Tap Into The Solargrid Right Now With SunPort

Want to use 100% clean solar power but don’t want to invest in an expensive panel? SunPort, a new Kickstarter project has the solution for you. The company’s power adapter makes real Read More

Access Windows 10’s Cortana Whenever With Your Own Cortana Button

If you’ve bought into Microsoft’s vision of a Cortana-assisted future, then you’re going to want to spend the $23 in order to get your own Bluetooth Cortana button. Why? Well the truth Read More

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SparkBlocks Is A Totally Modular Audio PowerGadget

When we look back at the big new technology trend of 2015 what will we think of? Will it be personal robotics? No, that’s a bit too far off to be practical Read More

Nike Cooling Head Will Keep You From Suffering Heatstroke

Nike has always been more than just a sneaker company. In addition to its footwear and sports accessories it even manufactures activity trackers, pedometers, and even creates quality fitness-centric software. Keeping in Read More

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Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Flagship Windows Phone Leaked

Despite what some tech pundits would have you believe, Windows 10 does not equal the death of Microsoft’s mobile efforts. Far from it. Microsoft is actually planning to double down on its Read More

Lose Weight By Wearing These Cooling Insoles/Vests

Can wearing special clothes actually help you lose weight? That’s the question that Adam Paulin was surely asking himself when he embarked on a journey to create his Thin Ice line of Read More

Xbox One Gets Its Own Chatpad

Remember the chatpad? The accessory made it possible to have text-only communication on Xbox Live way back in the heyday of the 360. Well, it’s back. Microsoft just announced that it’s bringing Read More

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You Can Finally Own Your Own Flamethrower On The Cheap

Are you a pyromaniac? If so, then you’re going to fall in love with the new X15 Flamethrower for the sweet sweet price of $1600. That’s basically the price of a 15” Read More

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