Pavlok May Be ‘Shocking,’ But It Could Mean A Healthier You

Top 10: Gadgets for the James Bond Wannabe


Skateboard Vanity Light

No idea why we never saw this before, but the skateboard is not just good for taking on a half-pipe. It also makes one heckuva bathroom fixture, and if it is your 2013 ambition to turn the entire home or apartment into the ultimate man-cave, then you may want to start with this Skateboard Vanity Light from ZALcreations. Simple ingenuity, the perfect shape, and a man-centric design that will look much more appropriate than anything she could come up with. The Skateboard Vanity Light doesn’t leave you empty-handed either. It comes equipped with four 120-volt, 40-watt incandescent bulbs. Not the Read More

KOHLER’s Moxie™ Showerhead + Wireless Speaker

Apparently someone at KOHLER grew tired of hearing their spouse’s off-key renditions of today’s greatest hits and decided to develop the KOHLER Showerhead + Wireless Speaker combination instead. This device effectively drowns out the noise with its 7-hour battery life and superior audiophile-quality sound, which allows synchronization to one’s applications for both news and music options. While the idea of it first seemed crazy to us at first, we can definitely see the awesomeness in getting a news-and-weather report while washing our unmentionables and crooning along to the latest release from One Direction Lamb of God. The only caveat that Read More

$200 Buy

Ohea Smart Bed

The Ohea Smart Bed seeks to rid the world of one of its most annoying little chores, and from the looks of things the company is off to a good start. Their self-making Smart Bed can be programmed to automatically make the bed while you’re getting ready. While you may be thinking, “What’s to making a bed, no big deal,” imagine what the elimination of this menial chore could mean for the world-at-large: No more unpleasant battles between Mom, Dad, and the kids. No feelings of anger toward your extended family when they leave out from a visit without having Read More


Remember how people used to bathe in those Old West movies, inside a metal tub or some such nonsense? Well, the FRANCOCECCOTTI Agua is a much classier rendition of that concept. For starters, the larch material strikes a natural and elegant tone as opposed to the oversized rust-bucket look of tubs-past. Stylistically, it’s easy to see how this would fit in with the cabinets and drawers as well. The insides are smooth and comforting as opposed to its colder and more unforgiving counterpart, and the material itself is lighter on upkeep than a straight wood-based tub would be. Just make Read More

Censorship Towel

There are times when nudity just isn’t appropriate. But there’s no reason why you can’t add some humor to the situation. The Censorship Towel covers you up with shoddy pixelation, making you look like you just jumped out of an 8-bit Nintendo… or a Girls Gone Wild video. Because let’s face it: nobody in the gym wants to see your ass when walking into the locker room.

Nap Massaging Bed Rest

Hell, why not stay in bed all day and watch TV when you’ve got a personal massager. The Nap is a bed rest with a built-in massager to aid in muscle relaxation. Choose between high or low speed, set your preferred pulsating program, and enjoy a day of rest. Large side pockets keep magazines and remote controls close by, while built-in cup holders keep those beers in place.

$100 Buy

Violight Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

Did you know that your uncovered toothbrush can harbor over 100 million bacteria, including E. coli? Well, the Violight Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer is a pretty simple solution to keeping your brush clean, whether traveling or at home. Just place your toothbrush inside the case, shut it, hit the button, and the case uses UV technology and a long-life germicidal bulb to kill bacteria, viruses, mold and spores in minutes. Probably one of the easiest things you could do to prevent yourself from getting sick.

$28 Buy

Aquapeutics Steam Shower

You haven’t seen luxury until you’ve got one of these sitting in your home. The Aquapeutics Steam Shower features touch screen controls, a waterproof 8.4″ LCD TV, a loudspeaker and microphone, blue back lighting, underwater lighting, MP3 compatible input and radio, an answering telephone, a steam sauna, an overhead rain forest shower, 12 acupuncture body massage jets, 13 whirlpool bubble bath jets, 6 big whirlpool bath jets, a foot massage device, a multi-function rotation sliding bar, a towel rack, and a pillow. Think of it as your own private media center within your own private resort.