Philips Hue 2.0 Is HomeKit Compatible

The world’s best smart bulb just got even better. Meet the all new Philips Hue 2.0, which now includes Apple Home Kit support. If you’re wondering why that’s a big deal, it’s Read More

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Turn Your Acoustic Guitar Into A Music-Making Machine With ACPAD

Acoustic guitars just got a whole lot cooler. By outfitting your guitar with a ACPAD, you can play hundreds of instruments, samples, effects and loops without ever having to invest in a Read More

Ayo Will Keep You Focused & Aware

Can technology actually improve our mood? That’s the question that a number of wearable products have been trying to answer since the beginning of this year. While early reviews prove that there Read More

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Helios Can Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone

If it’s one thing that Android users have over iPhone users is that the former can actually wirelessly charge their phones. Unfortunately, iPhone users just won’t ever be able to know the Read More

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Take Your Multitasking To A New Level With Skreens

Regardless or not of whether or not you label yourself as a geek, you probably have at least one computer and one smartphone. If you are a geek, then you probably also Read More

Dyson Challenges Roomba With 360 Eye

Dyson just arrived fashionably late at the robotic vacuum cleaner party. After leaving the entire market open to the likes of Roomba for the past 15 years, Dyson just unveiled the 360 Read More

Kangaroo PC Is A Pocketable PC

If you ask us, we’re pretty big fans of the whole PC-on-a-stick trend of 2015. Being able to have an entire Windows 10 computer on a device that fits on a keychain Read More

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Moov Now Is The World’s Most Advanced Fitness Tracker

Move over FitBit, there’s a new kid on the block and he’s even fuller featured than you are. Meet the Moov Now, or if you prefer, the world’s most advanced fitness tracker. Read More

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