Rama Llama: A Sleeping Bag With 50-Degree Comfort

Mansory Zapico

ARAC ZXS Motorcycle Concept

Monster Montage: These Playing Cards Are Downright Scary

It gets boring taking on ol’ Poker Night with the guys using nothing but the standard Bicycle fare. We like a little color with our deck, and that’s why you’ll hear us talk about decks like Eira Ice and a few of the others we’ve featured over the last few years. Well, finally, we have a deck that taps in to our love of playing cards, and since nothing is scarier than Valentine’s Day, what better time to introduce you to the Monster Montage? Developed by Scott Carey of Tatamy, Pennsylvania, these beauties feature classic monsters and an overall spooky Read More

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MOUS Shaker Bottle May Be The Last You Ever Need

It would be embarrassing to tell you how many shaker bottles I’ve been through in my herky-jerky, start-and-stop fitness routine. Most of them have only held up to a few uses because, inevitably, I forget to rinse it out when returning home from the gym. Once that happens, it can be difficult ever using it again without a funny (and by funny we mean gross) smell accompanying it. Enter the Mous Shaker Bottle, now available on Kickstarter. Mous uses a round-bottom, modular design that ensures an easy clean. There are no corners for drink mix to build up on, a Read More

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Eira Ice Allows You To Play Poker With Snowflakes

Zaid Salman of San Jose, California, sent us the heads-up on his latest Kickstarter project. Considering that it’s about to dump another six inches of snow on us today, and the fact that we often feature cool-looking playing cards on the site, we thought, “What better day to introduce our readers to these Bicycle Eira Ice Playing Cards,” inspired by the beauty of snowflakes? “I’ve always been fascinated with the beauty and symmetry of snowflakes and with the endless variety of shapes they take,” Salman explained. “In the past two years or so, I’ve also gotten interested in playing cards Read More

15 G.I. Joe Action Figures You Probably Forgot

When we set out to honor G.I. Joe on his 50th birthday, we were initially stumped about how to do it. While the 12-inch original is a classic of toy history, the brand enjoyed its highest level of notoriety starting in 1982 when it scaled the figures down to 3 3/4 inches. With a popular comic book, cartoon series, and animated film under its belt, G.I. Joe’s best run was clearly that 1982 to 1994 time period, so we decided to focus on that. However, we didn’t want to do something boring and predictable like “Best G.I. Joe Characters.” It’s Read More

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C And C Bottle Cutter Slices Through Glass Like Butter

Why, exactly, would one need a specially designed glass bottle cutter? Shush! Don’t ask so many questions, and just go with it. The C&C Bottle Cutter, now available on Kickstarter, is able to quickly, safely, and effectively cut through a glass bottle with very little effort. Best of all, you can do it from the comfort of home — no special shop or additional supplies needed. (Oh, okay, maybe some safety goggles.) Anyhow, if you are having trouble thinking of a use, the company offers these helpful suggestions: glasses, vases, candlesticks, lamp pendants, ashtrays, and aquariums. Seriously, this could come Read More

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20DollarBandit Strikes Again With The MK-7

Eric Bauer, also known as the 20DollarBandit online for his $20 custom medical kits, is going a bit more expensive with this Kickstarter offering, but we don’t think an extra 10 bucks is much to ask for the attractive design and overachieving functionality of the MK-7, or Mini Kit VII Tactical Pouch. The pouch’s purpose is to hold a treasure chest of tools and supplies in a 5″ x 5″ space small enough to fit inside a cargo pocket. Bauer originally decided to “be lazy” and buy one. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he developed this Read More

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The XBAR: 100 Workouts In The Palm Of Your Hand

The XBAR is one of those rare pieces of gym equipment that actually gives aging, slightly out-of-shape guys like myself a breath of hope. For starters, it was created by one of us in Damian Sanders of Irvine, California. Like most guys, he got busy with the complexities of life — business, marriage, children — and stopped exercising altogether. Then one day, he was testing an old bent shower rod and thought, “Wow, this works great.” From there, he developed a prototype that looked like your traditional curl bar but added cable connectivity for a resistance training program consisting of Read More

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HD ONE Headphones: Kicks The Sound, Kills The Hype

Oh, so a Mr. Big Time Rapper endorsed your headphones and you want to charge me $200+ for them? That’s nice. I think I’d rather just take form and functionality for a couple of $20 bills. In yet another blow to the cult of celebrity, Status Audio has taken the approach of simply building the best headphone possible and knocking out all the marketing gimmicks to pass along cost savings to the customer. Check it here: The HD One Headphones kick out sweet sound and kill the hype surrounding this far over-hyped market. Featuring a sweet foldable design, sturdy leather Read More

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