The Book Of ‘Unnecessary’ Quotation Marks

Zombie Bells

ARAC ZXS Motorcycle Concept

LEGO Musicians Rock Out

LEGO can be used for so many things that it’s sometimes hard to remember they started as, and mostly remain, children’s toys. Still, that hasn’t stopped LEGO artist Adly Syairi Ramly from taking everyone’s favorite construction toys and recreating 20 of the world’s most famous bands with them. To this point, adults who play with LEGO have stayed primarily in the sci-fi and superhero genres, though we also remember a recent inclusion of Breaking Bad. Never, however, have we seen someone take on the music genre with such obvious skill and fervor. Our personal favorites presented here (creations, not bands) Read More

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IKOS Lets You Build Almost Anything

Move over LEGO. There is a new construction toy on the block, and it’s called IKOS. Using this new invention from the folks at iko, you’ll be able to build a multitude of cool-looking and functional things (not just stuff you get to pose in your man-cave). Examples: a desk lamp, a customizable 3D puzzle, posable (and flexible) toys, sculptures, organizers, and much, much more. No matter what age you are, this is the toy for you!  Get it now on Kickstarter in a number of packages. The cheapest is $22 and comes with 40 IKOS. The most expensive practical Read More

Wonki Wands Will Make You The Ultimate Dad

Interested in being hero dad, guys? If so we suggest helping kickstart the Wonki Wand, which produces some of the biggest bubbles you’ve ever seen. Wonki Wands are patent pending technology that produce bubbles about five times the size of your little ones, thanks in part to the Wonki Bubble Potion, a secret recipe that is both non-toxic and kid-safe. They also come in a wide assortment of colors, including deep purple, spring green, bright pink, white sparkle, bright blue, and copper and black. If that’s not enough to grab you, Wonki Wands are an American-made product, so you can Read More

Build Your Own Ewok Forest

Ever wanted to build your own Ewok forest? If so, there is a new Indiegogo campaign for you. A Burbank-based toy enthusiast has taken it upon himself to fashion some highly authentic pieces that will place you right back into Return of the Jedi action. A basic set comes with a trunk, a hut, a tree-topper, a base, and six rails. This basic tree hut set can be yours for just $50. But if you want to get more elaborate and go with the ultimate forest set, then prepare to pay quite a bit more ($777 to be exact). While Read More

99 Ways To Die Coloring Book: ‘Nuff Said!

Remember when you were a kid and the joy that you experienced taking a crayola to black-and-white drawings of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck and <insert favorite cartoon character here>? That was an awfully long time ago and we’re sure your tastes have changed. No worries. You can still enjoy the thrill of a coloring book, only this time with more adult centric drawings.  If you have ever wanted to draw someone sinking in quicksand, or getting crushed by a car, or being eaten by wolves, then this is the coloring book for you! We suggest getting Read More

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HEXBUG AquaBots Just Replaced Your Goldfish

The HEXBUG AquaBot may finally put an end to the annoyance of feeding and flushing your finny friends after two weeks in the tank. These toys, unveiled recently at the 2014 American International Toy Fair, come to life in water and swim around for as long as their electromagnetic hearts are ticking.  “Fueled” by two button cell batteries within the body of each fish, you can get these in 10 translucent colors and two body styles — clownfish and shark. A two-pack of batteries run about $4. There’s also a best-value pack consisting of one AquaBot and a specially designed Read More

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15 G.I. Joe Action Figures You Probably Forgot

When we set out to honor G.I. Joe on his 50th birthday, we were initially stumped about how to do it. While the 12-inch original is a classic of toy history, the brand enjoyed its highest level of notoriety starting in 1982 when it scaled the figures down to 3 3/4 inches. With a popular comic book, cartoon series, and animated film under its belt, G.I. Joe’s best run was clearly that 1982 to 1994 time period, so we decided to focus on that. However, we didn’t want to do something boring and predictable like “Best G.I. Joe Characters.” It’s Read More

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3D Clue Breathes New Life Into Old Classic

Clue’s always been engaging, but the cardboard playing surface and flimsy cards don’t create the opulent setting you’re supposed to imagine. Well 3D Clue offers a major upgrade to the classic game by making its atmosphere as luxurious as it’s supposed to be. A finely finished wooden cabinet gives it a stately third dimension, and nine highly detailed rooms sit beneath a layer of smooth, tempered glass. You play the game just as you would the original, only you set your pieces above the rooms. You’ll peer through the glass at exquisitely furnished Victorian rooms featuring gold-painted resin furniture. You’ll Read More

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