Beer Infused Ice Cream

Zombie Bells

Gerber 30-000601 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

The Drink Cooling Pool Lounger From Hammacher

Attention all pool sharks, hurry up and grab your inflatable pool lounger with built in coolers today before the summer gets too hot and heavy. Each cooler stores up to four 12-ounce cans or three 16-ounce bottles, and each has a zippered top with a built-in cup holder that secures one’s drink, waterproof iPhone, sunglasses, or a bottle of tanning lotion. Available now from Hammacher, each one is built with sturdy, heavy-gauge PVC that allows use in pools, rivers, lakes, or oceans. An 18-inch-high backrest slopes slightly down either side into the two inflated armrests, forming a deep seating area Read More

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OutRunner: Your Terrifying New Running Buddy

Need a running buddy, but aren’t that great at making friends? The OutRunner Robot from Robotics Unlimited can be your traveling companion. He’s lightweight, stylish, and he perfectly simulates running to a tee. Just how good is OutRunner? On a treadmill, he can go as high as 45 miles per hour; in the field, 25 miles per hour. (Needless to say, he’ll hose you.)  Add in a cool looking design and a somewhat terrifying spider-like appearance, and you’ve got the ultimate robot, through and through. The Kickstarter is currently underway with 16 days left to go. Get the barebones edition Read More

ReadyAction Captures Your Adventures Without Interfering

The ReadyAction body mount is a system of mounts and harnesses designed to incorporate today’s technology without getting in the way of whatever adventure you’re on. You could be riding your bike, going for a jog, or white water rafting. The ReadyAction harness and mount are there to keep things steady and allow you to film using your smartphone, digital camera, or tablet. Now, a word of caution. ReadyAction is available in two editions — Sport and Office, and it has an extensive system of mounts including bike, ski pole, car, snowboard, and wrist. If you want everything, that’ll run Read More

Charles Everett Is Your Life Caddy

Charles Everett is the Life Caddy, a suave and debonair caddy who shares valuable lessons from the lynx and then helps you apply them to life in general. Usually, the Life Caddy’s humorously soothing words of wisdom apply to love and shooting the best possible score in the field. As part of the Back9Network, Everett is a standout expert with the balls (golf balls, that is) and the ladies. He’s not afraid of bailing out should his lady like Ke$ha, and he’s quick to date a girl into the friend zone in order to get to her roommate. So far, Read More

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Sparse Fixed Light System Could Save A Cyclist’s Life

You can never be too safe when hitting the streets on your bike, especially when it’s nighttime and it’s harder for motorists to see you. That’s why it’s essential you don’t rely solely on reflectors to give away your position. You need something a bit more obvious, and Sparse has the solution with its fixed light system that integrates into your bike’s frame. Sparse is anti-theft and boasts rechargeable cycling lights that give you four hours of uninterrupted cycling time (eight hours when in blink mode). There are two types of Sparse (the spacer light and the post light), and Read More

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Finally! A Plastic Package Opener That Works From Belapri

Perhaps one of life’s greatest annoyances is that of the sealed plastic package. Companies go so far with their anti-theft ways, it sometimes feels like they have no intentions of letting anyone use their product — even the people who paid to! (We’re looking at you, virtually anything sold at Home Depot.) Thankfully, one company has noticed this annoyance and come up with an affordable solution. For less than $20, you can nab one of three body styles of Plastic Package Opener from Belapri. These babies are easy to use, durably built, and have a pleasing aesthetic. They also come Read More

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Parrot Bebop Drone Will Turn You Into The Watcher

Why should the federal government have all the sky-faring fun of drone technology? Well, now you can take a little piece of the air for yourself with the Parrot Bebop Drone, which comes equipped with a full HD “fisheye” camera (14 megapixels), which can help you take aerial photos and videos like a pro. The Bebop has an impressive 180-degree image field so there is very little that it can’t pick up while — sorry — bebopping around the friendly skies. With a full-digital image stabilization technology, your renderings will look crystal clear at all times. The controller utilizes an Read More

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Nivose Mitts Withstand Temps As Low As -30 Degrees (Celsius)

Do yourself a favor, skiing enthusiasts. Get yourself over to Kickstarter right now and take advantage of the sharp-looking Nivose Mitts. These babies are designed to withstand frozen-solid temps of anywhere from -18 degrees Celsius to -30 degrees Celsius. If you’re not aware, that’s friggin’ cold. Aside from the functionality, they also look the part. The Smitt Mitt is the heavier duty of the two, while The Hound Mitt offers a wider fit, making it a perfect companion for the company’s Merino Liners for optimum warmth. When these babies move off Early Bird, they’ll cost you about $130, so best Read More