Finally! A Plastic Package Opener That Works From Belapri

Water Discus Hotel

Nexus Minimal Fountain Pen

Tmat Secures Your Cargo On The Move

Ever had a trip home from the grocery store or perhaps a moving day go south all because some idiot pulls out in front of you or stops suddenly causing you to slam on the brakes? Whenever that happens, you can just hear your stuff going everywhere. Thankfully, Tmat is here to help with a modular mat that you can be put together for all your cargo — whether you’re driving a trailer or an enclosed vehicle. Simply fix it in the shape you want it to go — as in a truck bed, for example — then secure your Read More

Smittybilt G.E.A.R. Front Seat Cover

Are you a gear-head looking for a way to store all your stuff neatly in your Jeep? The Smittybilt G.E.A.R. front seat cover provides an ingenious solution to organizational challenges. It gives the front seats in your Jeep a bunch of different compartments for you to stash things like flashlights, water bottles, compasses, extra clothes, or whatever small gear you want to bring on the road with you. The plush covers add comfort to your seats, while the pouches vastly expand storage capability. Smittybilt G.E.A.R. front seat straps onto the bucket seats and offers customizable pouches along the back, sides, Read More

Tortuga Travel Backpack: Never Check Another Bag

Are you as tired as we are of getting nickel-and-dime’d to death by the airlines? Every time we get excited about a great ticket deal, it’s not long before our enthusiasm (and spending money) melts into a sea of additional charges because we have the audacity to want a change of clothes and a few other essentials. The Tortuga Travel Backpack thankfully addresses this growing problem by packing like a suitcase with a full frontal opening that is capable of packing in the clothes, glasses, gadgets, and more, while boasting a split personality between suitcase and backpack. Unlike wheeled luggage Read More

Ostrich Pillow Light

The Ostrich Pillow Light takes its cue from that great little invention known as the power nap, which can increase productivity by more than 30 percent for just a mere 20 minutes. The design is very simple yet effective at keeping the light out so you can catch some shuteye on those long commutes to and from work — unless you’re driving, of course — or on your next round-trip flight. The pillow is filled with special silent silicon coated micro-beads to enhance sound reduction. It also remains lightweight and adjustable, thanks to its elastic ring allowing power-nappers of different Read More

Minaal Pro Travel Carry-On

The Minaal Pro Travel Carry-On is a bag that packs like a suitcase while still affording the wearer all the convenience of a natural backpack. One of the many areas where this one differs from the competition is the lie-flat packing which allows one to organize travel items and keep them that way even with a full day of hiking ahead. Electronic devices can be carried on the outside in safely cushioned pockets that won’t impede accessibility. There are also zip-away straps in case you want to carry the Minaal like a duffel bag. Perhaps best of all is the Read More

Fuloon Inflatable Car Mattress

With a President, Congress, and pretty much anyone in Washington, D.C., who doesn’t have the last name “Paul” more concerned about spying on you than fixing the economy, it may be a good idea to start looking for ways to cut costs. That mortgage/apartment rental premium you pay every month — get rid of it, and get yourself a Fuloon Inflatable Car Mattress instead. This item weighs about 6.6 pounds, comes in the color yellow, is suitable for most car models, and even gives you one pump, so you can be sleeping in your car in a hurry. If that’s Read More


Still looking for the perfect neck pillow for your air and car travels? Well, we think we may have tracked down a viable solution with the NapAnywhere, which is supportive, comfortable, lightweight, and portable. In other words, it’s all the sleeping horsepower you’ll need and it travels nicely. Coming fresh off a successful Kickstarter funding campaign, Dr. Ravi Shamaiengar, M.D. — is confident this travel buddy will be taking the crick out of your neck in no time. While it doesn’t make any claims that could qualify it as a medical device per se, it certainly has the ergonomics down-pat, Read More

DSPTCH iPad Mini Cases

The iPad Mini is one of the finer looking tablets on the market with vibrant colors, light weight, and seamless transition from iPhone to the larger iPad line. Why not thank it with a nice home where it can rest its head when not in use? DSPTCH gives your baby a chance to do just that with an efficient, minimalist style that enables you to protect your screen from harm when in transit. There’s also a place for your connector cord and pen (or stylus). Travels nicely inside another bag as well for extra protection. And if the Mini isn’t Read More