligations are facing you throughout the day. Lord Read More

$14000 Buy

Wine Cork Table

There’s not much we can say about this one that the picture doesn’t already tell you. It’s a perfect end table-sized piece of furniture for the minimalist wine enthusiast in us all. Read More

$230 Buy

Sumo Wrestler Table

The Sumo Wrestler Table is an interesting conversation piece, a functional furnishing, and a uniquely masculine design that will allow you to pay tribute to those great warriors of the East. While Read More

$295 Buy

Alien Table

Not sure about you, but what’s missing in my living room is a coffee table that scares the hell out of me. Luckily, thanks to ProMech, that problem has been solved by Read More

$875 Buy

X-Wing Coffee Table

The X-Wing Coffee Table is a DIY item from designer and builder Barry Shields. To the best of our knowledge, this awesome piece of living room furniture is still for sale, and Read More

$5500 Buy