Forget the iPad, The Modbook Is The Tablet You’re Looking For

The iPad Pro may be available for purchase right now, but if you’re an artist then you’ll probably want to buy a different Apple-powered tablet: the Modbook Pro. Featuring a 2.9GHz processor, Read More

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You Can Now Buy An Amazon Fire Tablet For Just $50

We’re willing to bet that by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll end up buying the new Amazon Fire tablet. While you might expect us to go into detail regarding Read More

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iPad Mini 4 Wants To Be Your Favorite Reading Tablet

Apple announced a whole bunch of products last week but the one potential sleeper hit amongst them is definitely the iPad Mini 4. Originally launched back in 2012, the first Mini surprised Read More

iPad Pro Is Apple’s Answer To Microsoft’s Surface

Listen up working professionals: Apple wants you to buy their latest iPad. Unlike previous iPads which have been designed in Cupertino, the new iPad Pro is being positioned as a legitimate content Read More

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Toshiba’s Satellite Radius 12 Is The Best Laptop We Saw At IFA 2015

Ready for 4K laptops? Toshiba is willing to bet that you are. That’s why they’re releasing a brand new hybrid laptop computer which features a simply gorgeous 4K touchscreen display. The new Read More

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LG’s 10-inch G Pad Might Just Be The Perfect Android Tab For You

Looking for an Android tablet which fits your particular lifestyle? LG’s new 10-inch G Pad just might be your next device. Although not the first (or the last) G Pad that the Read More

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Samsung Releases New Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung is taking aim at Apple yet again. Their newest Galaxy Tab S2 is a 9.7 (or 8-inch) tablet which looks eerily similar to, you guessed it, Apple’s iPad. Regardless of what Read More

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ASUS’ ZenPad S 8.0 Makes Its Way Stateside

Want to get a powerful tablet on the cheap? Look no further than ASUS’ ZenPad S 8.0. This year’s ZenPad is rocking an awesome hi-def 8-inch IPS panel, at a 2048×1536 resolution Read More

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