Peeple Is Caller ID For Your Front Door

Knock knock. Who’s there? You’ll never know. You’ll never know who? You’ll never know who it is until you get Peeple, the smart peephole replacement which serves as caller ID for your Read More

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Sunrise’s Meet Calendar Improves Your Smartphone’s Multitasking

Sorry Apple fanboys, even you have to admit that the iPhone has a real multitasking problem. To this day, it just isn’t simple to use two apps at the same time despite Read More

Nuimo Is A Universal Control For Your Smart Gadgets

Ever feel that you have too many controllers in your life? It seems that as technology becomes smarter, so too do our controllers pile up on our tables and in our sofa Read More

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ASUS’ VivoWatch Is A Must-Have Smartwatch For Fitness Nuts

ASUS isn’t going to let Apple win the smartwatch war without a fight. The Taiwanese-based giant has now released its second smartwatch, called the VivoWatch. VivoWatch differs from the earlier Zen Watch Read More

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Feel Like You’re Anywhere In The World With The Atmoph Digital Window

If you live in one of the world’s large metropolises, chances are you don’t have a nice view. Now, thanks to the Atmoph Window, you don’t have to put up with that Read More

These Are The Wireless Ear Buds You’ve Been Waiting For

Ear buds are great and all, but getting them tangled really sucks. You’d think that by now, companies would have found a wireless solution that’s lossless, high-fidelity and uncompressed. Well, one company Read More

Google Takes Aim At iPad With Nexus 9 Tablet

It’s no secret that Google wants to take down the iPad. In fact, they want to take down the iPad so badly that they don’t completely trust their OEM partners to do Read More

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At $99, Jawbone’s Up2 Is One Heck Of A Deal

Over the last couple of years, Jawbone has established itself as the Mercedes of the fitness tracker world. Sure, it may not move the most units (that honor would probably belong to Read More

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