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WiseButton: The Keychain Remote For All Your Devices

“Aww, isn’t that just wise as a button?” Wait, since when are wisdom and the diminutive size of a button in any way related? Well, since now. The WiseButton is set to offer a key-chain remote for all of your smart devices. With a diameter of only 1.38 inches, the interface allows you to browse your device’s photos, videos, and websites, skip and replay songs, and capture photos and videos without actually touching the device itself. But wait, there’s more… The WiseButton helps you keep track of your smart device, so you never have to go looking for it when Read More

Swatchmate Pre-Orders, Round Two

SwatchMate, the color-capturing cube that made a big splash on Kickstarter, recently set up a new round of pre-orders on Indiegogo. If you’re not yet familiar with the device, it captures the color of any surface to let you use natural hues in the creative endeavor of your pleasure. This new campaign means you have a chance to own one for a price likely below what it will eventually retail at. There are some colors, like the green of spring leaves or the red of a brick wall, that we just haven’t been able to faithfully reproduce. The SwatchMate changes that Read More

Finally, A Treadmill For Guys Afraid Of Heights

If you’ve never been too crazy about heights but always thought it would be fun to do a climbing wall, then here’s the piece of exercise equipment for you.  The treadmill has a continuously revolving face that enables endless vertical climbing capabilities. The wall face boasts hand- and foot-holds, just like the giant ones do, allowing you to scale Everest itself from the comfort of your own home. The treadmill has a continuously revolving face that enables endless vertical climbing capabilities. The wall face boasts hand- and foot-holds, just like the giant ones do, allowing you to scale Everest itself Read More

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Roast Your Dogs The Right Way With The Campfire Roasting Rod

Do you and the fam do a lot of camping when the weather starts to turn warmer? Would you rather eat your food prepped from an open fire? If you can answer yes to both of these questions, then you may want to add Hammacher’s Campfire Roasting Rod to your collection of outdoor accessories. This patented counterbalanced campfire set enables campers to roast hot dogs and toast marshmallows from a safe distance as if fishing. Boasting heat-resistant wooden handles, each of the four 36-inch-long steel poles have a 21-inch-long stainless steel “line” that ends with a pair of roasting spits, each Read More

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Meet iBean And iTagua Music Players

Environmentally-sustainable products are simply necessary.  Furthermore, designing products without taking into consideration their effects on the natural world is an incomplete approach.  With that it mind, here are portable mp3 players fashioned from nuts and beans, respectively.  And they’re done so in a way that causes no harm to the natural sources of these products. Cybertanics brings us the iBean and iTagua, the former made from some sort of South American bean with a hard surface, and the latter made from the Tagua nut.  They just slip the guts of an mp3 player inside these hollowed out natural goodies, creating Read More

Open BCI Board

OpenBCI Board looks to bring brainwave-monitoring out of research labs and into the homes of everyday users. Electroencephalography (EEG) has long been the domain of well-funded scientists working in shiny laboratories, many of whom who have made plenty of important discoveries with it. The possibilities, though, greatly expand when regular users have access to the technology. And very soon they will. OpenBCI is open-source and low-cost, meaning everyday users can afford it and program it to their preferences. By wiring the board to OpenBCI’s 3D headset and connecting it to a computer, users will be able to monitor their own Read More

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Aurisonics Rockets

Most ear-bud headphones have at least one, if not all, of the following problems: they sound small or thin, they permit outside noise, they don’t stay in your ears, and they don’t last. Aurisonics Rockets look to solve all of these issues. They feature 5.1-mm precision dynamic drivers for rich sound that brings out the details in your music. Tri-tab adjustable silicon flanges behind the skin-soft tips give the ear-buds a snug fit in your ear canals, blocking out ambient noise and keeping the buds in your ears even during intense physical activity. The cable on the Aurisonics Rockets is Read More

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The Eagle Has Landed!

We like our Jamboo Headphones around these parts. They have an old-school Bob Marley charm with designs to match. Now the company has rolled out a new offering just in time for the Winter Olympic Games. The Eagle allows you to show your Team USA pride while listening to your favorite Joe Esposito songs (in case you want to train alongside our representatives). (If that doesn’t make you a great athlete, I don’t know what does.) Anyhow, the headphones are gorgeous, patriotic, and they incorporate a nice addition you won’t find on many other lightweight buds — a bamboo microphone. Read More

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