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Tee Off With The Wine Caddy

If you’re a wine enthusiast or know someone who is, then you will want to stand up and take notice of the Wine Caddy, a new Kickstarter project that attempts to give you and your loved one everything you need to enjoy a nice, pretentious night of wine drinking, cheese eating, and sexual healing. The Wine Caddy facilitates all three, and it comes in both single and double bottle varieties, so you can have as much or as little vino as you need. Prices start at $165 during the currently ongoing campaign and go up from there. Start your pledging, Read More

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The Aervoe LED Super Road Flare Kit, For Roadside Emergencies

The Aervoe LED Super Road Flare Kit puts out a bright flashing beacon intended to alert oncoming drivers, while lasting for up to 60 hours, and since you’ll get four in the package, it should last you that many times longer! With Aervoe, you can identify road hazards, signal for help, mark detours, underwater scuba, or repair applications. It’s especially ideal for emergency responders or anyone who needs to call attention to what they’re doing in order to avoid intrusion or even harm from the public. To make this happen, each flare has 24 super bright LEDs that are visible Read More

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Trinity Portable Wind Turbine Charges All Your USB Devices

Trinity is a portable wind turbine that folds together into a 12-inch cylinder. Charging your smartphone, tablet or any other USB device is just one of many charms this baby has going for it. The device has a 15W generator and a built-in battery that holds 15,000 mAh, while being extremely easy to operate. To open the three blades, you simply pull out the 11-inch aluminum legs and arrange them in either a tripod configuration or laid flat depending on the situation. To close, push the legs back in and the blades will do the rest. At the bottom, Trinity Read More

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Awesome Drafting Tool Imbue Goes Where You Go

The goal of Imbue is to make a creative tool that’s simple, elegant, functional, and easy to use. The goal for this tool is to attach to you without you even knowing it’s there. It is compact and compatible with one of the most important creative tools next to your writing utensil — your sketchbook. Since ideas come and go so quickly, you need to be able to capture them fast. That’s where Imbue comes in to aid your creative mind. Imbue takes your large cumbersome drafting tools and compacts them into their most essential form. It’s a T-square, a Read More

Son Of A Sailor: This Pocket Knife Is A Looker

Argh, me fellow buccaneers! Today, we’ve got a fine set of knives for yer pokin’ pleasure. It’s the Son of a Sailor Collection, and it immediately makes us think of sailing the high seas and listening to some Jimmy Buffett. (And that urge rarely hits these days.) The big story, of course, is the French Opinel sticker jutting out of a gorgeously crafted, painted hunk of walnut that feels nice and sturdy in the hand. The design is the creation of William Knopp and Jessica Tata out of Austin, Texas. William is a graphic designer by trade, with military background, Read More

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Spencer Collection Leather Goods

Simply elegant and functional, there isn’t a lot to say about the Spencer Collection beyond the fact that it works, and looks hella good doing it. Featuring four products in all, the Design Unsanctioned firm really knocks it out of the park with a bottle opener, mini bottle opener, key hook, and leather key fob, that scream sophistication. Ranging from $18 (key fob) to $35 (full-sized bottle opener), the Spencer Collection is just the thing you’ll want to have around the next time you go up against an especially stubborn top, or if you’re just sick of losing your keys. Read More

The Feed: A Netflix Of Nutrition

The older I get, the more I realize I’m getting left behind in the physical fitness department by my younger counterparts. Nothing is more discouraging than going to the gym and trying to lift what I used to lift, while stealing a glimpse of the younger guys who are benching 300, 350 pounds like it’s nothing. One key to the success of any guy who looks like a non-puffy Greek god is that they have the right nutritional concoction down. Me, I wouldn’t know where to begin — what products would I need, and how would I even use them? Read More

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Immersive Gaming Has Arrived With The KOR-FX Gaming Vest

Apparently the phrase “environmental realism” is now a thing when it comes to the video gaming community, and with products like the one we are about to feature, we are a-okay with that. Introducing the KOR-FX Immersive Gaming Vest, which the creators promise will make you feel every explosion and gunfight in a full high-definition reality. KOR-FX works by transforming acousto-haptic signals (audio) coming from your games into pinpointed, high-definition feedback that allows you to feel the onscreen action and environmental factors for the first time. With KOR-FX, watching a movie or playing a game becomes more than recreation — Read More

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