Elgato’s Eve Is One Of The First HomeKit Smart Home Solutions

With iOS 8 Apple released HomeKit, an open standard which will allow manufacturers of connected objects to use Siri to control their smart home devices. One of the first products to take Read More

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Recon Jet Is Like Google Glass For Athletes

Augmented reality glasses have escaped the apparent demise of Google Glass. One of the newer products in the category is called Recon Jet and it’s basically a head-mounted sports computer which is Read More

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Boost Your Car’s IQ With Drivebot

If you’re like most geeks in 2015 then you want to quantify everything. From how many steps you’ve made to how much money you’ve saved by installing a smart thermostat, we want Read More

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Ooma Telo Is The Next Step In VoIP

Ever since the iPhone came out way back in 2007, very few have even bothered to pay attention to cordless phones and with good reason. Truth be told, cordless phones haven’t really Read More

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This Gadget Will Literally Serve As A Volume Control For The Real World

Ever wish you had a volume control for the real world? Good news, if you get yourself a pair of Here “hearables” then you’ll be able to turn down the volume during Read More

Samsung Releases New Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung is taking aim at Apple yet again. Their newest Galaxy Tab S2 is a 9.7 (or 8-inch) tablet which looks eerily similar to, you guessed it, Apple’s iPad. Regardless of what Read More

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Apple Releases New iPod Nano, Shuffle, and Touch

Remember Mp3 players? You know, those music playing devices that were all the rage just a decade ago? Well, if you’re like most people then you haven’t used one in what feels Read More

Is Casey Neistat’s ‘Beme’ The Next Big Social Network?

Popular YouTuber Casey Neistat thinks that online video content isn’t nearly as authentic as it should be. That’s why he took it upon himself to create a new video-based social network named Read More

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