Take Your Multitasking To A New Level With Skreens

Regardless or not of whether or not you label yourself as a geek, you probably have at least one computer and one smartphone. If you are a geek, then you probably also Read More

Dyson Challenges Roomba With 360 Eye

Dyson just arrived fashionably late at the robotic vacuum cleaner party. After leaving the entire market open to the likes of Roomba for the past 15 years, Dyson just unveiled the 360 Read More

Kangaroo PC Is A Pocketable PC

If you ask us, we’re pretty big fans of the whole PC-on-a-stick trend of 2015. Being able to have an entire Windows 10 computer on a device that fits on a keychain Read More

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Moov Now Is The World’s Most Advanced Fitness Tracker

Move over FitBit, there’s a new kid on the block and he’s even fuller featured than you are. Meet the Moov Now, or if you prefer, the world’s most advanced fitness tracker. Read More

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Ember Mug Keeps Your Drink At The Perfect Temperature

Temperature is everything when it comes to hot beverages. If it’s just a couple of degrees too high, it’ll burn your tongue and ruin your taste buds for days to come. Likewise, Read More

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Razer Necromances Their Diamondback Mouse Back Into Life

Remember the Razer Diamondback? First released in 2004, the Diamondback featured a breakthrough design with unique contours and a decidedly ambidextrous look. Unfortunately, despite it sort-of kicking off Razer’s unstoppable ascent into Read More

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Adidas’ Fit Smart Tracker Just Got Even Better

Forget Nike, Adidas has its own super-advanced fitness tracker. Able to track everything from burned calories, heart rate, distance covered, pace and steps taken from day one, the Fit Smart tracker is Read More

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CellRobot Is An Amazing And Totally Modular Robot

Over the past year, we’ve seen a veritable slew of personal robotics projects come to light. Whether they walked or were stationary, serves as personal assistants or just wanted to be your Read More

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