Dyson Challenges Roomba With 360 Eye

Dyson just arrived fashionably late at the robotic vacuum cleaner party. After leaving the entire market open to the likes of Roomba for the past 15 years, Dyson just unveiled the 360 Read More

The Roomba 980 Is The Best Robotic Vacuum. Ever.

Robot vacuums aren’t exactly new. They’ve been around for nearly two decades now. Chances are if you haven’t invested in them it’s probably because of one of the following: You view robots Read More

$900 Buy

Turn Any Appliance Into A Smart Appliance With LG’s SmartThinQ Sensor

Smart homes are great and all but they require significant expenses to get set up and going. You have to buy a bunch of ‘smart’ appliances when you’ve very likely already invested Read More

Dirty Clothes? Dolfi Has Your Back

You know what go a long way in getting that cute girl’s attention? Having clothes that don’t smell like they’ve just been sprayed by a skunk. We guys don’t pay much attention Read More

The Personal Robot Era Has Begun

There’s no doubt that personal robotics is finally becoming a thing. The folks over at Robotbase might just be posed to be the Apple Computer of a brand new market with their Read More

Meet Eva, The World’s First Smart Shower Device

Meet Eva, the world’s first smart shower device. That means that Eva actually helps reduce your water usage up to 50% without actually changing your shower experience. How? First of all, Eva Read More

Turn Your House Into A Smart Home For Less Than $100 With Linkio

Imagine being able to have all the conveniences of a smart house without having to buy new expensive gadgets or an equally ultra-expensive hub. Sounds good? That’s exactly what Linkio is trying Read More

The Roomba 880 Is A Quiet Revolution

Who doesn’t want their own personal robot butler? With the Roomba 880, iRobot has taken a small step forward for all of robot-kind. The Roomba 880 uses a new technology called AeroForce Read More

$700 Buy