Microsoft Send Reinvents The Email Inbox

Microsoft may already have an iOS email app called Microsoft Outlook, but that isn’t stopping the Redmond-based technology giant from releasing a new app dubbed “Send”. So what’s different from the existing Read More

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New Skype Update To Integrate More Fully Into Windows 10

Windows 10 might be out, but that doesn’t mean that Microsoft is done innovating this year. In just a couple of months, the technology giant is planning to release the next version Read More

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Microsoft Challenges Apple Music With Groove

Microsoft isn’t one to let Apple take over a market without a fight. Hot on the heels of the launch of Apple Music, Cupertino’s hottest music service since iTunes, Microsoft has recently Read More

Jolla On The Verge Of Releasing Sailfish OS 2.0

Remember Jolla? Some time ago, the ambitious software and smartphone manufacturer (made up largely of ex-Nokians) launched a couple of ambitious crowdfunding campaigns in order to put forward their vision of what Read More

Cortana Lands On Android

Microsoft has changed. Not content with creating compelling technologies that few get to experience, the Redmond-based titan has decided to export its Cortana digital assistant to the Android platform later on this Read More

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Comcast Launches “Stream” IPTV Service

Comcast must be smelling its own blood in the water. Not wanting to play second fiddle to the likes of Netflix any longer, the cable titan has decided to release its own Read More

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Not Into Apple Music? Tidal Is Worth A Listen

Everyone seems to be talking about Apple Music, but there’s plenty of other music streaming services out there. If you’re not comfortable paying the Apple tax, then why not check out Tidal? Read More

Google Takes Aim At Apple With New Play Music Service

In case you didn’t know, Apple Music is launching today. Not to be outdone, Google is seeking to outmaneuver its Cupertino-based rival by launching its own free streaming music service. Dubbed the Read More

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