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Geek Wave: Watch Out iPod, Things Just Got Real

Gunvault GV1000D Mini Vault Deluxe Gun Safe

The Gunvault GV1000D Mini Vault Deluxe Gun Safe is one case that will be hard to crack. At just under 10 pounds, this safe is a lot tougher than she appears. Featuring the capabilities of up to 12 million user-selected access codes and boasting an outer of 16-gauge steel, nothing’s coming out of here unless you say so. Even so, better be careful when you try to retrieve your valuables from the inside because the on-board computer will lock you out of access with too many invalid key entries. Good for most people but bad for criminals and the extremely Read More

EternalCase Metal Flash Drive

Ever had a flash drive or other removable media device that met its untimely demise via – ohh, say – a raging stampede of pissed elephants? Consider the tough-as-nails, stylish EternalCase flash drive to protect your precious files. Pre-orders available in either 32 or 64gig (3.0 and backwards compatible) flash drive form, or just the metal housing itself, the EternalCase comes in a choice of three alloys: Medical stainless steel, “aircraft” aluminum, or titanium. Just how ‘tough’ are these little buggers? The makers ran a battery of grueling tests on their EternalCase flash drives (and “non-flash drive” cases), including: Being Read More

Chronos Watch Safe

Chronos Watch Safe from Brown Safe Manufacturing is about all the protection your expensive watches are ever gonna need, Mr. Fancy Pants. Facebook predators who monitor your status updates for vacations are going to be sadly disappointed when they arrive at the residence and try to get this thing open. With ballistic armor plating, the Chronos Watch Safe’s coolest protections are probably the alarm system integration as well as a GPS alert and tracking system. Very frustrating to those of us still operating with a crowbar and dynamite as that probably will not work with all the plating, titanium, and Read More


How I wish I’d had the HitchSafe a time or two. I’m the world’s worst about being prepared for unexpected brain farts and what-not. Something inside of me left over from high school thinks, “Ah, it’ll never happen to me…” Lock your keys in the car? Impossible. Forget where you put your wallet? As if. Lose your driver’s license? Come on, this is me we’re talkin’ about here! The reality is that all three of those things have happened to me, and I’ve never had a back-up. Now with the HitchSafe, I have no excuse. And neither do you. The Read More