22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper

We don’t get a lot of opportunities around here to run products that cost more than $1 million, and if you told us that one such product would be toilet paper, we Read More

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Aquarium Bed

The Aquarium Bed from Acrylic Tank Manufacturers is a sight to behold. Six hundred fifty gallons of water arched up over your head for a fitful night’s sleep (provided you’re the type Read More

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Leather Link Hammock

The Leather Link Hammock from Jim Zivic Design looks like it should be hanging from the rafters of the Hugh Hefner mansion, if you ask us, and yes, that’s a compliment. Forgoing Read More

$30000 Buy

iPad Commode Caddy

Now this is a MAN’s invention. For any guy who ever read anything in the bathroom, this little invention is for you. But instead of being confined to old issues of Star Read More

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Beer Barrel Bed

Welcome to The Beer Room! The only thing that sucks about this idea is that you’ll have to go all the way to Germany to take advantage of it. The Beer Barrel Read More

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Fighter Spaceship Bed

Today we have a PoshTots exclusive for the Star Wars fan in all of us. Why bother with a boring old four-cornerpost bed when you can dress your slumber-spot up to look Read More

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Yanko Carpet Alarm Clock

Yes, we know, getting up in the morning sucks, but for some ungodly reason, it has to be done. To do the job right, you need a good alarm clock that’s annoying Read More

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Big Mouth Toys Funny Toilet Paper: Obama

When you are in charge of the most powerful country in the world, you’ve got to get used to being the butt (sorry) of a few jokes, no matter how much sites Read More

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