Meet Thync, The Future Digital Drug That Will Alter Your Mood

Tech has progressed to the point where even the most sci-fi ideas now seem like they’re within our grasp. One product which stands aside from the rest in its revolutionary potential is Read More

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Interface With Your Gadgets By Implanting An xNT NFC Chip Into Your Hand

Becoming a real life cyborg is finally within our grasp. Thanks to the biohacking movement, tens of thousands of folks all over the world are augmenting their abilities to do more than just Read More

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Pulse Play Is A Fitness Tracker For Racket Sports

The wearable tech space is getting so crowded that it’s hard to keep track of who precisely is manufacturing fitness trackers these days. In order to stand out in an increasingly crowded Read More

Automatically Log Your Calorie Intake With SmartPlate

Food and nutritional trackers have been around for a while now. Thing is, they’ve always been really inconvenient. In order to accurately track your food intake, you’ve had to take out your Read More

Mophie’s New Juice Pack H2PRO Is Totally Water Proof

We’ve been seeing an ever increasing amount of battery cases and smart cases surface over the past couple of months. With so many new competitors, you have to figure that the folks Read More

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Soccer Player? Meteor Will Analyze Your Performance

Do you play soccer? If so, you’ll probably want to get Meteor. Meteor is an activity tracker which has been created specifically to analyze your shot strength, vertical jump, and performance while Read More

Get Rid Of That Gassy, Bloated Feeling With CH4’s Gas Tracker

Brace yourself for what may just be the most “out there” activity tracker out there. It’s called CH4, and its a tracker for your farts. We know what you’re thinking, “Why in Read More

Oculus Rift Release Slated For 2016

Gamers and tech nerds around the world rejoice! The Oculus Rift is nearly here. While developer units have been floating around for what seems like forever now, we finally have information on Read More

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