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Aurisonics Rockets

Most ear-bud headphones have at least one, if not all, of the following problems: they sound small or thin, they permit outside noise, they don’t stay in your ears, and they don’t last. Aurisonics Rockets look to solve all of these issues. They feature 5.1-mm precision dynamic drivers for rich sound that brings out the details in your music. Tri-tab adjustable silicon flanges behind the skin-soft tips give the ear-buds a snug fit in your ear canals, blocking out ambient noise and keeping the buds in your ears even during intense physical activity. The cable on the Aurisonics Rockets is Read More

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The Eagle Has Landed!

We like our Jamboo Headphones around these parts. They have an old-school Bob Marley charm with designs to match. Now the company has rolled out a new offering just in time for the Winter Olympic Games. The Eagle allows you to show your Team USA pride while listening to your favorite Joe Esposito songs (in case you want to train alongside our representatives). (If that doesn’t make you a great athlete, I don’t know what does.) Anyhow, the headphones are gorgeous, patriotic, and they incorporate a nice addition you won’t find on many other lightweight buds — a bamboo microphone. Read More

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Kammok Thylacine: The Last Word On Sleeping Bags

The Kammok Team has given us some pretty sweet camping products in the last few years, and with their latest Kickstarter campaign, they hope to single-handedly become the last word on the sleeping bag. The Thylacine takes its name from the recently extinct carnivore — a beautiful, majestic creature that you would have never wanted to cross. (You listening, other sleeping bag manufacturers?) The Thylacine — sleeping bag, not creature (obviously) — is a fiercely adaptive product that can handle most any weather environment you’re experiencing. With interchangeable baffles, you can add warmth (or take away). The 750 down blend Read More

Trimr Water + Shaker Bottle

What’s the difference between Trimr Water + Shaker Bottle and the average athletic bottle? Well, other than the fact that most of them suck, this one delivers an attractive design that’s cup-holder friendly, dishwasher safe, and optimized for making sure that when you shake powder and water or milk together, you don’t end up drinking 60 percent granules. The company behind Trimr also promises that theirs is a leak-proof design, so you can stow it away in your bag or at your desk and not worry about any messy cleanup. Last but not least, it’s BPA safe so the cancer Read More

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PushXPro Will Make You Hate Pushups Even More (And That’s A Good Thing)

Well, we missed it while it was on Kickstarter, but no worries. The PushXPro managed to break its $12,500 funding goal, and that means it’ll be shipping to doorsteps everywhere in March 2014. You can order a pair right now for just under $30. In return, the company will give you a new reason to hate the pushup with a product that targets muscle groups better than the average pushup, while allowing for better range of motion and rotation. It’s lightweight, reminiscent of the heavy-hand (except not as heavy), and it can even reduce joint discomfort in the wrist, which Read More

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Twitter, As Told By Nesting Dolls

The name Yiyang might not mean much to you on the surface, but when you realize that she’s the artist behind the original Twitter fail whale, your interest for the new Twitter Nesting Dolls Kickstarter should perk up. If you’re like me, you love Twitter because of the invaluable source of news that it is. Others may love it because they can rub shoulders with Justin Beiber (outside of the Dade County Jail, of course). Still others just get on there to insult people. Bottom line: the site means a lot of things to a lot of people. Now, thanks Read More


I am right on the verge of understanding this concept.  If someone told me what it does and why I would want to do any of those things, I’d be right there. I can tell you that Ozobot has something to do with gaming and somehow with bridging digital and analog worlds, but that mostly seems to apply to a robot running around on a surface, which isn’t really a bridge to me.  The apps listed on the kickstarter page–never mentioned in the video–have to do with racing, luck, and mazes.  So if you like those things and want a Read More

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Atlas: The First Fitness Tracker That Tracks The Workout

Atlas is like a personal trainer that you keep on your wrist. Most fitness trackers on the market are great for recording data from your workout, but this tracker does so much more with that data. It can identify the different exercises you’re performing, evaluate your form, track your reps and sets, and count the calories you burn during your workout, all leading to a fitter you. The difference starts in Atlas’s 3D tracking of your body-motion. It can differentiate between push-ups and triangle push-ups and between squats and dead-lifts and show you how to improve your form. To track Read More

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