Google Cardboard Reaches Version 2.0

Remember Google Cardboard? Cardboard is an initiative started by Google at their I/O conference way back in 2014 which aimed at bringing a very low-cost VR experience to the masses. While Cardboard Read More

Increase Your Tablet’s Puny Speakers Output With The ASUS Audio Cover

Be honest with yourself for just once in your life. No matter how much you deny it the truth remains: your tablet’s built-in speakers suck. Luckily if you’ve already invested in an Read More

Live Your Farming Dream With Saitek’s New Peripheral

For many of us, there’s just something about living off the land which is extremely appealing. Even so, we know that we’ve been so conditioned by the comforts of modern society that Read More

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Turn Your Car Into A Smart Car With Vinli

We’ve seen smart ovens, thermostats, frying pans, tooth brushes, and even smart insoles. But where does your car fit into that equation? Everything seems to be becoming more intelligent and connected except Read More

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Finally! You Can Get A Personalized Listening Experience With Aumeo

Wouldn’t it be great if your audio experience was personalized? Think about it, everyone’s ears are different and we all have different hearing sensitivity. A company called Aumeo is actually taking the Read More

Mercedes Wants To Power Your Home

Looks like Tesla might not be the only company trying to sell you batteries that will power your home. Another electric car manufacturer, Daimler (the German conglomerate behind Mercedes-Benz) is now planning Read More

This Adapter Will Let You Use Your Xbox One Controller With Your Windows 10 PC

Hot on the heels of its 1TB Xbox One announcement, Microsoft decided to pull a move right out of Apple’s playbook and announce “one more thing”. The Redmond-based company unveiled a wireless Read More

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Microsoft Releases Xbox One With A 1TB Storage Capacity

Have you been holding out on buying an Xbox One because the storage capacity didn’t meet your needs? If so then today is your lucky day! Microsoft just officially launched a Matte Read More

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