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TrackR Bravo: Keep Up With Your Life

Star Wars Lightsaber Tongs For Your Next Out-Of-This-World BBQ

DV8 Sports Gives You A Better Way To Carry Your Golf Clubs

Why should you have to be handicapped by the car you drive or your motorcycle or public transportation just because you simply want to hit the driving range to take a few swings at some Titleists? Well, now none of that matters. No matter what mode of travel you’re using, DV8 Sports has you covered with their new Golf Without Obstacles system. Here’s how it works. You carry one shaft and your choice of 14 different heads, all brought together by a quick-change coupler, patented and specially designed for quick change-outs. It is, in short, an easier way to golf Read More

Be A Golf Legend Via Real Man Gifts

Do you have someone in the family with a love for golf? Maybe you are that person. If so, you’ll want to consider picking up one of the Golf Legend packages currently being offered over at Real Man Gifts. In each care package, you can pick from six to 10 items, all included for the one price of $120. Item choices include the following: 3-pack Callaway Warbird Plus golf balls, Frogger Brushpro, Fiz Co2 Cleaning Spray, Putting Cup, a 4 Yards More 4-pack, Microfiber greens towel, Flip Spout water bottle, Glow in the Dark golf ball (with one mini light Read More

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Titin Weighted Compression Shorts Will Jack Your Lower Body Up

Looking for a tougher workout than the one you’re getting at the gym or Crossfit? Just add the Titin Weighted Compression Shorts to the mix, and you’ll be feeling the extra burn in no time. These compression shorts equally distribute weight across your lower extremities so it doesn’t tamper with your natural movement. It allows for full range of motion using gel weights that feel just like your own muscle tissue. Using Titin, you can increase your caloric burn and build strength, and make yourself regret you ever bought them — until you feel the full benefits of wearing them, Read More

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Warstic Flame Treated Baseball Bats

It’s time to play ball! With these Pro Designer bats from Warstic, you will look pretty darn good swinging away at that fastball, even if you end up whiffing it, Casey-at-Bat style. That’s because most of these are crafted from rock hard sugar maple wood and flame treated for a worn, bad-a aesthetic. The Warstic collection is made to order in lengths of 30 to 35 inches and each one will have your name — or whatever name you choose — engraved on the barrel. Perfect choice for your next city league softball season, and affordably priced at just $120 Read More

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Charles Everett Is Your Life Caddy

Charles Everett is the Life Caddy, a suave and debonair caddy who shares valuable lessons from the lynx and then helps you apply them to life in general. Usually, the Life Caddy’s humorously soothing words of wisdom apply to love and shooting the best possible score in the field. As part of the Back9Network, Everett is a standout expert with the balls (golf balls, that is) and the ladies. He’s not afraid of bailing out should his lady like Ke$ha, and he’s quick to date a girl into the friend zone in order to get to her roommate. So far, Read More

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Grip+: The iPhone User’s Ultimate Sports Accessory

Want more reason to never get a smartwatch? How about just turning your iPhone 5 or 5S into one? That’s what sporting enthusiasts picking up the Grip+ get to do. But that’s not all. Additional features found here allow the case to be easily attached and detached with a single hand from several mount accessories designed for cyclists, walkers, joggers, runners and hikers. You can currently grab Grip+ in the bike and armband bundles to make using it on the road easier than ever. Just head over to Kickstarter and make a donation of $50 (or $95 for the deuce). Read More

Glide Skateboards: Old Board, New Tricks

Glide Skateboards are hand-shaped decks inspired by creator and designer Brian Lopez’ love for surfing. Since we’re pretty big fans of each around here, we thought we’d fill you guys in on the current Kickstarter project that Lopez has running. Each of these boards are beautifully shaped and constructed from repurposed floorboards. The surfboard’s influence shows through with every line and contour. There are a variety of designs you can choose from with the cheapest starting at $225 and topping out at $400 for the “High Art” series of designs. If you want a Glide Skateboard cheaper than that, you Read More

Trigger Bell: A Cyclist’s Failsafe

Do you find yourself feeling a little uneasy while riding your bike at night? Are you concerned about the growing number of boneheads, who drive around texting and not paying attention to the road? We may have a safety solution to prevent you from ending up a wet spot on the pavement. Introducing the trigger bell, now available on Kickstarter for the low price of $20. It installs directly on your handlebar, so you’re never further away than a quick trigger-pull from notifying car traffic of your presence. Best of all, you can do this without taking your own eyes Read More