Tool Pen Hijacks Form For Function

Pens as writing utensils have pretty much outlived their usefulness. Styluses and highly responsive touch screens mean fewer post-it notes. Still, the pen has a bright future thanks to the advent of Read More

Pavlok May Be ‘Shocking,’ But It Could Mean A Healthier You

There are many ways to describe the upcoming wearable known as Pavlok, but probably the best we’ve heard comes from an actual investor, who said the device “combines accurate tracking capabilities, powerful Read More

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Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue Is A Scary Good Time

Not getting enough of a zombie fix with your Walking Dead comics and TV show? Here’s a game that’ll really get you shambling. Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue is a cooperative game Read More

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Grab A Beach Bat And Play Some Frescobol

The you’re-all-winners crowd is going to love this: a game with no scoring, winners, or losers. Just the thrill of activity. In all honesty, not every sport has to have an object, Read More

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ABXCORE Brings You A Next Generation Ab Workout

We’re always looking for ways to carve out a six-pack of abs — provided those ways don’t include eating right — and while we may not have found it with the ABXCORE, Read More

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Findster: Never Lose Another Pet … Or Child (Not That We Have)

We now live in an age called the Internet of Things, and while there are privacy issues galore for us to worry about, there are also certain advantages to it. For starters, Read More

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Infinitely Modular Tent

When a house just won’t do, the infinitely modular tent, now available via Amazon Japan, will definitely do the trick. Rather than camp out in a boring traditional tent that you bought Read More

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Edyn: Your Key To The Connected Garden

The Edyn garden system monitors and tracks soil conditions and compares them to up-to-the-minute meteorological data so you will know the best conditions to create and actions to take for the life Read More