Beardski Ski Mask

Boeing Phantom Ray

1955 Mercedes-Benz 404 Unimog

Glide Skateboards: Old Board, New Tricks

Glide Skateboards are hand-shaped decks inspired by creator and designer Brian Lopez’ love for surfing. Since we’re pretty big fans of each around here, we thought we’d fill you guys in on the current Kickstarter project that Lopez has running. Each of these boards are beautifully shaped and constructed from repurposed floorboards. The surfboard’s influence shows through with every line and contour. There are a variety of designs you can choose from with the cheapest starting at $225 and topping out at $400 for the “High Art” series of designs. If you want a Glide Skateboard cheaper than that, you Read More

Trigger Bell: A Cyclist’s Failsafe

Do you find yourself feeling a little uneasy while riding your bike at night? Are you concerned about the growing number of boneheads, who drive around texting and not paying attention to the road? We may have a safety solution to prevent you from ending up a wet spot on the pavement. Introducing the trigger bell, now available on Kickstarter for the low price of $20. It installs directly on your handlebar, so you’re never further away than a quick trigger-pull from notifying car traffic of your presence. Best of all, you can do this without taking your own eyes Read More

New Sport FootGolf Is A Real Kick

If there is one thing we love to talk about around here, it’s sport innovation, in particular, new sports. Today, we have an exciting, somewhat-new sport that is a mixture of soccer and golf. Called FootGolf, the object of the game is to kick a ball to a specially designed hole in as few attempts as possible. Aside from that very simple objective, the Official Rules are actually quite expansive and much too long to get in to here. However, you can follow all the latest FootGolf developments by getting yourself over to the Federation for International FootGolf website, where Read More

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Bet Your Office Bracket Pool Isn’t This Awesome

You want March Madness? This is March Madness. Bonobos has begun its Bracket Pro-Am Challenge allowing you to join forces with a sports legend to win some major prices and a trip to the 2015 Final Four. What you’ll do is register at the website (click here). Then, you’ll select your sports legend from the following choices: MLB Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers, competitive eating champion Takeru Kobayashi, former soccer star Marcelo Balboa, sumo wrestler Emanuel Yarbrough, and former paper airplane record holder Stephen Kreiger. Finally, you’ll submit your bracket picks before 12 p.m. EST on March 20. Your picks Read More

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POC’s Ski Helmet Warns You Of Upcoming Replacement

Skiing down the white drifts of a Colorado mountain or <insert favorite place here> can be exhilarating, but also very dangerous, especially if you’re not wearing the right type of head gear. Unfortunately, even precautions can be useless if you let your helmet and lining go too long without a change-out. Enter POC’s Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS helmet, a piece of safety gear that keeps tabs on the amount of damage it has sustained over time, and then informs you of when it’s time to switch to a safer head gear. It all happens thanks to a system of stress-strain Read More

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Copenhagen Wheel: New Hill-Flattening Bike Technology

What do you get when you cross MIT technology with one of the biker-friendly cities in the world? A proven concept that is now ready for pre-order, that’s what! The Copenhagen Wheel — named for the city of Copenhagen — can almost effortlessly convert your bike into an electric bike, and all you have to do to make it happen is replace the back wheel on your bike with the Copenhagen. As you pedal, the CW stores the energy you’re producing in the motorized wheel. In a brief amount of time, you’ll have hill flattening power that you can use Read More

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Baseball Hitting Trainer

Spring training is just around the corner, and if you want to test your mettle against the fastball, then you’re going to need this baseball hitting trainer from Hammacher. This device allows batters to hit up to 450 balls in just 30 minutes. How do they do it? By tethering a regulation-sized baseball to bungee cords, which are in turn connected to home plate and a bar that hangs overhead. All you have to do is step up to the plate, hit the ball into the net, and wait for the recoil. The “pitches” come about every four seconds, requiring Read More

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Get Smart At Tennis With Babolat Play

Futurists like Ray Kurzweil point to a time when humans “transcend biology” and essentially become machines.  It’s an idea that causes a lot of people to recoil and play the “I’m soooooooo human” card.  But inStash has written on several products in the last several months that allow people to tap into machine intelligence to do something as mundane as play a sport. True, holding onto a “smart” tennis racket doesn’t make one a cyborg, but it puts into play the “better living through quantitative info” concept behind a lot of robotics. The Babolat Play tennis racket uses Bluetooth or USB Read More

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