Dueto’s Minimal Dual Pen Will Be The Last Pen You’ll Ever Need

You may not realize it, but you’re likely still writing a whole lot. While tablets and smartphones have become more ubiquitous, the amount of things that we still need to jot down Read More

Teslasuit Brings Haptic Feedback To Your VR Experience

As virtual reality worlds become more and more prevalent, it quickly becomes apparent that fooling just some of your senses doesn’t allow for real and total immersion. That’s why you need to Read More

Withings Takes On FitBit With Go Fitness Tracker

CES 2016 was the year everyone and their brother decided to do smartwatches. Withings, a company known for it’s smartwatches, decided to buck the smartwatch trend and get into a market which Read More

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Sugr Cube Is A Welcome Addition To Your Audio Setup

Don’t really see the appeal of portable WiFi-enabled speakers? Allow the Sugr Cube to change your mind. Expertly crafted out of a solid piece of wood, this speaker will not only bring Read More

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Empire EVS Will Take Your Paintball Game To The Next Level

Into paintball? You’re going to love the Empire EVS. Shown off at CES 2016 last week, the Empire EVS is a heads-up display for your paintball helmet. Much the same way that Read More

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$500 Buy

Bragi Dash Is Finally Here

It took years, but truly wireless earbuds are finally here. At the forefront of the new wireless music experience is Bragi Dash, a Kickstarter-funded product whose first shipments started going out sometime Read More

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The ATPLP60-BT Proves That Turntables Are Back

Vinyl is back, baby. Long the ironic pleasure of hipsters around the nation, CES 2016 has proven that this might just be the year when vinyl goes mainstream. At least, that’s what Read More

LifeFuels Ensures You Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamins And Minerals

Isn’t it about time you started taking your hydration seriously? LifeFuels thinks so. That’s why they smacked on a color LCD to their water bottle and started their quest on creating a Read More

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