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Meet Revocharge, A Universal Wireless And Charging Sync Case For iPhone/Android

Gamecube Controller Makes A Comeback On Wii U

CorkNet: Make Any Table A Ping Pong Table

Many people don’t believe this, but back in my college days, I was a pretty ferocious ping pong player (or table tennis, if you prefer). Unfortunately, life happens, I got older, and fell out of practice. Well, that wouldn’t have happened had I had the CorkNet with me 24/7. This unique innovation from across the pond turns virtually any table into a ping pong table. Its primary purpose is to divide any surface so that it becomes table tennis-ready. However, you can also use it as a trivet if so inclined. The early bird on this Kickstarter project is still Read More

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Blast Off With Galaxy Of Trian Tile-Based Board Game

Galaxy of Trian attempts to bring back the tile-based board game in an exciting and colorful new multiplayer sci-fi event that does not suffer the boredom and longevity of your typical desktop game. (Looking at you, Monopoly.) Galaxy of Trian can be played in 45 to 60 minutes and boasts easy to learn instructions so you’re not spending another 45 to 60 minutes just trying to find out how to play the game. The game variants are diverse and welcoming to all skill level players, and it’s just as fast and efficient with four players as it is two. All Read More

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Brick-A-Pic: Turn Any Image Into A LEGO Rendering

Brick-A-Pic is an inventive marriage of LEGO and software. By simply choosing an image and sending it to the folks at BAP, you can have that image turned in to a LEGO replica. The company’s software program sources both existing and retired colors for a diverse color palette to pull off anything you want to throw at it. You can get plans only starting at around $10. It’s a bit more expensive than that if you want to up the image size or receive a kit filled with all the blocks you need for putting it together yourself. You can Read More

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe Finally Got Classy

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe is a game you may not be familiar with. There are numerous free versions circulating around the Internet, but none of them have the class and elegance of this game board from Daft Concepts. Anyone familiar with the advanced TTT version will know that it’s one large tic tac toe board comprised of nine smaller tic tac toe boards. We could take the next hour trying to explain how the rules work, but here’s a video tutorial that gets the point across in a shorter amount of time. For the next 17 days, you can make Read More

Take The Desktop Golf Challenge, And Clear Your Head

New to Kickstarter, the Desktop Golf Challenge is an interesting game that requires no batteries, only skill. It works pretty simple in theory, but mastering it is anything but. If you remember how to play the old desktop Labyrinth game, then you’ll get the gist of this right away. Use the precision controls and balance to steer clear of the big holes and rest your ball in the smaller one. The game itself has nine holes with trees and everything. For every big hole you accidentally land in, add a stroke. If you need a more moderate difficulty setting, there Read More

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Bunch O Balloons: For The Next Time You Need To Win A Water War

Bunch O Balloons is a great way to stack the water balloon fight deck in your favor. The product, now available through Kickstarter, markets itself as a method of quickly getting the show on the road by filling up a bunch of water balloons at once and then allowing everyone a fair arsenal. We all know, however, that that isn’t the way you use it. You buy one just for yourself and then challenge others to a water balloon fight. While they’re busy filling and tying each one by hand, you can just attach your arsenal to a water hose, Read More

Polyhedral Dice Now On Kickstarter

From the mind of Sly Kly comes these uniquely crafted Polyhedral Dice, precision-machined to perfection and ready to roll for your next RPG night with the guys. Each set of seven comes in a gorgeous metal dice vault, and are CNC machined from solid metal alloys. While they’re not created in the most efficient of ways — each one is handmade — the extra TLC shows in the quality, and the process itself is far superior to molded plastic or molded metal dice. Polyhedral Dice are also popular with more than just gamers. They’re also frequently used by teachers and Read More

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Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue Is A Scary Good Time

Not getting enough of a zombie fix with your Walking Dead comics and TV show? Here’s a game that’ll really get you shambling. Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue is a cooperative game set in an action-movie universe for 1 to 12 players, ages 13 and up. Players control teams of survivors as they fight off a zombie horde controlled by the game itself. Survivors find weapons, battle zombies, and gain experience. The more experienced they get, the more powerful they become, but the more zombies they attract! This game is designed as both a standalone and as an expansion! It Read More

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