Build Your Own Robot With The Ez-Robot Revolution Kit

Ever want to build your own robot? Ez-Robot, a Canadian based startup, is looking to fulfill that dream with their new Revolution line of hobby-sized robots. Ez-robot’s new line consists of three Read More

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The VR One May Be The Cheapest Virtual Reality Headset Yet

Virtual Reality headsets don’t have to break your bank and Carl Zeiss is here to prove it. The internationally renown German manufacturer of optical systems has recently gotten into the virtual reality Read More

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The Omate X Smartwatch Doesn’t Compromise On Style

Want a feature-packed smartwatch that doesn’t compromise on style? The Omate X might be for you. The device features internals which basically put it on par with any decent Android phone on Read More

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Airdock 2.0 Reinvents Your Car Charger

Want to charge your phone in your car? So far your only option is to get a car mount and then relay a cable to your car charger or USB port. While Read More

Move Over Oculus, Valve & HTC Team Up To Produce The Steam-Powered Vive Headset

The HTC Vive is easily the biggest surprise announcement of Mobile World Congress 2015. Powered by Valve’s Steam VR platform, Vive is an alien-looking headset which promises to create the most complete Read More

Meet Kairos, The First No-Compromise Smartwatch

If you’ve been reading inStash for a while you may remember that we loved the Kairos T-Band. Now, Kairos is back with a product which seems to good to be true: The Read More

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Track Your Valuables From Anywhere With iTraq

Don’t lose your valuables with iTraq, the world’s first global location device. iTraq is unique because it can be located wherever you may be in the world. Unlike other trackers like Tile, Read More

This Is The New Pebble Time

On the fence about buying a smart watch? You might not be for much longer. One of the first smart watch manufacturers, Pebble, has just launched its third generation smartwatch. Meet the Read More