The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is Out Today

Mention “The Witcher” in a circle of gamers and you’re likely to get one of two responses: praise and disgust, depending on if your first introduction to the series was with The Read More

GeniCan Makes Grocery Shopping Obsolete

It seems like everything nowadays is becoming ‘smart’. The newest household item to get the smart home treatment is the humble trash can. What? How can the trash can be ‘smart’? Well Read More

Take Stunning Timelapses From Your iOS Device With Hyperlapse

If you’re an aspiring videographer then Hyperlapse is for you. This no nonsense, straight to the point timelapse app was developed by Instagram and has made quite a reputation due to its Read More

Live Outside The US? This Is The Smart Lock For You

If you live outside the US and want a smart lock, then you’re in a bit of a pickle. Existing solutions like August or Sesame are US only as they require single Read More

Solve Your Messy Pocket Situation With VolksDangler

Keys. Smartphone. Wallets. Flashlights. Pocket Knives. Pens. Flash Drives. The list of things we carry in our pockets from day to day goes on and on, yet why hasn’t anyone fundamentally rethought Read More

Peeple Is Caller ID For Your Front Door

Knock knock. Who’s there? You’ll never know. You’ll never know who? You’ll never know who it is until you get Peeple, the smart peephole replacement which serves as caller ID for your Read More

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Sunrise’s Meet Calendar Improves Your Smartphone’s Multitasking

Sorry Apple fanboys, even you have to admit that the iPhone has a real multitasking problem. To this day, it just isn’t simple to use two apps at the same time despite Read More

Nuimo Is A Universal Control For Your Smart Gadgets

Ever feel that you have too many controllers in your life? It seems that as technology becomes smarter, so too do our controllers pile up on our tables and in our sofa Read More

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