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Rokbell: The 6 In 1 Pushup Stand

From creator Erik Rokisky and Kickstarter comes the latest innovation in that greatest of all upper body workouts, the pushup. Introducing the Rokbell 6-In-1 Pushup Stand. Quite simply, it can be used as a kettlebell, dip bar, log weight, unstable pushup stand, or mobility tool. Rokisky is a 21-year-old college student, who developed the Rokbell as a solution for the five days of the week when you can’t meet with your personal trainer. The advantages of Rokbell are that it saves you time and is conducive to working out on the go; it saves you space and negates the need for bulky Read More

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VSSL Supplies: A Smarter Way To Rough It

VSSL Supplies contain all the outdoor gear you need for short-term outdoor excursions. Whether you plan to be out for a few days or a few hours, having critical supplies in a compact weatherproof case is an essential part of preparation. Each VSSL is 8 inches long by 2 inches in diameter, and is made from seamless extruded military specification anodized aluminum. Inside, you’ll find a firestarter, a mirror, a first-aid kit, a can opener and water purification system, fishing tackle, rope, razor blade, wire saw, whistle, trail markers and reflectors. All that plus a compass! Expected ship date is the fall Read More

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Adventure Hammock: Lose The Tent Forever

The Adventure Hammock is a tent-breaking, portable piece of outdoor decor that you can carry in a small sack and set up in any terrain. One of the key benefits to this particular hammock is the heavy duty insulation that blocks out cold air while you try to catch some sleep. At the same time, it’s breathable and cool and allows you to be just as comfortable in the hotter weather. There’s also a pillow pocket and an optional zip-in closure. Altogether you can ditch the tent forever and just carry this thing with you. Get yours on Kickstarter from Read More

The VIER: A Safer Bike Locking System

The VIER lock is a new bike-locking system for those of you who want to save the environment from CO2 emissions along with some money in the process. Bikes are too often easy targets for those who prefer it as a method of travel in the city. With VIER, however, you get a unique design featuring two locking bodies that interlock with two straight shackle sections. You also get all the security of a U-Lock but in a convenient compact form that fits in a bag the size of a burrito. It’s available now through Kickstarter for just $75, and Read More

NudeAudio Super-M: The Bluetooth Speaker For Your Back Pocket

The NudeAudio Super-M is an ultra powerful Bluetooth speaker specially designed to be carried and played from your back pocket. It comes in a variety of colors and features 4 full-range, high-performance neodymium drivers tightly packed on both sides, with each pair complemented by a passive radiator, totaling 6 drivers. These are driven by highly efficient amplifiers and a powerful Lithium-ion battery. A state-of-the-art Bluetooth 4.0 chipset ensures the best signal and efficient battery use. This innovative and unconventional set-up means Super-M can pump out incredible, 360º sound and keep the party going for 8-hours straight, all from a package Read More

This Cooler Is The COOLEST

If you feel like regular coolers are boring, break easily and are a hassle to haul around just to carry a little ice, then have we got a find for you. Introducing the COOLEST cooler: 60 quarts of storage packed with so much fun you’ll look for excuses to get outside more often. Say that you want to use the built-in ice crushing blender to whip up some margaritas or smoothies on your next boat trip or tailgate? Have at it! Maybe you just want to always have music on hand with the waterproof bluetooth speaker or want to recharge Read More

Baladéo Mushroom Knife: An Essential For All You ‘Shroom Hunters

The Baladéo Mushroom Knife makes a great addition to any cutlery collection, but it does a lot more than cut and hack. The 420 stainless steel blade is only part of the action. There is also a Wild Boar Hair brush integrated into the solid wood handle as well as a pair of tweezers. All comes in a fashionably elegant Nylon sheath. You can pick yours up today via Amazon for the low price of $32 (that’s $24.99 with around $7 in shipping and handling). Unfortunately, Primers, that means it is not eligible for Amazon Prime but still plenty worth Read More

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Violet: A Wearable That Tracks UV Exposure

Ever wondered how much sunlight you’re taking in during the summer? If not, you should. Too much sun can be damaging and it can lead to various forms of skin cancer. Thankfully, you’ve now got Violet to help you stay on top of things. Violet is the first wearable device that provides customized user guidance on optimal sun exposure. In sync with a mobile phone app, Violet monitors your real-time UV exposure, alerts you before the measured UV dosage approaches a limit, and calculates your daily natural vitamin D production. By measuring both detrimental and beneficial effects of UV light, Read More