Nest Releases The Third Generation Of Its Smart Learning Thermostat

The world’s best smart learning thermostat has gotten even better. That’s right, Google-owned Nest has just released a new version of their thermostat that includes a much larger and higher-resolution display which Read More

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ŌURA Is Your Own Ring-Based Sleep Coach

Can a ring help you sleep better? The folks at ŌURA seem to think so. That’s why they’ve developed a revolutionary wellness ring that is able to improve the quality of your Read More

Newest Android Wear Software Update Allows iPhone Users To Use Them

If you’re an iPhone owner then the number of smartwatches which you can connect to your device to has just grown exponentially. Google officially announced that Android Wear devices are now compatible Read More

Turn Any Appliance Into A Smart Appliance With LG’s SmartThinQ Sensor

Smart homes are great and all but they require significant expenses to get set up and going. You have to buy a bunch of ‘smart’ appliances when you’ve very likely already invested Read More

q-Jays EarBuds Are The Best. Period.

Tired of earbuds which make your favorite Kanye album sound like the sound produced when rubbing two pieces of aluminum foil together? You need to check out the new $320 q-Jays earbuds. Read More

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Meet The New, Smaller 3DS

The world’s best selling handheld gaming console is getting downsized. After years of creating larger and larger portable gaming systems it’s almost as if Nintendo realized that the reason that people play Read More

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Tado° Will Save You Money On Your Heating Bill This Winter

Winter is coming. Unless you live in sunny Florida that means that you probably need to use a heather in order to keep from winding up in a solid block of ice Read More

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PetBot Lets Your Furry Companion Send You Selfies

Are you the kind of guy who gets absolutely heartbroken when he leaves his pooch behind? The team behind PetBot understand the sort of separation anxiety that thousands of grown men feel Read More

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