Vader’s Vault Offers A Premium Lightsaber Dueling Experience

Admit it, you’ve picked up a stick and pretended that you’re a Jedi. Every guy who’s been born after 1977’s Star Wars has pretended that they’re wielding a lightsaber as they battle Read More

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Foreverspin Is A Top Everlasting

Remember how fun it was to play with tops? Spinning tops could provide countless hours of fun in a child’s mind. That being said, if you’ve ever found yourself spinning bottle caps Read More

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Axis Vidius Mini Drone Is The Smallest Yet

When it comes to drones, bigger isn’t always better. Proof positive of the veracity of that maxim is the brand new Axis Vidius Mini Drone, a palm-sized autonomous quadcopter which comes equipped Read More

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Parrot Shows Off Disco Drone At CES 2016

Who said that drones had to be quadcopter? If we accept the definition of drones to be any unmanned aircraft, then one quickly realizes that drones can come in a number of Read More

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Meccano’s MeccaNoid G15 Robot Is A Must-Have For Tinkerers

With a long tradition dating back over a century, Meccano has been the toy of choice for child builders for what seems like forever. In a move which can be only characterized Read More

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Fleye Is A Brand New Type Of Personal Drone

Shouldn’t the drone be more personable? The folks behind Fleye think so. Their new drone aims to be more like the classic sci-fi robots of the past, trading in that iconic quadrocopter-inspired Read More

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This R2-D2 Drone Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

In the ramp up to Force Awakens, we’ve seen a number of dedicated fans and companies try to re-create some of our favorite pieces of Star Wars tech. Remember that totally awesome Read More

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Assemble Your Own Drone In Just 15 Minutes With The Flybrix Kit

Are you the sort of person who’s always wanted to own their own drone but is scared of all of the soldering associated with assembling a drone kit? Your day has come. Read More

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