Customize Softness And Height With The Lovethink Pillow

The makers of the Lovethink Pillow believe it’s high time we reinvented the way we think about the place where we lay our heads at night. With this unique creation — now Read More

Tranquility Pod Lets You Say Bye-Bye World For Solid Sack Time

Products featured by inStash can certainly be thought of in combination, composing a collage of luxury or weirdness.  This item may call for some  a good book, a portable snack, and some Read More

$30000 Buy

Sleep Number X12 Bed Could Be The End Of Snoring

The Sleep Number X12 promises the best sleep of your life…every night. That’s a pretty bold claim because nobody sleeps well after gridiron failure on Sunday or before tomorrow’s big presentation in Read More

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HOYO Waterproof Smartphone Pockets

If you’re the type of person who can’t go five or 10 minutes without access to his smartphone, then we have a product you may want to pick up. It’s called HOYO, Read More

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Bedjet: The Personal AC For Your Bed

Before you go off thinking, “What do I need a personal AC in my bed for — it’s winter!?,” listen up. The Bedjet doesn’t just cool your sheets so you can survive Read More

Caffeinated Shaving Products

Pacific Shaving Company has offered a line of fine shaving products for more than a decade, yet so far they’ve remained caffeine free, along with the rest of the shaving industry.  Introducing, Read More

22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper

We don’t get a lot of opportunities around here to run products that cost more than $1 million, and if you told us that one such product would be toilet paper, we Read More

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Aquarium Bed

The Aquarium Bed from Acrylic Tank Manufacturers is a sight to behold. Six hundred fifty gallons of water arched up over your head for a fitful night’s sleep (provided you’re the type Read More

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