Sulon Cortex Was The Best Virtual Reality Headset We Saw At CES

If CES 2015 was any indication, it seems like this year will truly be the year of head-mounted virtual reality devices. One such device is the Sulon Cortex, a device which actually Read More

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Google Glass Is Gone But ODG’s Smart Glasses Are Here To Stay

Google may have just killed the Google Glass Explorer program but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a sweet pair of augmented reality glasses right now. At CES 2015 earlier this year, Read More

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Secure Your Home With Canary

Your home’s security is important. Very important. But a good solution can also quickly become very expensive. Enter the Canary Home Security device, one of the most affordable and attractive options in Read More

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Turn Your Smartphone Into A Virtual Reality Headset

XG VR is a head-mounted device which allows users to utilize their own smartphone to immerse themselves into a virtual world. At first glance, the XG VR looks like just another consumer Read More

Windows 10 Is The Best Windows Yet

Windows 8 was a disaster. Some 2 years after its release, 51 percent of desktop PCs are still running Windows 7 and only 13% of users have been unfortunate enough to have Read More

Wocket Is The Most Advanced Smart Wallet We’ve Seen So Far

The folks at NXT-ID have taken the idea of the wallet, an accessory that not many people think about on a day to day basis, back to the drawing board. Meet Wocket, Read More

Benebot Is A Robot Which Offers Personalized Shopping Suggestions

Nearly 40 years after the launch of the world’s first personal computer, we just might be entering the beginning of a new era: the age of personal robotics. At least that’s what Read More

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Meet Vudu, Walmart’s Answer To Chromecast

We’ve seen media streaming sticks like Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire TV before but now retail giant, Walmart has stepped into the game. Meet Vudu, a $25 Wi-Fi equipped USB device you simply Read More