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These Nut Butters Are A Real Kick In The Nuts, In A Good Way

Commercial Space Station

Get Lewd And Obscene With New Party Game

Described as the lovechild of Urbandictionary and Balderdash, Lewd and Obscene is a party game for adults that will give you hours of fun while helping you find out a lot about your friends — perhaps more than you want to know. According to the website, LAO begins by a player choosing a card and reading the word out loud. Other players then make up definitions that will try to convince other players that their definition is the correct one. The player who chose the card writes down the real definition. Once all players write down their definitions, the slips Read More

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5th Pocket Hex Tool Now Available On Kickstarter

The fifth pocket is like the middle child of jeans pockets — always forgotten. That’s mainly because the only thing that can fit in it is a pocket watch, and people don’t typically carry those around anymore since it isn’t 1920 or a steampunk alternate universe. Arlin realized this problem and invented a multitool specially designed for carry in this oft-neglected compartment. This 5th Pocket Hex Tool is made from titanium and serves the following functions: It works as a wrench for 4 common imperial hex bolt sizes and a second version will be metric. The center hex slot fits Read More

Stop Losing Strokes With The TRI Marker

This TRI Marker is so much more than a ball marker for the golfing enthusiast. It can actually prevent you from getting penalized for failing to remark your ball by reminding you the number of putter head-lengths to remark. Additionally, it can help you identify landmarks along with direction, and it makes it easier to see your marker on the green, all while conforming to USGA and R&A Rules of golf. Furthermore, it can be worn after play as a stylish necklace at the 19th hole and beyond. You can get one now via Kickstarter for $75. That’s for the Read More

Critter CR2: A Minimalist Camp Stove

The Critter CR2 Multifuel Backpacking Camp Stove is the lightest and most minimalist piece of cookware that you can get when you plan on hitting the trails for a day or two. It rides alongside, hardly noticed, in your pack and unfurls whenever you need to cook up a meal or heat a cup of coffee. Functionality is universal, working with Sterno, Trangia, Alcohol Stoves, and Wood Fire. All that, and the 316 stainless steel unit weighs under two ounces, so it could conceivably be carried in your pocket, backpack-be-damned. You can get yours now via Kickstarter from Minnesota-based inventor Read More

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Massage Track: Parlor Quality Rubdown For A One-Time Fee

Confession time: I’ve only had a deep tissue massage once in my entire life. It was in Miami at a professional parlor, and it was amazing. When you’re married and lugging around a kid, though, it isn’t always possible to recreate the experience on a regular basis — until now. Yes, for those of us with busy lives, we can bring the experience home in the Massage Track line of products, which use simple design and tennis balls to give you the best massage you’ll ever have at home. The $75 price tag will get you a set of specialty Read More

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TIK Keychain Gives You Same Keys At 40 Percent Less The Weight

Thin Is Key (TIK) is an innovative new riff on the keychain that’s so cool, well, it can make even keychains interesting. Daniel Farkas of Budapest, Hungary, is the innovator behind it, and what he’s essentially done is make the gadget itself your key head while including positions for all of your most important keys. The result is a thinner keychain that can actually cut weight by 40 percent compared to the same set of keys on a traditional chain. Very cool if you’re planning on doing the pocket diet thing. Only problem is, he needs your help. We’re entering Read More

Teqball: It’s Soccer And Ping Pong In One Cool Package

Teqball is a new sport, complete with its own equipment, that the makers say is based on the game of football. Don’t get excited, though, NFL die-hards. These guys are from London, so they mean the other game of football, the one you affectionately call soccer. No matter what you feel about soccer, it’s certainly a strenuous sport, and Teqball allows you to hone your skills and conditioning in a fun and safe way. Watching Teqball in action, you’ll be reminded not just of soccer, but table tennis as well. The whole idea is to volley back and forth or Read More

Rewrite Your Favorite Shows (Or Create Anew) With Primetime Adventures

What would have happened if you would have been in charge of shows like Star Trek and Seinfeld? One game seeks to answer that question by giving you the power to develop your own TV series. It’s called Primetime Adventures, and it’s currently available through Kickstarter. With your help, this game will force you to answer the tough questions: Should those two character favorites get together? Did mother and son finally decide to reconcile? More vampires and werewolves? You call the shots by creating your characters, figuring out what makes them tick and assigning actors to the parts.  Things won’t Read More

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