Beer Bucket List: 231 Of The World’s Best Beers

22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper

Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Life Hacks & Guides Poster

Graphic designer Alex Croft of Austin, Texas, reached out to us this week with this awesome Life Hacks & Guides Poster that walks you through more than 75 cool hacks and how-to guides for anything from CPR to using a hairdryer for ridding wood of watermarks. Seriously, we’re not sure where Croft came up with some of this stuff, like: Using mustard to relieve minor burns; How to set an elevator on automatic pilot; and Cleaning a paintbrush by wrapping a rubber band around the open can, thus keeping the sides paint-free and the lid easy to take on and Read More

Simon Stalenhag Sci-Fi Paintings

Simon Stalenhag Sci-Fi Paintings bring back a sense of wonder and awe that the movies used to bring to our once impressionable minds. Unfortunately, these days all sci-fi seems the same, but what’s great about Stalenhag is that he manages to unearth our inner child with each effort. Much of this looks like something a young Steven Spielberg might have conjured. You almost have to do a double take with each one just to verify you’re looking at a painting and not a snapshot of some other world beyond the third dimension. If you like what you see rush over Read More

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Thirty81 Ballpark Posters

If you’re unable to get out to the ballgame and the crowd before the World Series, fret not. These Thirty81 Ballpark Posters will allow you to visit the ballpark of your choice at any time. Thirty Major League Baseball stadiums are represented here, and one additional poster summarizes each one in a piece that at first looks like a bunch of squiggly lines. But if you look closer, you’ll see that it’s just the outline of each stadium overlapping. American League is repped in red; National League in blue. All stadiums are from current teams, so no classic fields at Read More

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Breaking Bad Family Portrait

Oh, if only the Whites were still this happy. If only it were possible for the series to end on this high of a note. Unfortunately, we’re thinking this is the closest the fam gets to a happy ending, and it comes courtesy of talented sketch artist Kirk Demarais. This Breaking Bad family portrait comes as a giclee print on Somerset Velvet Fine Art Paper and measures 14 x 11 inches. If you act fast, you can be one of 100 to end up with this hanging on your wall. Our only complaint: Skylar looks way too happy. Ever since Read More

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Dugout Doodles From Dave Murray

Toronto-based artist Dave Murray invites you out to the ballgame with his Dugout Doodles, a unique cartoon take on the 30 Major League Baseball teams. At one time, I could have told you who all 30 were, but the memory fades with time. Luckily, this poster gives a unique visual for each and every one of them, so people like me won’t (permanently) forget. It’s a cool looking conversation piece, and if you’re still a big fan of the game, it’ll look perfect hanging up on your wall with your team’s pennants and other memorabilia. Now with all that said, Read More

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Classic James Bond ‘Dr. No’ Poster From KULT Studio

It seems like just yesterday we were telling you all about this great place called KULT Studio, where you could go to buy a gazillion Star Wars prints from the specialty collection. Well, they’re not done with you yet, provided you’ve got a lot of loose change laying around. Now you have a chance to buy the classic Dr. No poster from the very first James Bond film. As you can see, it’s a vibrant, colorful thing featuring the original Mr. Bond himself, Sean Connery. Due to its extremely limited nature, and extreme cost, the closest a guy like me Read More

KULT Studio Presents The Star Wars Collection

There are way too many awesome looking prints in this Galactic Empire-sized collection of artwork to mention all of them. What’s here is pretty unforgettable. It was pretty challenging culling down to just two prints for the featured image above, but we feel we’ve done the team at KULT Studio and The Star Wars Collection proud. Pictured above is Carrie Fisher — young Carrie Fisher, thank God — in that iconic bikini. Also, there’s a rather fierce looking depiction of Chewbacca that made us instantly think the beloved wookie had wandered off the set of Star Wars and into one Read More

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Urban Herd Collection From Courtney Timmermans

Okay, so let’s be honest. The closest any of us will probably get to hanging a bear or lion head on our walls is via this Urban Herd collection, made of — get this — BBs, now on display (and for sale) at Chicago’s Jean Albano Gallery from talented artist Courtney Timmermans. While we’ve brought the king of the wild and his equally scary companion to you in the pics above, that’s not the limit for Timmermans. Make sure you check out the rest of the collection via the buy link, and you’ll see rhinos, moose heads, and even elephants, Read More