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The Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Edizione Tecnica

iStick USB Flash Drive With Lightning Connector

Gamer Floor Lounge Chair Is Ultimate In Bachelor Furniture

The Gamer Floor Lounge Chair is the ultimate in single guy and gamer girl furniture. Crafted out of sophisticated vegan leather, the chair comes with an adjustable back you can change via a locking click mechanism depending on your preferred positioning. In order to make game time and sport-watching time even more relaxing, the chair has been stuffed with soft materials that provide maximum comfort without compromising on style. The company behind it promises “a chair that conforms to your body shape in a skilled way which looks nothing less than a masterpiece from all aspects.” Living room or bedroom, Read More

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Haase Handcraft Honeycomb Shelves

Wood has always made for a superior product when it comes to building things with a touch of class and sophistication. There’s a reason we make everything from furniture to homes with the stuff, and when it comes to functional decor, one of the best companies around is Haase Handcraft. Haase has applied their honeycomb designs in crafting shelves that look great in your home while staying out of the way and keeping clutter at bay. You can use these great looking creations as a single piece, or stack them for added storage capacity. Either way, you’ll be sprucing up Read More

Hillside V202 Nightstand #2

I don’t know what’s on your nightstand, I don’t want to know, and I’d make efforts to forget the information if you gave it to me.  But whatever it is, it deserves a product with very cool terminology associated with it.  The Hillside V202 Nightstand #2, from Michigan’s Hillside Contemporary Furniture is manufactured of materials whose names you could endlessly repeat.  The top is made of acid-etched tempered glass and comes in the colors sable brown or caviar black.  And we’re just getting started.  For the drawer front, choose between champagne, java walnut, or natural walnut.  You can also choose Read More

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Sautee Wood Works: Two Centuries Behind The Times, And That’s The Way They Like It

Sautee Wood Works is the creation of carpenter extraordinaire Jim DeVincentis, who makes some of the most beautiful 19th Century woodworks currently available in the United States.  You can find most of his stuff over at Etsy. A recent Garden And Gun piece on DeVincentis highlighted his expertise at making vintage pie safes that look like they came right out of the 17’ and 1800s — the period of time when they were their most popular. A pie safe, for those of you who’ve never heard of them, were predecessors to refrigerators. They were used for storing pies, breads, meats, Read More

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Rawlings Baseball Glove Chair

If you’re wanting to honor the current baseball season and want to do something even more memorable than the Kansas City Royals NOT having a losing season, then you may want to consider picking up the Rawlings Baseball Glove Chair from Amazon. This beauty comes with the iconic Rawlings baseball logo along with the Jim Lillie name running vertically up one side. Other than the fact that it’s big enough to house a human body (and maybe two human bodies), it looks identical to the high-quality baseball gloves you’ve come to expect from the circled R logo. Every glove detail Read More

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Open Book Chair From TILT

As nice as it is to read a book on a tablet application or dedicated eReader device, it’s still nice to have some print materials around for when your eyes just can’t handle the backlighting, or you simply want to “disconnect” from the digital world. But those books and magazines pile up after a while, and it can prove rather difficult finding a place to put everything. The Open Book Chair from design firm TILT seeks to alleviate that problem by giving you a liberal dose of shelving, expertly built around the cushioned seat that’s so comfortable you’ll never want Read More

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CouchBunker is the couch you always wanted as a kid. A fire-rated gun safe under the bulletproof cushions, allowing you to store weapons within ready reach, but still out of the grasp of kids, while being able to use one of the cushions to guard against any shot an armed home intruder might squeeze off. Assuming it takes some time to pick the lock on your front door, you’ve got more than enough to pause that episode of Breaking Bad, lift up the cushion, find your sawed off, and give your visitor a nice double-barreled welcome. Shoot or don’t shoot, Read More

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Quartz Armchair

The Quartz Armchair looks like the type of armchair that you want to fall in to and never get out of, no matter what obligations are facing you throughout the day. Lord knows how many cushions come with this thing to give it that unique shape, but all we can say is, “Com. Fy!” Perhaps the best thing about this cool piece of furniture is that all the cushions are removable, so you can give your guests plenty of relaxing places to sit should you ever need to entertain them. Now. Touch of Modern is awfully proud of their products, Read More

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