20 Ridiculous Bacon Products

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Tranquility Pod Lets You Say Bye-Bye World For Solid Sack Time

Products featured by inStash can certainly be thought of in combination, composing a collage of luxury or weirdness.  This item may call for some  a good book, a portable snack, and some duct tape.  Meet the tranquility pod, a sound canceling bubble with a waterbed: an igloo without the ice, a man cave without the deadly chemicals in the air. One seems to plug an i-pod or whatnot into the thing, getting in return gentle music all around, even vibrating through the bed.  Further, it has a pulse-sensing biofeedback thingamajingy that somehow synchronizes one’s heart rate with light.  Worth a Read More

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Sleep Number X12 Bed Could Be The End Of Snoring

The Sleep Number X12 promises the best sleep of your life…every night. That’s a pretty bold claim because nobody sleeps well after gridiron failure on Sunday or before tomorrow’s big presentation in the office. Still you’ll probably get more shuteye on the X12 than on most other mattresses out there. Sleep Number’s carved out its niche in the industry by making mattresses with adjustable firmness. The X12 features DualAir™ technology to help you find your perfect sleep number of firmness and support by adding air to or removing it from each side of the mattress. As with many other products that Read More

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HOYO Waterproof Smartphone Pockets

If you’re the type of person who can’t go five or 10 minutes without access to his smartphone, then we have a product you may want to pick up. It’s called HOYO, and it fits pretty much all smartphones, no matter the size. Featuring a colorful ring that helps connect the waterproof pocket to your tub or shower curtain, this will allow you to listen to your favorite podcast or playlist or even read the headlines while you’re busy sudsing up each day. The project will soon be live on Kickstarter, so make sure you click our BUY link and Read More

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Bedjet: The Personal AC For Your Bed

Before you go off thinking, “What do I need a personal AC in my bed for — it’s winter!?,” listen up. The Bedjet doesn’t just cool your sheets so you can survive those blistering summer months. It also regulates temperature providing warm air during the winter. Just how much warm air? Well, according to the company behind it, it’s about 15 times faster at warming you up than the electric blanket. And unlike the electric blanket, it won’t get you too hot because you forgot to turn it off before drifting to sleep. There are two main ways that you Read More

Caffeinated Shaving Products

Pacific Shaving Company has offered a line of fine shaving products for more than a decade, yet so far they’ve remained caffeine free, along with the rest of the shaving industry.  Introducing, to use the company’s language, shaving cream with a kick and after shave that arouses, both with caffeine. Caffeine, the San Fran company tells us, prevents redness and delivers antioxidants while delivering a bit of a boost.  Nothing’s stopping you from dipping your razor in caffeinated water for more of a good thing.  The web site promises the stuff doesn’t smell like coffee, though they don’t explicitly deny Read More

22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper

We don’t get a lot of opportunities around here to run products that cost more than $1 million, and if you told us that one such product would be toilet paper, we would call you crazy. Well, as it turns out, that’s exactly what has happened, thanks to the company Toilet Paper Man. The Australian-based enterprise has unleashed a 22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper Roll, and we’re pretty sure that if you have the moolah to pay for it and use it, and you do so, then it’s safe to say you’re the a-hole. TPM has only managed to produce one Read More

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Aquarium Bed

The Aquarium Bed from Acrylic Tank Manufacturers is a sight to behold. Six hundred fifty gallons of water arched up over your head for a fitful night’s sleep (provided you’re the type who doesn’t require total darkness to catch a little shuteye). This is truly a single man’s bed, especially if you’re married to a little lady who needs it pitch black and totally silent. Me, I can sleep with an endless loop of Seinfeld reruns playing on the DVD player, so this is a welcome attraction I’ll never get to enjoy. That’s why you guys need to buy it, Read More

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Leather Link Hammock

The Leather Link Hammock from Jim Zivic Design looks like it should be hanging from the rafters of the Hugh Hefner mansion, if you ask us, and yes, that’s a compliment. Forgoing the cheap and flimsy material and craftsmanship of most hammocks, this makes for one comfortable beddy-bye. The only thing that might make you lose sleep is the price tag, but we’re sure that you’ll be able to live with that once the ladies get a look at this thing. Possesses a steel frame with linked leather sling, metal mesh, and felt upholstered head/foot boards, you’ll be rocking gently Read More

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