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KLAX Lumberjack 10-In-1 Multitool

Coming October 2014, KLAX Lumberjack promises to turn the traditional multitool on its ear. This baby has it all, providing 10 handy tools into an easy to carry stainless steel package, heat-treated for rugged outdoor use, and so portable you can carry your toolbox with you wherever you go. The Lumberjack includes a Stainless Steel Ax Blade, Hammer Head, Hex Wrench Set, 1/4-inch Bit Drive Socket, Bottle Opener, Lanyard Hole, Carabiner, Ruler and KLAX Clamping System. With KLAX in your corner, you can pretty much get rid of your tools. (Well, you probably shouldn’t, but still, it’s a very awesome Read More

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Repair Your Tire In Exactly Eight Minutes

Ever been out on a long road trip or driving to an important business engagement when your tire decides to go out on you? The act of changing a tire — even if you know what you’re doing — can be strenuous and stressful while you’re in a hurry. Enter the 8-Minute Tire Repairer, a machine that automates the process, giving you enough air to get to where you’re going and find help afterward. The device seals a tire puncture and inflates a flat in just eight minutes. Eliminating the hassle of using a car jack and removing the tire, Read More

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Leadr: The Tool Roll Made From A Baseball Mitt

If you can’t leave the baseball game for one day to work in the shop without getting the DTs, then we may have a solution in the Leadr, a versatile, tailored tool roll designed for everyone; hand-crafted from full-grain baseball mitt leather. It features an elastic web that can accommodate almost anything, anchored with heavy gauge nylon thread. There are 5 narrow sleeves (for pens, small tools, etc.) and 2 wider sleeves (for cables, a AA battery, and so on). The 3mm DIA closure bungee holds everything in place when rolled up, providing positive tension with both small and large Read More

Trinity Portable Wind Turbine Charges All Your USB Devices

Trinity is a portable wind turbine that folds together into a 12-inch cylinder. Charging your smartphone, tablet or any other USB device is just one of many charms this baby has going for it. The device has a 15W generator and a built-in battery that holds 15,000 mAh, while being extremely easy to operate. To open the three blades, you simply pull out the 11-inch aluminum legs and arrange them in either a tripod configuration or laid flat depending on the situation. To close, push the legs back in and the blades will do the rest. At the bottom, Trinity Read More

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Awesome Drafting Tool Imbue Goes Where You Go

The goal of Imbue is to make a creative tool that’s simple, elegant, functional, and easy to use. The goal for this tool is to attach to you without you even knowing it’s there. It is compact and compatible with one of the most important creative tools next to your writing utensil — your sketchbook. Since ideas come and go so quickly, you need to be able to capture them fast. That’s where Imbue comes in to aid your creative mind. Imbue takes your large cumbersome drafting tools and compacts them into their most essential form. It’s a T-square, a Read More

Son Of A Sailor: This Pocket Knife Is A Looker

Argh, me fellow buccaneers! Today, we’ve got a fine set of knives for yer pokin’ pleasure. It’s the Son of a Sailor Collection, and it immediately makes us think of sailing the high seas and listening to some Jimmy Buffett. (And that urge rarely hits these days.) The big story, of course, is the French Opinel sticker jutting out of a gorgeously crafted, painted hunk of walnut that feels nice and sturdy in the hand. The design is the creation of William Knopp and Jessica Tata out of Austin, Texas. William is a graphic designer by trade, with military background, Read More

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Take The Shop On The Road With Ratchet Rocket

There is very little the Ratchet Rocket from Topeak can’t do. You’ll appreciate this multitool, which combines a stem or H2O-bottle-boss-mountable hex set, tire levers, and chain tool into one compact, self-contained package with the add-on of a ratchet. The portability means you don’t have to reserve this for the home or shop, and it gives you the ability to use a ratchet on the road or trail with quick rotation and control in some pretty tight spots. The Ratchet Rocket comes with 2 through 6mm hex bits, one Torx T25, a #2 Phillips, and two tire levers, all stashed Read More

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Quickey: It Opens Everything But Doors

The Quickey is a new multitool that opens everything but doors, and we dig it. Why? Because it takes care of a very annoying problem that happens to us virtually every week. We get the mail. There’s a heavily taped package. We don’t have our pocketknife on us because the weasels we work around consider it a weapon. So instead of easily opening said package, we turn to our dull keys and hope that it can saw away enough of the tape so brute force can do the rest.  Quickey makes the process much easier and does a lot of Read More