For $1,000, You Could Have Free Beer The Rest Of Your Life

Rama Llama: A Sleeping Bag With 50-Degree Comfort

Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Kit

Wave Hooks Wine Glass Holder, For An Intoxicating Shower

Why do ladies get all the credit for using the bath-and-glass of wine concept? We guys like it, too, and now we can take part in it whenever we want with the Wave Hook Wine Glass Holder, a handy product that comes in two unique versions — the 3D printed version (for immediate orders) and the injection molded (for those shipping later in the year). These super-strong products will hold your wine glass in place, allowing you to hide under the warmth of the water, only coming up long enough to pour another serving. Drink all you want; just make Read More

SOG Snarl, The Ultimate Neck Knife

From SOG Specialty Knives and Tools, comes the Brous Series Snarl Knife with a straight edge, 2.3-inch steel blade and black molded nylon sheath along with a satin finish. The sheepsfoot blade shape is particularly unique — definitely not something you’d see on most products of this size — while thickness measures in at 0.25 inches with a hardness of RC 58-60. We’ve also found that this is one of the best knives on the market for concealment. A fixed blade defensive knife, it wears nicely around the neck thanks in part to the heavy duty chain attachment, allowing you Read More

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Leadr: The Tool Roll Made From A Baseball Mitt

If you can’t leave the baseball game for one day to work in the shop without getting the DTs, then we may have a solution in the Leadr, a versatile, tailored tool roll designed for everyone; hand-crafted from full-grain baseball mitt leather. It features an elastic web that can accommodate almost anything, anchored with heavy gauge nylon thread. There are 5 narrow sleeves (for pens, small tools, etc.) and 2 wider sleeves (for cables, a AA battery, and so on). The 3mm DIA closure bungee holds everything in place when rolled up, providing positive tension with both small and large Read More

Grip+: The iPhone User’s Ultimate Sports Accessory

Want more reason to never get a smartwatch? How about just turning your iPhone 5 or 5S into one? That’s what sporting enthusiasts picking up the Grip+ get to do. But that’s not all. Additional features found here allow the case to be easily attached and detached with a single hand from several mount accessories designed for cyclists, walkers, joggers, runners and hikers. You can currently grab Grip+ in the bike and armband bundles to make using it on the road easier than ever. Just head over to Kickstarter and make a donation of $50 (or $95 for the deuce). Read More

Planet Waves Guitar Rest Rocks Travel And Convenience

Pickers and strummers, if you’re a little tired of laying your guitar flat whenever playing out of town, then we have a small gadget today that you may wish to pick up. The Planet Waves Guitar Rest can actually hold your stringbox upright while you unwind, take a shower, and recharge those batteries for the next session. Just set the Rest on a nightstand or end table, and your guitar will be available at a moment’s notice. It also works with pretty much any flat surface (think: amps, road cases, and studio furniture). And when on the go, it fits Read More

The Sun Juicer Solar Cooker Assembly Kit

The Sun Juicer Solar Cooker Assembly Kit is a new Kickstarter project worth keeping your eye on if you’re the rugged outdoorsy type, or if you just want a simpler way of preparing food safely. With this unique device, you can fry, grill, boil, and do virtually everything you do in a kitchen, except with the help of Mother Nature herself, making it great for emergency nutrition situations if you’re stranded somewhere for days and need to catch and cook your food without catching some kind of nasty disease. The Sun Juicer looks like a satellite dish. It requires no Read More

ORBneXt Is Your World At A Glance

Staying on top of the umpteen million important things that you have to monitor in your life can be rather difficult with a simple push notification. By now, we’ve all dulled to the effect and generally don’t look up from what we’re doing whenever that buzz goes off and the screens of our smartphones light up briefly. Enter the ORBneXt. With this beautiful device, now available on Kickstarter, you can be notified of the important things by color, as decided by you. Check stocks, weather, traffic, sports and any other information at a glance by setting different colors of importance Read More

Center Of Gravity COG Is The Strongest Magnet You’ll Ever Buy

The goal of the Center of Gravity (COG) magnet is to replace every other magnet in your home. Part of how it accomplishes this, is that it supports a lateral weight of more than 20 pounds, a heck of a lot more than your standard fridge magnet. COG is comprised of high-quality, heat treated steel, and also carries with it a clip capable of holding up to 50 sheets of paper without budging. It also has a hook capable of holding around 20 pounds in place. Additionally, an onboard keyhole allows for mounting on non-magnetic surfaces. It’s as strong and Read More