Skulpt Aim Will Help You Get A Herculean Body

Move over Fitbit, there’s a new fitness-oriented gadget perfect for those looking to not only lose weight but also sculpt their bodies. Enter Skulpt Aim, a new type of fitness tracker which Read More

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Meet JIBO, Your New Robotic Personal Assistant

At first glance JIBO may seem like just another appliance for your smart home but in reality, it’s more than just that. JIBO is a robot companion that can interact and react Read More

Fix Your Device’s Storage Problem With The Egg

Tired of receiving a “there is not enough storage” message on your device? We know we are. Luckily there’s The Egg, a product which automatically receives photos and videos which you’ve taken Read More

Meet Listnr, A New Type Of Communication Device

Every once in a while, we get the chance to write about a product which is so unique that there’s just nothing else to compare it to. Listnr is that type of Read More

Master Your Bad Habits With Pavlok

Quitting a bad habit can be tough. From fingernail biting to smoking, chances are your primitive dopamine seeking mind will overpower your rational mind at least once during your day. That’s why Read More

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Move Over Moto 360, The LG G Watch R Is Here

LG has really stepped up their game. The Korea-based giant is making it their top priority to conquer the smart watch market before rival Samsung takes over. Their secret weapon? The G Read More

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Moggle Offers A Pocket-Sized VR Experience

Moggle, short for mobile goggles, is a device which turns any smartphone from 4” to 5.7” into a virtual reality console. Moggle promises the experience of “being inside your media” and insists Read More

Turn Your TV Into A Giant Android Tablet With ZRRO

Meet ZRRO, the ultimate Android gaming console. What makes ZRRO so unique? The device comes with an amazing hover and touch controller which allows you to play all of the over 1,000,000 Read More