Roof-Top Tents From Treeline

The Book Of ‘Unnecessary’ Quotation Marks

Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Meet Loop, The Hanging iPad Case

The day I brought home my iPad Air, it was like bringing home a new puppy or child. One that doesn’t cry, whine, and annoy you, of course. But I quickly found out, one chipped corner later, that it’s not enough to have the tablet itself. You have to have something that protects it without hindering functionality. This brings me to Loop, the first tablet case that you can hang anywhere, anytime, while protecting your iPad and giving you the angle adjustability you need. Use it on a car headrest, the airplane seat in front of you, and the kitchen counter Read More

Dart Stylus: Finally, A Fine Tip For iPad

One thing this Apple guy has envied of you Android folk since purchasing an iPad is how many fine tip styluses you have available to you, while I’m over here still dealing with the crayon-sized nib. While I’ve managed to find a cheap stylus that is passable for my needs, I still yearn for the fine tip. Now that yearning is finally over thanks to the Dart Stylus. If you’re an Apple-centric designer, engineer or artist, then you’re going to love Dart’s 2mm tip. Highly responsive and the most pen- or pencil-like of any iPad stylus accessory, it’s just like Read More

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Exchange Concept Could Breathe New Life Into Handwriting

From designer Jeffrey Brown comes Exchange, a new and innovative way of communicating with handwritten notes and pages. Users may share or store handwritten messages such as letters, drawings, or notes, to be stored digitally for later, shared in real time, or even broadcast online. By attaching Exchange to a notebook or paper, the corresponding stylus can scan notes or drawings as they are written where they are documented into digital “journals”. This allows artist to share their work in a new way, teachers to communicate with a student’s notes, friends to draw together while distances apart, and much more. Read More

Famatic: A Cool Social Twist On The Digital Picture Frame

Famatic looks like one of those ideas that could be obsolete in 25 years once the social media holdouts die off, and everyone on the face of the planet has a social media account. However, today it would come in mighty handy, especially for those of us who have family — and I’m looking at you Mom and Dad — who’ve yet to join Facebook or Twitter (and probably won’t). With Famatic, you can instantly beam the pictures and videos that you take to your kids’ grandparents (and any other neanderthal you have hiding on the tree). Best of all, Read More

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Sony Digital Paper: All Docs In One Place

One of the biggest regrets in life is that I waited until this year to start getting rid of my paper trail. While I anticipate a much easier tax season for 2014 thanks to the decision, I also fully expect hell-on-earth over the next two weeks as I attempt to ready my important deductions and reports for the accountant. If you’ve yet to go digital with your paper trail, you may want to start with Sony’s Digital Paper, an elegant new device that allows you to annotate, share, and save your documents — and not just those pertinent to tax Read More

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BUKcase Brings Bookbinding To Your Tablet Accessories

Just because the print book may be becoming a thing of the past, that doesn’t mean we have to let go of all the Old World bells and whistles altogether. We submit for your consideration the BUKcase from the our friends in the United Kingdom. Each iPad case is made to order by a local team of master bookbinders in Manchester, using locally sourced book binding materials and traditional machinery. The company makes both traditional cases and sleeves, with our personal favs being from genuine Italian leather and good old-fashioned know-how. The latest available edition is for the iPad Air, Read More

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Transmaker Turns Your Smartphone Into A Tablet

Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 owners: if you’re thinking about adding a tablet to your collection, STOP IMMEDIATELY! Instead of shelling out upward of $500 on a new device that’s basically just your phone with a bigger screen, get yourself a TransMaker. It’s a core-less tablet that turns your Galaxy S3 or S4 into a tablet. The TransMaker offers a touchscreen in either a 10.- or 11.6-inch form-factor with a docking slot on the back for your phone. As soon as you slide your Galaxy in, it becomes the power center for the TransMaker. You extend the Galaxy’s powerful chip and operating system Read More

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Grippity: World’s First Transparent Tablet

Come on, admit it: you’ve suffered Fat Finger issues with your smart phone or tablet.  Slightly chunky fingers can run into problems, and don’t get us started on carpal-tunnel.  Is the remedy a transparent tablet?  That’s what Grippity is wagering with their ergonomic-minded gadget.  It allows you to use all your fingers, pressing keys from the back side of the device. The company’s Kickstarter page asks, “Is it a Tablet?  A remote control?  A game controller?  A media center keyboard? … Like any smart device, it can be all of the above.” We know for sure it runs Android and Read More