Never Lose Fido Again With Buddy Collar

Despite all the love you give your dog all it really wants to do is get away from you. Leave it outside in the open and chances are that they’ll run off Read More

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Your Next Graphics Card Should Be An AMD Radeon R9 Fury X

Although Nvidia has been the market leader in graphics cards for a while now, AMD is never too far behind. Now the Sunnyvale-based company is hoping to leapfrog its competitor with its Read More

Yuneec Takes On DJI With Their Awesome Typhoon Q500 Quadcopter

Unless you’re a hardcore Drone enthusiast then you probably haven’t heard of Yuneec as much as you’ve probably heard of its rival, DJI. Nevertheless, the company’s newest Typhoon Q500 model quadcopter is Read More

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Star Wars Fan? You’ll Want This Badass Darth Vader PS4 Bundle

If you’re a Star Wars fan then you don’t want to miss out on Sony’s upcoming Darth Vader-themes PS4 bundle. Not only will Star Wars aficionados get a chance to own a Read More

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Turn Any TV Set Into A Touchscreen With The Touchjet WAVE

It’s 2015 and every screen in your life can be touched. Tablets? Touchable. Phones? Touchable. Laptops? Touchable. Even Desktop Monitors can be interacted with via touch these days. You know what can’t Read More

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Smach Zero, The World’s First Handheld Steam Machine Coming In 2016

If you’re a gamer then you probably have heard of Steam Machines already. Y’know, those ultra-powered SteamOS-running gaming rigs? But did you know that Steam Machines can be slick portable gaming powerhouses Read More

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Open Source Artificial Intelligence Is Finally Here With Mycroft

Don’t you wish you had a personal assistant like in the movie Her? Your assistant could help you play media, control lights, control your Roomba, start your 3D Printer, and even fall Read More

Samsung Leak Shows That The Galaxy S6 Edge+ Is Just Around The Corner

Constant iteration is the name of Samsung’s game and in that spirit the Korea-based technology supertitan is releasing a new Galaxy S6 Edge+. Now we know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t the Galaxy Read More