Exercise Harder And More Efficiently With The Quantlet

Bro, listen up: your exercise game is all out of whack. If you want to improve your physical performance then you’ll probably need to invest in something like The Quantlet. This is Read More

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iTouch ID Is The Perfect Fingerprint Reader For Your Device

Say what you will about Apple, their Touch ID fingerprint reader is magic. With just the swipe of a finger you’ll get in and out of your phone, enter secure passwords on Read More

You Can Finally Own Your Own Ocarina Of Time

If you’re a twenty-something then you probably grew up rocking the ocarina on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Actually, you probably thought that the ocarina was a far more common Read More

TAG Heuer’s Carrera Connected Is The Most Expensive Smartwatch Yet

Leave it to the Swiss to create the world’s most expensive smartwatch. TAG Heuer recently announced the Carrera Connected, the newest addition to its already-extensive repertoire of luxury watches and the company’s Read More

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Assemble Your Own Drone In Just 15 Minutes With The Flybrix Kit

Are you the sort of person who’s always wanted to own their own drone but is scared of all of the soldering associated with assembling a drone kit? Your day has come. Read More

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Alpha 1 Is The World’s First Family Robot

Remember The Jetsons? They had a family robot. Lost in Space? They had a family robot, too. It seems that all great science fiction families have their own robot butler, so in Read More

Boost Your Home’s IQ With A Matrix Hub

Since the whole idea of a “smart home” became a reality there’s been a whole lot of different hubs which have been available for purchase. Some of these hubs do nothing more Read More

Alcatel’s Go Watch Is The Perfect Smartwatch For Sporty Types

Alcatel may have just been bought by Nokia, but that’s not going to stop the French company from releasing more great smartwatches. Their latest product in the wearable tech category is called Read More

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