Run Any Android App On Your Computer With ARC Welder

There’s no doubt that desktop and mobile operating systems are converging. Whether you’re using a Mac or a PC, you’ve probably noticed that features have been cross-pollinating across the mobile desktop divide Read More

Apple Unveils New Photos App for the Mac

Are you a Mac user that’s frustrated at how clunky and unresponsive iPhoto has become over the year? Rejoice! The Cupertino Gods have spoken and have now unveiled a totally revamped photos Read More

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This Is The Best Photo Editing App On iOS

If you’re looking for the most powerful iOS photo editing app then you’re probably looking for Darkroom without even knowing it yet. Darkroom is powerful. It’ll allow you to make cure adjustments Read More

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Windows 10 Is The Best Windows Yet

Windows 8 was a disaster. Some 2 years after its release, 51 percent of desktop PCs are still running Windows 7 and only 13% of users have been unfortunate enough to have Read More

OS X Yosemite: If This Doesn’t Make You An Apple Guy, Nothing Will

I’ve been an Apple guy for a long time. For better and worse, I’ve hung with the company even when it put me through a three-hour customer service nightmare with my one Read More

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Atheer One Smart Glasses

Google manages Android and makes smart glasses for it, but the Ather One might just be the shades of choice for the operating system. These smart glasses connect to any post-2011 Android Read More

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You: The Action Figure

Having an action figure of yourself is cool mostly because it’s…cool.  That is, seemingly difficult, filled with novelty, just plain cool.  It’s so cool that in all seriousness, your friends can’t really Read More

Winamp Media Player Closes Shop

We’d call it the end of an era, except we didn’t even know the era was still going on until yesterday when Winamp announced that it would be dead by Christmas. The Read More

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