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Nissan Juke-R

Vespa 946 Scooter: A Better Way To Ride

The Vespa 946 brings together retro style and high-level modern performance to deliver a scooter that’s fun to drive and will get you noticed on the street. The body form is based on Vespa’s MP6 prototype from 1946. Although the steel body looks vintage, it also features monocoque construction that allows it also act as the scooter’s chassis. This reduces weight, giving the 946 the same amount of pounds as a small scooter yet allowing it to have the frame-size and seating capacity of a large scooter. The aluminum-accented frame holds high-performance components. The  4-stroke, 125 cc, 3-valve, air-cooled engine Read More

FlyKly Smart Wheel

Introducing an electric bike wheel with benefits that even manual-power purists will appreciate: the FlyKly Smart Wheel. It provides electric-powered assistance, tracks your biking, and secures your bike. You simply replace the rear wheel on your bike with the FlyKly, and a 250-watt motor reduces the effort you put into your commute and increases the speed at which your bike travels. The FlyKly is smart because it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, enabling you to set your top speed (up to 20 mph) and sending data about your biking–including duration, speed, and the mapped route–to your phone. The Read More

BriefSkate Mini V2

This hand crafted deck was unveiled at the 2013 SURF EXPO in Orlando, Florida. Labeled as the BriefSkate Mini V2, it will help you carve your way through high traffic areas on its mini size of 29 inches in length. You’ll consider this a great board for campus cruising, crossing streets, and just getting from point A to point B. Additionally, it has plenty of space for all your personal items and the shock resistant interior is soft enough for mini tablet computers. (Handy for particularly bad riders like myself.) The board also sports adjustable tension latches and a custom Read More

UK Town To Go Driverless By 2015

Google may think it’s pretty fancy with its 300,000+ hours of road test time for its driverless cars, but one town in Britain is about to put its money where its mouth is and implement the technology for public use by 2015. In a report first released by The Guardian, the town of Milton Keynes plans to have a fleet of 20 driverless cars by 2015 with an expansion plan moving to 100 cars by 2017. The project will cost a surprisingly cheap $2.7 million. Each car will come equipped with Internet access, music, and other undisclosed forms of entertainment. Read More

Hyperloop Company HTT Wants To Zip You Cross-Country At 800MPH

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc., has launched on the JumpStartFund platform with one purpose in mind: build a nearly airless tube capable of transporting bullet-like capsules filled with people at 800 miles per hour, thus reducing coast-to-coast land travel time from around 46 hours to 3.5. Scientists agree that it’s doable from a physics standpoint. Cost? Well, that’s another story. And a darn ugly one. How ugly? We’re still in the preliminary stages, but estimates have infrastructure from L.A. to San Francisco alone costing at least $6 billion. With HTT’s ultimate endgame to have this mode of travel operational all over Read More

$6000000000 Buy

Buztronics Signal Pod Wireless Rear Turn Signal

Contrary to what most automobile drivers will tell you, turn signals are very useful. Warning that you could be slowing down to take a turn is not only considerate, it can also cause distracted drivers to pay attention and avoid a pileup. Now Buztronics has taken the concept and applied it to the cycling world with a product that uses a wireless controller to easily communicate with the light on back.  The light itself consists of ultra-bright LEDs in both the right and left positions so you’re covered either way. A durable water resistant plastic case ensures that the elements won’t Read More

$40 Buy

SKODA Stroller

Your little man (or tomboy) deserves to look as cool as they are, right? Well why not push all those hand-me-down, non-stylish-looking, disappointments for strollers to the side and go with the SKODA? The SKODA Stroller allows you to wheel little man (or woman) around with the right amount of pomp and excitement. It gets the job done with some of the manliest tires around. Well, you see how it stacks up against the pictured car, right? Everybody puts their children up on pedestals. This one just has the wheels to let you take the show on the road. And Read More


As seen on Duck Dynasty! Got your attention? Good. This (sort of) invention from Mike Mariani, the mind behind Urbantrike, will do the rest. Remember when you were a little fella getting to ride your tricycle around with reckless abandon until the day you left it out in the rain and it rusted, and your parents decided then and there never to buy you another one again? Well, now you can have a trike that is suited to your more adult needs. Bad-a tires, design, and handlebar placement will have you pedaling like a pro in no time. Perfect exercise Read More