Apple Releases New iPod Nano, Shuffle, and Touch

Remember Mp3 players? You know, those music playing devices that were all the rage just a decade ago? Well, if you’re like most people then you haven’t used one in what feels Read More

Is Casey Neistat’s ‘Beme’ The Next Big Social Network?

Popular YouTuber Casey Neistat thinks that online video content isn’t nearly as authentic as it should be. That’s why he took it upon himself to create a new video-based social network named Read More

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These Are The Best Styluses Ever Created

Steve Jobs did two important things back in 2007. First of all, he launched the iPhone which ended up revolutionizing the entire smartphone market but he also did another thing which he Read More

Biom Will Let You Know When Your Plants Need More Attention

If you’re like most guys, then you probably don’t have a green thumb. Luckily for us, we live in 2015 and there are connected devices that can actually help us become better Read More

Check Out ‘Huis’, Sony’s Crowdfunded Universal Remote Control

Much like the mythical phoenix, Sony is in the process of rising from its own ashes. The company has recently slashed bloated divisions, outsourced other unprofitable divisions, and has even considered crowdfunding Read More

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Charge Your Phone’s Battery 15 Times Over With PowerVault’s Mobile Battery

There’s a silent crisis in the mobile space that’s happening right now as you read this. In fact, depending on the device you’re on you may be victim to the plague of Read More

Oaxis Aims To Crowdfund A Whole Suite Of Health Trackers

Health trackers have come a long way since they first released just a couple of years ago. Now a company called Oaxis is determined to push the envelope a bit further with Read More

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You Can Finally Buy Your Own Star Trek Communicator

While some may say that smartphones like the iPhone may have fulfilled the Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a high-tech communicator device, many Trekkies probably still long for the real deal. Luckily for Read More

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