Razer Takes On Kinect With RealSense Camera

Oculus Rift has clearly proven that the future of video games lies in immersive gaming. Not being one to take being showed up lightly, gaming peripheral giant Razer is developing a new Read More

Sony Doubles Down On Wearables With SmartBand 2

Sony hasn’t given up on the wearable market yet. That’s why the once-great Japanese consumer electronics titan is releasing the SmartBand 2, a new version of its original fitness band which adds Read More

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Speedos + Misfit Team Up To Release Fitness Tracker For Swimmers

If you’re a swimmer then you’ve probably been feeling more than just a little left out lately. Runners have fitness trackers. Weight lifters have fitness trackers. Even Volley Ball players have their Read More

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#FreeYourFeet Will Unlock Your Feet’s Full Potential

Sponsored Post You probably haven’t thought about this a whole lot but you have toes (and not hooves) for a reason. Those fleshy appendages at the end of your feet actually help Read More

Concerned About Privacy? Keezel Has You Covered

Concerned about your privacy? Want to circumvent censorship? Your solution is here and it’s called Keezel. More than just a VPN, Keezel is a complete privacy solution which will ensure that all Read More

Nexus 5 Leak Shows Fingerprint Sensor, New Curved Edges

Oh no. It looks like Android manufacturers aren’t able to keep as tight a lid as they’d like on their upcoming smartphone releases. The latest victim of a leak is LG and Read More

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 2 Is The Most Powerful Budget Smartphone. Ever.

Anyone who’s been closely tracking the smartphone market knows that Xiaomi is the next big thing. Outperforming Samsung in their own home turf — the Asia market — Xiaomi combines Apple-like aesthetics Read More

Samsung’s New Gear S2 Smartwatch Is The Hotness

Despite what Apple might tell you, square watches are totally lame. There’s no worse way to signal how nerdy you really are than to show up to a party wearing a watch Read More

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