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The King’s Assembly: An All-In-One PC Gaming Solution

As a casual gamer one of the major things that has kept me away from more PC gaming, is the constant annoyance of moving one’s hand back and forth to the mouse and the keyboard when trying to control a PC game. The King’s Assembly, however, could change all of that with a device that acts as an optical mouse, full keyboard, and analog joystick, in one apparatus. Designed and created by Solid Art Labs of San Francisco, California, the King’s Assembly is now available on Kickstarter, and with more than 40 days left to go, it has already doubled Read More

99 Ways To Die Coloring Book: ‘Nuff Said!

Remember when you were a kid and the joy that you experienced taking a crayola to black-and-white drawings of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck and <insert favorite cartoon character here>? That was an awfully long time ago and we’re sure your tastes have changed. No worries. You can still enjoy the thrill of a coloring book, only this time with more adult centric drawings.  If you have ever wanted to draw someone sinking in quicksand, or getting crushed by a car, or being eaten by wolves, then this is the coloring book for you! We suggest getting Read More

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Wire Less And Play More With Acoustic Stream

Acoustic Stream is a device that many of you guitar slingers will love. Essentially it is four gadgets in one, including a wireless music recorder, a perfect wireless guitar tuner, an added audio channel for your performances, and an environment monitor to ensure the health and performance of your guitar. This latter feature even allows you to receive push notifications on your smart phone, so you’ll know when action is needed to protect the integrity of your instrument. By simply tapping the guitar with your hand you can enable any of the Acoustic Stream’s features. It couldn’t be any easier Read More

Money Or Life: With The GDC Money Clip, How About ‘Neither’?

Your money or your life? If you are packing the Gerber GDC money clip, you don’t have to choose. That’s because your cards and your money will be safe inside the Gerber while they are protected by a 3.6-inch blade of Titanium Nitride that you can wield at random and use if necessary.  As far as the wallet function goes, the GDC allows you to carry cash and up to five cards. Very minimal, we know, but if you need more than five credit cards to get by, then you have a problem well beyond anything we can do or Read More

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Check Tire Pressure At A Glance With Right PSI

RightPSI caps make it easy to tell when your tires are poorly inflated. According to John Milanovich, leader of the ongoing Kickstarter project, the caps respond to air pressure in the tire by changing color to notify you when you need to fill up. RightPSI is ideal for bikes, motorcycles, trailers, Semis, RVs or any other tire with a Schrader valve on it. Here’s how it works! Unscrew your tire’s valve stem cap and screw RightPSI cap onto the stem itself. When installing, tighten the hex nut at the bottom of the cap. This secures the product and prevents theft. Read More

US Navy Prepping Laser Weapon For Summer 2014

The US military is finally doing what we all hoped they would when we were kids: creating laser guns! According to a new report, the Navy is now developing the weapon, which should be deployed later this summer, along with a projectile-firing electromagnetic rail gun that shoots an object at six to seven times the speed of sound.  With the projectile system, users place a 7-pound projectile on two parallel conducting rails. These harness an electric charge to accelerate the projectile, and send it toward a target at the quoted speed, doing catastrophic damage in the process. The Laser Weapon Read More

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Take A Drink Out Of The Ol’ Apple

Yes, it shames me to admit it, but I am the guy who relies on hipster Apple to push me through my day and reach full earning potential. I never thought I’d be “that guy,” but here I am immersed fully in the ecosystem. No knocks against Android here: it’s just a matter of preference. Needless to say, guys like me are going to really dig this concept from designer Tomislav Zvonarić.  It’s an Apple iCup, shaped like the iconic logo with plenty of room for your java — at least the first of eight cups — and even an Read More

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HEXBUG AquaBots Just Replaced Your Goldfish

The HEXBUG AquaBot may finally put an end to the annoyance of feeding and flushing your finny friends after two weeks in the tank. These toys, unveiled recently at the 2014 American International Toy Fair, come to life in water and swim around for as long as their electromagnetic hearts are ticking.  “Fueled” by two button cell batteries within the body of each fish, you can get these in 10 translucent colors and two body styles — clownfish and shark. A two-pack of batteries run about $4. There’s also a best-value pack consisting of one AquaBot and a specially designed Read More

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