The Drink Cooling Pool Lounger From Hammacher

Meet Revocharge, A Universal Wireless And Charging Sync Case For iPhone/Android

Airquee Inflatable Pub

GardeNinja: An 8-In-1 Garden Multitool

The GardeNinja is a unique 8-in-1 garden multitool for those of you with a green thumb who believe there has to be a better way to enjoy your outdoor hobby. All steel and ergonomically correct, this device is three pounds and 24 inches long, yet it somehow manages to cram shears, spade, saw, knife, edger, weeder, rake, and bottle opener into one portable, compact tool. While the company hit Kickstarter recently, they’ve since abandoned the crowd-funding site. (That happened today as we were prepping this post, actually.) No word yet on why the KS is no more, but the site Read More

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Soto Pocket Torch Heats Things Up With A Disposable Lighter

If you ever found yourself out-and-about and in need of a torch, but the one you own is at home, then the Soto Pocket Torch is for you. I don’t know how the geniuses managed it, but they’ve taken a device that allows you to insert a disposable rectangular pocket lighter and use that as your major heat source. From there, the Soto takes over and produces flames up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot, hot, hot. Designed for use below 5,000 feet in elevation, the Soto Pocket Torch is perfect for lighting stoves and starting campfires. It can also be used Read More

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Meet The Robot That Will Clean Your Gutters

The Autonomous Robot Gutter Cleaner from Hammacher is the only robot that removes leaves, small branches, and dirt from gutters, allowing you to do jack squat. Made by iRobot, developers of tactical reconnaissance robots for the U.S. military, the robot’s advanced sensors detect and adapt to debris, cleaning a 30-foot gutter section in five minutes. The robot rotates its powerful auger at 500 rpm to break apart clogs, durable twin rubber ejector paddles lift and throw detritus up and out, and twin polypropylene brushes finish the process by wiping the gutter clean—it even reacts to stubborn sections by backing up Read More

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Tool Pen Hijacks Form For Function

Pens as writing utensils have pretty much outlived their usefulness. Styluses and highly responsive touch screens mean fewer post-it notes. Still, the pen has a bright future thanks to the advent of the Tool Pen, a new Kickstarter project from mininch out of Taiwan. This smart and versatile multi-tool recreates the feeling of holding a pen, but instead of ink, it comes packed with several workshop functions. Inside the Tool Pen, you’ll find six of the most commonly used bits. To use, simply grab and pull the first bit off the front, then insert and push the bit into place Read More

5th Pocket Hex Tool Now Available On Kickstarter

The fifth pocket is like the middle child of jeans pockets — always forgotten. That’s mainly because the only thing that can fit in it is a pocket watch, and people don’t typically carry those around anymore since it isn’t 1920 or a steampunk alternate universe. Arlin realized this problem and invented a multitool specially designed for carry in this oft-neglected compartment. This 5th Pocket Hex Tool is made from titanium and serves the following functions: It works as a wrench for 4 common imperial hex bolt sizes and a second version will be metric. The center hex slot fits Read More

Patchnride Ships This Fall, Solves Bike Flat Worries Forever

If you even occasionally like to get out on your bicycle and enjoy the day, then you’ve probably experienced the annoyance and inconvenience of a flat tire. It can be a hassle taking off the tire to repair it, and now you don’t have to with Patchnride. The Patchnride system gives you one-time use that injects directly into your tire, patches the leak and gives you enough stability to get to your destination in one piece. You can currently pre-order a stockpile of these babies from the Patchnride website by simply clicking the green BUY button. Each one will run Read More

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KLAX Lumberjack 10-In-1 Multitool

Coming October 2014, KLAX Lumberjack promises to turn the traditional multitool on its ear. This baby has it all, providing 10 handy tools into an easy to carry stainless steel package, heat-treated for rugged outdoor use, and so portable you can carry your toolbox with you wherever you go. The Lumberjack includes a Stainless Steel Ax Blade, Hammer Head, Hex Wrench Set, 1/4-inch Bit Drive Socket, Bottle Opener, Lanyard Hole, Carabiner, Ruler and KLAX Clamping System. With KLAX in your corner, you can pretty much get rid of your tools. (Well, you probably shouldn’t, but still, it’s a very awesome Read More

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Repair Your Tire In Exactly Eight Minutes

Ever been out on a long road trip or driving to an important business engagement when your tire decides to go out on you? The act of changing a tire — even if you know what you’re doing — can be strenuous and stressful while you’re in a hurry. Enter the 8-Minute Tire Repairer, a machine that automates the process, giving you enough air to get to where you’re going and find help afterward. The device seals a tire puncture and inflates a flat in just eight minutes. Eliminating the hassle of using a car jack and removing the tire, Read More

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