Zami Smart Is The World’s First Smart Stool

What if we told you that you aren’t sitting down correctly? Unless you’re sitting perfectly straight all the time then chances are that your spinal alignment is all out of whack. The Read More

You Need To Check Out The Nest Shelf

Okay, first world problem time. You know what’s the problem with shelves? You keep accumulating more stuff and they keep staying the same size. Your only option is to keep throwing those Read More

Meet The World’s First Smart Autonomous Standing Desk

More and more of us are sitting every day for countless hours without realizing that all that sitting is actually very bad for our health. In fact, too much sitting has been Read More

Is Gaming A Pain? Get Comfortable With The New Emperor 1510 Workstation

The life of a hardcore gamer can be a really pain in the neck. Literally. Luckily the folks at Modern Work Environment have decided to help alleviate gamer’s neck and back pains Read More

Lose Weight While Working With OfficeIQ

Every year there’s an increasing amount of medical literature written about the dangers of sitting too long. But what’s someone to do when their job requires sitting for hours on end? The Read More

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Remmus 45K Lounger Turns With The Sun

The Remmus Lounger is the latest luxury cruise furniture from a team that has more than 100 years of experience building interiors, exteriors, and electronics for just such an audience. The company’s Read More

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Why Knot Table: Because Why Not?

The Why Knot Table is a functional piece of furniture with a cool design thrown in because, well, why not? From Kino Guerin via Etsy, it’s made of placage, veneer, Laminated, laminé, chêne Read More

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Gamer Floor Lounge Chair Is Ultimate In Bachelor Furniture

The Gamer Floor Lounge Chair is the ultimate in single guy and gamer girl furniture. Crafted out of sophisticated vegan leather, the chair comes with an adjustable back you can change via Read More

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