Eight Acoustic Amplifier For iPhone 5/5s

Boeing Phantom Ray

M Spa Hot Tub: Gorgeous, Functional, Affordable

Take Off A Load With The X9 Follow Golf Trolley

The X9 Follow Golf Trolley (with remote) threatens to remove that last little bit of physicality from the game of golf. Now, now, golf lovers, don’t get mad at us for saying that. We know that not everyone who plays is John Kreuk and that there is still quite a bit of strategy and bodily control that you have to have in order to perform well. But one of the most grueling parts of the game is lugging around your clubs. The X9 fixes that! Unfolding in one simple movement, the X9 is powered by a lithium battery and it Read More

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RunScribe: A Wearable For Data-Driven Athletes

RunScribe is a wearable for any of you concerned about athletic performance and competition. This gadget provides a 3D view of how you run, helping you to work smarter, longer, and with fewer injuries. It’s a lightweight running wearable that mounts on the back of your shoe and uses a 9-axis sensor to precisely capture the movements of your foot during the gait cycle. The precision measurements, combined with runScribe’s kinematic engine delivers the most advanced set of running metrics available outside of a professional lab environment. While other running technologies offer limited information – merely tracking steps, distance and Read More

Up Your Game With The Smart Tennis Sensor

We live in a world of big data, and every day we are finding new ways of applying it to our lives to improve on performance in everything we touch. One of the many areas that can benefit from this modern movement is your tennis game, especially now that the Smart Tennis Sensor is here. By attaching the Smart Tennis Sensor to your racket, all your shot data are recorded and can be displayed in real-time on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Through the app screen, you can check the swing (shot) type, ball speed, swing speed, ball spin, ball impact Read More

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The Vapor Iron Family Drops This Halloween

Leave it to Nike to come out with an expensive set of must-have irons right before the holidays. Launching on October 31, the Vapor Iron series comes to finer sporting goods stores everywhere — both online and brick-and-mortar. More from the press release: When studying Tiger’s blades, The Oven team noticed that the wear pattern was directly on the center of the club face, not trending towards the heel where the bulk of the club’s weight is carried and where he could achieve a more efficient strike. Our club designers knew that they hadn’t yet optimized the traditional blade for Read More

Cycling Ride Pouch: Direct Smartphone Access With None Of The Distraction

With the Cycling Ride Pouch, you riders no longer need to stop and remove your smartphone to access MapMyRide or check a quick text. WaterField Designs enters the cycling market with the introduction of this handy smartphone accessory featuring a leather wallet-like biking toolkit with a clear smartphone window. The Cycling Ride Pouch is sized to fit perfectly into a cycling jersey pocket. The Pouch design was inspired by the Velominati cycling collective’s Rule #31, stating that “Spare tubes, multi-tools and repair kits should be stored in jersey pockets.” WaterField kicked it up a notch by adding slots for your Read More

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Grab A Beach Bat And Play Some Frescobol

The you’re-all-winners crowd is going to love this: a game with no scoring, winners, or losers. Just the thrill of activity. In all honesty, not every sport has to have an object, and with Frescobol, that reality sets in just fine. These sturdy wood off cuts are handmade in Brazil and wrapped with thick neoprene grip for a sense of strength and stability on the sand. The resin coating on each “beach bat” adds an extra layer of protection and elegance and a heat-branded logo will have all your American friends asking, “What are you playing?” and “Can I get Read More

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NightSUP For the Nighttime Paddle Board Enthusiast

If you’ve never given the recreational sport of paddle boarding a try, you may not want to start at night. At least, not without NightSUP in your corner. These custom paddle boards bring the magic of modern LED lighting to the water, so you can have a bright path as you indulge your inner water sport addiction. NightSUP sells their custom boards in one of two ways. By far the cheapest, is the kit, which starts at the price of $499. New complete boards are available starting at $1,695 plus shipping and handling. (Better get in touch with your inner Read More

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Stop Losing Strokes With The TRI Marker

This TRI Marker is so much more than a ball marker for the golfing enthusiast. It can actually prevent you from getting penalized for failing to remark your ball by reminding you the number of putter head-lengths to remark. Additionally, it can help you identify landmarks along with direction, and it makes it easier to see your marker on the green, all while conforming to USGA and R&A Rules of golf. Furthermore, it can be worn after play as a stylish necklace at the 19th hole and beyond. You can get one now via Kickstarter for $75. That’s for the Read More