Top 100: Great Movies Every Guy Must See

Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Kit

Jagkommando Tri-Dagger Knife

Urban Herd Collection From Courtney Timmermans

Okay, so let’s be honest. The closest any of us will probably get to hanging a bear or lion head on our walls is via this Urban Herd collection, made of — get this — BBs, now on display (and for sale) at Chicago’s Jean Albano Gallery from talented artist Courtney Timmermans. While we’ve brought the king of the wild and his equally scary companion to you in the pics above, that’s not the limit for Timmermans. Make sure you check out the rest of the collection via the buy link, and you’ll see rhinos, moose heads, and even elephants, Read More

Metal Core Door Sticker Decals

Metal Core Door Sticker Decals are sharply rendered reminders of how much cooler it would be if life were a video game. Every time you get shot or stabbed or fall off a cliff, there’s always another life right after it, and you don’t have to worry about feeling any pain. While we can’t replicate that — at least not now — we can dress up our man-caves, apartments, or living rooms (unless you’re married) with any one of these bad-a-looking things. Choose between Airlock, Armory, Lab Door, or Freight Elevator. So real-looking you’ll expect Satan’s minions on the other Read More

$80 Buy

Gift Couture Steak Wrapping Paper

Gift Couture Steak Wrapping Paper, also available in the Grade A set, is unlike any giftwrap we’ve ever seen, and the message behind it is pure 100 percent, all-beefcake. Literally. Conceived by a boyfriend-girlfriend combo with obvious mad design skills, this paper had me doing a double take when I first found the website. Even though you know you’re looking at wrapping paper, it’s truly difficult to distinguish it from a giant slab of beef. And in the set, you’ll also get an attractive cutting board paper to go with it, as well as white butcher paper, twine, a meat Read More

$20 Buy

Cars And Films Prints

If you’re movie buffs like we are, then you know that the only thing that comes close to beating a good flick is an entire home theater devoted to your favorites. And every home theater needs suitable decor if it’s going to inspire serious movie watching. Thankfully, the Cars and Film Prints from Jesus Prudencio is here to offer a new take on classics like Ghostbusters or (pictured) Goldfinger, The Shining, and Pulp Fiction. Prudencio has done several different prints, with the key criteria that each movie have an iconic vehicle that lends itself to immediate recognition. We’d say that Read More

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Calibur Prints

Believe us, we understand if firearms freak you out. Personally, we would rather have the right and the means to protection than not, but for many, the idea of carrying around a high-capacity deadly weapon is intimidating, and we’ll give you that. But if you’re not going to keep a gun for scaring off would-be criminals, you can at least put up one of these gorgeous 19×27 prints from artist Justin Janes. Maybe if the crooks see it hanging on your wall, they’ll turn around and find someone else to rob. Which firearm you decide to display is entirely up Read More

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Star Wars Commemorative Plate Collection

Beat Up Creations has a number of commemorative plates — you know, like the kind your great-grandmother used to collect — but the Etsy-based store, ran by artisan Angela Rossi, takes a different approach than what Granny would have probably preferred. And it’s so geektastic, we have to own one! Each item in the Star Wars Commemorative Collection features a beloved (or not-so-beloved) character from George Lucas’s classic creation. The only problem: we couldn’t find a price at this time, so it’s not known whether Rossi plans to sell or if she’s waiting on the go-ahead from Disney. Either way, Read More

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World War II Ceiling Fan

Pay tribute to the Greatest Generation in one of the coolest ways possible — by designing an entire room in their honor. To help with the task, we’ve got the World War II Ceiling Fan on display. Currently available through Amazon, this stellar appliance from Craftmade boasts three blades, measuring 48 inches in diameter and standing 17 inches high. The look is classic Tiger Shark and boasts a rich wood finish with painted tips. It’s durable, effective, and an instant conversation piece. Makes for a great addition to any man cave or antique room, and is a probable favorite for Read More

$235 Buy

Sign-Feld Posters

Are you the master of your domain? Perhaps the jerk store called and they were running out of you? Maybe you just need a shot of Hennigan’s. Whatever your favorite line from the classic Seinfeld sitcom is, chances are pretty good you’ll be able to find it through Sign-Feld, the tribute operation that sells 11 x 17 and 18 x 24 prints in a variety of colors. It’s all here. From George’s heroics in “The Marine Biologist” to Elaine’s inability to spare a square — “There’s not a square to spare” — these design pros have all your favorites. Now Read More

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