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Top 15: Supercars That Break 200 MPH

Z.E.R.O. Zombie Survival Kit

Armatix Is Working On A Gun That Only Fires For You

Ah the ever raging debate over gun control. While opponents believe that government officials, who are oh-so-trustworthy, should be the only ones with access to firearms, the hard-line conservatives believe in arming teachers and pretty much anyone that wants a weapon. It seems to be a sliding scale with very few people falling in between. But what if there was a gun that could bring both groups together? Something forceful enough to stop a violent offender yet safe enough not to do harm to the Innocent? Great news — there may be in the Armatix Smart System. From the company: Read More

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Money Or Life: With The GDC Money Clip, How About ‘Neither’?

Your money or your life? If you are packing the Gerber GDC money clip, you don’t have to choose. That’s because your cards and your money will be safe inside the Gerber while they are protected by a 3.6-inch blade of Titanium Nitride that you can wield at random and use if necessary.  As far as the wallet function goes, the GDC allows you to carry cash and up to five cards. Very minimal, we know, but if you need more than five credit cards to get by, then you have a problem well beyond anything we can do or Read More

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US Navy Prepping Laser Weapon For Summer 2014

The US military is finally doing what we all hoped they would when we were kids: creating laser guns! According to a new report, the Navy is now developing the weapon, which should be deployed later this summer, along with a projectile-firing electromagnetic rail gun that shoots an object at six to seven times the speed of sound.  With the projectile system, users place a 7-pound projectile on two parallel conducting rails. These harness an electric charge to accelerate the projectile, and send it toward a target at the quoted speed, doing catastrophic damage in the process. The Laser Weapon Read More

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World’s First 3D Printed Metal Handgun May Have Busted A Cap In The Gun Control Lobby

We’re not saying it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Gun rights are understandably a touchy subject these days. Some don’t wish to entrust their sole protection to government rules and regulations. God knows Washington’s track record on managing anything makes that understandable. At the same time, it’s way too easy for unstable people to get their hands on weapons and something has to be done to stop them. The days of Sandy Hook and shooting up theaters must end. Americans agree on this point, though we’re pretty bitter over how to prevent it. Still, regardless of where you Read More

Carmatech SAR12 Sniper Paintball Rifle

Ever think you may need a little extra firepower when engaging in a friendly game of combat with the guys on the paintball squad? If so, then you may want to consider Carmatech’s SAR12 Sniper Paintball Rifle, which certainly looks capable of wasting the whole battalion (whether it actually can or not). It’s a weapon that looks so authentic, you’ll have trouble convincing the authorities that you’re not really trying to 187 a bunch of people from a rooftop. Boasting more than three and a half feet of overall length and a patent pending bolt action operation 20-inch HammerHead rifled Read More

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Best Made Oceanmaster Knife

Right out of the gate, you’ll notice two things about the Best Made Oceanmaster Knife that makes it a winner. Its stainless steel construction and ease of operation are unsurpassed compared with other knives of a similar nature. Whether your hands are large or small, this promises to feel like the perfect fit, and given Best Made’s commitment to quality, we believe it. Beautifully crafted out of Sheffield, England. the Oceanmaster offers many uses beyond the waterfront. Materials are corrosion resistant, the blade is sharper than a fresh pack of razors — the durable kind, not the disposables — and Read More

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SOGfari Tanto Minichete

The machete always seemed like a bit of overkill to us when it came to survival tools. Bigger blade, bigger chance to accidentally hit people undeserving of your wrath, and that’s just a no-no here in the States. Leave it to the crew at ThinkGeek to offer this miniature version of everyone’s favorite hockey mask-wearing killer’s favorite weapon. The SOGfari Tanto Minichete is a total of 16 inches long with 10.5 of that going to the black serrated blade. The blade steel type is 3Cr13 and hardness is Rc. 44-50. Translation: enough to screw up a zombie or two. You’ll Read More

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KSG Kel-Tec Shotgun

Kel-Tec has been slow to enter the shotgun market, but when they finally made the call to charge forward, they went balls out. Introducing the KSG Kel-Tec Shotgun, a compact burglar buster with capacity for 13 or 15 shots depending on shell size. The 18.5-inch cylinder bore barrel makes up most of the 26.1 inches from stem-to-stern. As far as shell disbursement, both left and right tube magazines are capable of holding seven 2 3/4-inch shells or six 12-gauge 3-inch shells in addition to the chambered round. Translation: anyone who enters your home unannounced and uninvited is going to have Read More

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