AirBow Is The Future Of Hunting

You might not realize it, but the image above is the next link in a long evolutionary chain that started with the humble bow and arrow. That’s because the Pioneer AirBow (as Read More

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Shadowhawk’s X800 Tactical Flashlights Make For Outstanding Non-lethal Weapons

We don’t usually associate Flashlights with personal defense. Yet that’s exactly what Shadowhawk is branding their new X800 Tactical Flashlights as being — non-lethal weapons, and thanks to the flashlight’s ultra-powerful light Read More

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TASER Pulse Is A Must-Have For Personal Safety

Ever since police departments started adopting tasers way back in the mid-aughts, TASER has been a leader in non-lethal weapon technology. That being said, the company never really got around to making Read More

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GalacTac Project Is Mandalorian Armor For The Real World

Ever dream about being Boba Fett? Chances are that if you were born after Empire Strikes Back debuted in theaters way back in 1980, you probably wished you were the world’s most Read More

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Pogojet Is The Future Of Personal Defense

Personal safety is serious business. That being said, the way things are going it may not only be more difficult to obtain a firearm in the future, but in certain states you Read More

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Stay Safe With Salt’s Self Defense Gun

We live in what feels like an increasingly unsafe and uncertain world where violence appears to exist all around us. If you’re looking to keep yourself and your family secure without needing Read More

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You Can Finally Own Your Own Flamethrower On The Cheap

Are you a pyromaniac? If so, then you’re going to fall in love with the new X15 Flamethrower for the sweet sweet price of $1600. That’s basically the price of a 15” Read More

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Solid Concepts Is At It Again: Their New Metal 3D Printed Gun

Solid Concepts is an innovative Austin, Texas, company that prides itself on being one of the few of its kind that carry federal firearms licenses. This has enabled them to experiment with Read More