Microsoft Announces Continuum, A Way For Your Smartphone To Become Your PC

Sorry Ballmer but ever since Satya Nadella has been at the helm at Microsoft the Redmond-based company has been a lot more interesting. One of the more innovative things they’ve done recently Read More

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Turn Your iOS Device Into A Second Screen With Duet

Let’s be honest, you’re probably not using your iPad as much as you thought you would. The tablet which was once hailed as the future is computing is more likely gathering dust Read More

1Password Is The Ultimate Password Management Solution

With the rise of fingerprint technology, the common password may be in its twilight years. Until that technology becomes ubiquitous enough, however, we’re still stuck with trying to remember what password we Read More

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Take Stunning Timelapses From Your iOS Device With Hyperlapse

If you’re an aspiring videographer then Hyperlapse is for you. This no nonsense, straight to the point timelapse app was developed by Instagram and has made quite a reputation due to its Read More

Sunrise’s Meet Calendar Improves Your Smartphone’s Multitasking

Sorry Apple fanboys, even you have to admit that the iPhone has a real multitasking problem. To this day, it just isn’t simple to use two apps at the same time despite Read More

Google+ Rolls Out Pinterest Competitor With Its Collections Feature

The rumors of Google+’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Google is actually doubling down on its troubled social network with a new feature that actually adds functionality similar to that of Pinterest. Read More

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Microsoft Teases Office 2016 With Preview Version

The Microsoft Office versus Google Docs war is heating up again. After adding real-time editing back in 2013, Microsoft finally caught up with Google Docs after years of losing marketshare to the Read More

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Adobe Lightroom 6 Is Finally Here

Photographers and photo editors rejoice, Lightroom 6 is finally here. Available as both part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (under the name Lightroom CC) and as standalone software, this version of Read More

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