Get Sense, Take Back Your Sleep

Sense promises you a simple system that tracks sleep behavior, monitors the environment of your bedroom and reinvents the alarm. It was created to be simple, uncomplicated and useful. Sense is the first Read More

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Xiaomi Fitness Band: One Wearable Worth The Try

You may know Xiaomi from its popular line of Chinese smartphones, but the company has recently thrown its hat into the wearables market with a fitness band that costs a ridiculously inexpensive Read More

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Brogamats: Yoga Mats For Dudes

Always thought yoga was for women and wimps until I actually tried it. Then I decided that it was either still for women and wimps only and I fell in to the Read More

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SoundSight: The Video-Audio Recording Headphones

Over the last year, I’ve really grown to love my House of Marley headphones, but as posh and top-of-the-line as those are, SoundSight has me thinking the time is right for a Read More

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Cycling Ride Pouch: Direct Smartphone Access With None Of The Distraction

With the Cycling Ride Pouch, you riders no longer need to stop and remove your smartphone to access MapMyRide or check a quick text. WaterField Designs enters the cycling market with the Read More

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The Outdoor Strider: A Great Indoor Workout, Even Outdoors

This exercise machine is designed to withstand the elements and provides a low impact workout outdoors. The strider possesses a sturdy steel frame, stainless steel hardware, and an exterior coating that resists Read More

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GoTenna: No Service, No Problem

Ever caught yourself in a crowded college football stadium, wanting to make that text to the girl you’re dating but unable to because of the natural data clog that 50,000 people jam-packed Read More

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Laser Illuminating Binoculars: See Life Coming, Day And Night

The Laser Illuminating Binoculars will light up subjects in the dark over 150 yards away with a diffused, wide-angle laser. At 532nm, the green laser generates an ever-widening cone of light that Read More

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