Toshiba Takes Aim At Google Glass

Google Glass is dead. Long live Toshiba Glass! That’s right, the Tokyo-based giant recently showed off its take on augmented reality glasses at last month’s CES. Unlike Google Glass, which functions by Read More

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Keep Your Good Looks Longer With Oku

Want healthier and youthful looking skin? Oku is here to help by literally looking under your skin, analyzing it, and providing you with detailed information on how your skin is faring. Oku Read More

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Keep Tabs On Fido With Petcube

Feeling the first spams of separation anxiety at the thought of leaving your pet behind? Don’t sweat it. Petcube has your back. Petcube is a black and silver wide angle camera that Read More

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Angel Is One Of The Most In-Depth Health Trackers We’ve Ever Seen

For those looking to live better and healthier lives comes Angel, a wristband which monitors your pulse, temperature, fitness activity and even your blood oxygen level. Much like other fitness bands, users Read More

FishBit Is The Ultimate Gadget For Your Aquarium

Maintaining an aquarium can be a bit of a chore. You have to take care of the pH, temperature, salinity, lighting, pumps, and so much more. Luckily with FishBit, aquarium maintenance and Read More

Turn Any A/C Into A Smart A/C With Sensibo

With June just 4 months away, maybe it’s time to think about your old A/C. Wouldn’t it be nice to make it just a little bit smarter? Well, with Sensibo you can Read More

Move Over Tile, Pixie Point Is Here

If you’ve been following InStash for the last couple of months then you’ve probably read a fair bit on the growing number of Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices. The thing is that none of Read More

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Eero Is A Revolutionary New Wireless Internet Box

Nearly all of the devices you use on a day to day basis connect to WiFi so why is it that the router market hasn’t seen the same type of disruption that Read More

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