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The Oblique Bottle Holder

WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery

Bot Rop: The Boatrope For Lousy Tie-ers

The Bot Rop (pronounced “Boatrope,” but we figured no one would search for this with the long sound pronunciation marks over the two o’s, may not be the most polished Indiegogo campaign that we’ve ever seen, but it certainly seems like a practical solution to the problem of tying knots to keep your boat secured while docked. The device sits in a round cutout on the pier itself. The rope is inside with a carabiner attached.  Any time you get ready to tie, just lift the door, pull out the rope, and attach the carabiner to the boat. Voila: secure! Read More

Reduce Fumes While Soldering With The FumeFan

As a soldering iron fume extractor, the fumeFan absorbs fumes into the air by taking them through a carbon activated filter for the best possible airflow when you’re doing your thing in the shop. Simply put the fumeFan in front of the PCB that you are working with and adjust it to your preference. Some of the included features that you’ll find with the fumeFan — other than the fact that it removes bad smells by retaining particles in the filter — are an LED light for improved visibility, a variable fan speed to reduce noise, helping hands that hold your PCB with up Read More

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Zombie Bells

We’re not sure about you guys, but some days at the gym, we truly feel like zombies. But working out is actually a part of life unless you want to be one of the walking dead. That being said, if you can’t beat them, join ‘em! That’s right. Some wisenheimers have gotten together and realized the full potential of the kettle-bell as a double for zombie heads. The Zombie Bells are available in four different sizes. On the low end, there is the 18-pound bell. That one will run you a round $43 on its own. At the high end, Read More

LED Beer Pong Tables Bring Light To A Dark World

LED Beer Pong Tables are coming to Kickstarter on March 23, but you can already get a peek at these gorgeous tables over at the official website. What you’ll find is the ultimate regulation-built, tournament-sized beer pong experience. This piece of gaming is perfect for any frat house and has a number of key features that make it even easier to recommend. We’ll start with the lights — all 600 LED RGB Lights, to be exact. Not only do they keep things well-lit in the dark while delivering a TRON-like appearance, they’re also rigged to react to music with a Read More

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Armatix Is Working On A Gun That Only Fires For You

Ah the ever raging debate over gun control. While opponents believe that government officials, who are oh-so-trustworthy, should be the only ones with access to firearms, the hard-line conservatives believe in arming teachers and pretty much anyone that wants a weapon. It seems to be a sliding scale with very few people falling in between. But what if there was a gun that could bring both groups together? Something forceful enough to stop a violent offender yet safe enough not to do harm to the Innocent? Great news — there may be in the Armatix Smart System. From the company: Read More

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Build Your Own Ewok Forest

Ever wanted to build your own Ewok forest? If so, there is a new Indiegogo campaign for you. A Burbank-based toy enthusiast has taken it upon himself to fashion some highly authentic pieces that will place you right back into Return of the Jedi action. A basic set comes with a trunk, a hut, a tree-topper, a base, and six rails. This basic tree hut set can be yours for just $50. But if you want to get more elaborate and go with the ultimate forest set, then prepare to pay quite a bit more ($777 to be exact). While Read More

Fluux LiquiMetal: It’s Like Having A T-1000 Trapped On Your Desk

In Terminator 2: Judgment Day the T-1000 was a liquid metal monstrosity that was seemingly invincible. Shoot him, blow him up, didn’t matter. He’d just liquefy and come right back together again. Well, Fluux has taken that concept and applied it to a desk display. The LiquiMetal is actually a ferrofluid suspension that blends science, art and design into one high quality interactive display. The magnetic wand can bend and reshape the interior substance so that it maintains a constant state of fluidity. It’s a lovely distraction from the boredom of the office environment and is incredibly easy on the eyes, Read More

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The King’s Assembly: An All-In-One PC Gaming Solution

As a casual gamer one of the major things that has kept me away from more PC gaming, is the constant annoyance of moving one’s hand back and forth to the mouse and the keyboard when trying to control a PC game. The King’s Assembly, however, could change all of that with a device that acts as an optical mouse, full keyboard, and analog joystick, in one apparatus. Designed and created by Solid Art Labs of San Francisco, California, the King’s Assembly is now available on Kickstarter, and with more than 40 days left to go, it has already doubled Read More