Add A Physical Back Button To Your iPhone’s Bezel With Halo Back

Sorry small-handed folk, Apple has abandoned you. With the iPhone 6/6S, it seems that Cupertino is more interested in snagging marketshare from Android than it is about people who lack giant hands. Read More

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The IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster Is Simply The Best Coffee Experience Ever

You don’t need to be some kind of coffee hipster to roast your own coffee at home. More and more people are realizing that the taste and aromas of home-brewed coffee just Read More

Save Money With The GoFar Smart Car Computer

Want to visit the gas station less often? Who doesn’t! Now with GoFar you can know exactly how much your car is costing you and how your driving is impacting the price Read More

FEELREAL Combines Smell-O-Vision With Virtual Reality

Remember Smell-O-Vision? It seems like it’s a tired TV trope by now but the idea behind it was fundamentally a good one, I mean imagine being able to smell coffee as your Read More

Musio Is A Real Life Personal Learning Robot

Artificial Intelligence is here. Luckily for us pudgy humans, the world’s first artificially intelligent robot isn’t designed to enslave us and use our biokinetic energy to power a simulation of 1999-era earth. Read More

Save Yourself And Loved Ones From Smoke Inhalation With Saver

Did you know that up to 80% of fire fatalities are due to smoke inhalation? That’s right, the majority of times its not the fire that leads to an untimely death but Read More

Fove Is One Of The Best VR Headsets We’ve Seen Yet

If you’ve seen the Oculus Rift and the Microsoft Holo Lens but are still not convinced then Fove is the virtual headset for you. Unlike all of the Virtual Reality headsets which Read More

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Become The Alpha-Geek With This Casio Calculator Watch Face For Apple Watch

What could scream “nerd” louder than having a classic Casio watch on your new Apple Watch? But if you’re on a quest to become the world’s ultimate geek, then you need to Read More

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