Pioneer Looks To Seduce Audiophiles With Their XDP-100R Mp3 Player

The demise of the humble Mp3 player has been greatly exaggerated. While iPods may not be selling anymore, the rise of a new generation of media players such as Neil Young’s PonoPlayer Read More

HTC Makes Their Own iPhone 6S With Their New One A9 Flagship

When you think “iPhone knockoff” you undoubtedly think of Samsung. For years the Korean titan slavishly copied every aspect of Apple’s software and hardware design. That is, until they got smacked down Read More

Find Out Why Beddi Is The Most Advanced Alarm Clock Ever

When was the last time you were actually excited about an alarm clock dock? Probably never, right? The new Beddi smartphone alarm clock wants to change all of that with its deep-seated Read More

Nucleus Wants To Bring Frictionless Video Conferencing To The Masses

The folks at Nucleus think that the current state of videoconferencing is fundamentally broken. While there’s never been such a wide breadth of videoconferencing options for users to choose from, all of Read More

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Meet Skybuds, The Most Advanced Wireless Earbuds Ever

Wireless headphones might sound good on paper, but in practice they always end up being more of a hassle than they’re worth. They require near-constant charging and chances are that your power/USB Read More

CUJO Is A Must-have Product For The Digital Age

We have an ever-increasing amount of personal information that’s just floating around the web. What’s more, we’re connecting and sharing that information from an ever-increasing array of devices. If you want to Read More

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Blocks Is Building The World’s First Modular Smartwatch

We’ll admit, we’re disappointed in the smartwatch category as you are. For a device which is supposed to be so personal, it’s really a shame to see every major tech company approach Read More

Meet ANTELOPE, The World’s First Muscle Activating Sportswear

What if we told you that you could become stronger, faster, and learner by just wearing the right clothes? You’d probably think we were pulling your leg, right? Well we’re serious. If Read More

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