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Bodyguard Blanket Protects Kids Against Tornados, School Shootings

ProTecht, an Oklahoma-based company, has designed a brilliant new way of guarding children in the event of school shootings. With the Bodyguard Blanket, kids can have protection against “90 percent of the weapons typically used in a school shooting,” the company notes. While it’s disgusting that the need for a product like this actually exists, it’s good to see someone taking initiative to try and avoid tragedy the next time some lunatic gets a hold of a gun. The blanket itself is a 5/16-inch pad made from the same type of material used to protect US military service men and Read More

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With The Kley-Zion NAIL Tactical Tool, Burglars Won’t Know What Hit ‘Em

The NAIL is a tactical tool specially designed for getting you out of tough spots when you need it. For instance, say you’re sitting in your home and a burglar comes in and starts bossing you around. With the NAIL, all you need is close proximity, and whammo, you can pull this bad boy out of your shirt pocket and make him wish he never met you. That’s because it’s stainless steel, hides like a fountain pen, and is specially crafted to give you a good strong grip. It can also help you break a window if you ever need Read More

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SOG Snarl, The Ultimate Neck Knife

From SOG Specialty Knives and Tools, comes the Brous Series Snarl Knife with a straight edge, 2.3-inch steel blade and black molded nylon sheath along with a satin finish. The sheepsfoot blade shape is particularly unique — definitely not something you’d see on most products of this size — while thickness measures in at 0.25 inches with a hardness of RC 58-60. We’ve also found that this is one of the best knives on the market for concealment. A fixed blade defensive knife, it wears nicely around the neck thanks in part to the heavy duty chain attachment, allowing you Read More

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Armatix Is Working On A Gun That Only Fires For You

Ah the ever raging debate over gun control. While opponents believe that government officials, who are oh-so-trustworthy, should be the only ones with access to firearms, the hard-line conservatives believe in arming teachers and pretty much anyone that wants a weapon. It seems to be a sliding scale with very few people falling in between. But what if there was a gun that could bring both groups together? Something forceful enough to stop a violent offender yet safe enough not to do harm to the Innocent? Great news — there may be in the Armatix Smart System. From the company: Read More

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Money Or Life: With The GDC Money Clip, How About ‘Neither’?

Your money or your life? If you are packing the Gerber GDC money clip, you don’t have to choose. That’s because your cards and your money will be safe inside the Gerber while they are protected by a 3.6-inch blade of Titanium Nitride that you can wield at random and use if necessary.  As far as the wallet function goes, the GDC allows you to carry cash and up to five cards. Very minimal, we know, but if you need more than five credit cards to get by, then you have a problem well beyond anything we can do or Read More

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US Navy Prepping Laser Weapon For Summer 2014

The US military is finally doing what we all hoped they would when we were kids: creating laser guns! According to a new report, the Navy is now developing the weapon, which should be deployed later this summer, along with a projectile-firing electromagnetic rail gun that shoots an object at six to seven times the speed of sound.  With the projectile system, users place a 7-pound projectile on two parallel conducting rails. These harness an electric charge to accelerate the projectile, and send it toward a target at the quoted speed, doing catastrophic damage in the process. The Laser Weapon Read More

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World’s First 3D Printed Metal Handgun May Have Busted A Cap In The Gun Control Lobby

We’re not saying it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Gun rights are understandably a touchy subject these days. Some don’t wish to entrust their sole protection to government rules and regulations. God knows Washington’s track record on managing anything makes that understandable. At the same time, it’s way too easy for unstable people to get their hands on weapons and something has to be done to stop them. The days of Sandy Hook and shooting up theaters must end. Americans agree on this point, though we’re pretty bitter over how to prevent it. Still, regardless of where you Read More

Carmatech SAR12 Sniper Paintball Rifle

Ever think you may need a little extra firepower when engaging in a friendly game of combat with the guys on the paintball squad? If so, then you may want to consider Carmatech’s SAR12 Sniper Paintball Rifle, which certainly looks capable of wasting the whole battalion (whether it actually can or not). It’s a weapon that looks so authentic, you’ll have trouble convincing the authorities that you’re not really trying to 187 a bunch of people from a rooftop. Boasting more than three and a half feet of overall length and a patent pending bolt action operation 20-inch HammerHead rifled Read More

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