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QUQUQ Campingbox Conversion Kit

We’re cuckoo for the QUQUQ Campingbox Conversion Kit around here, and once you hear all the features we’re pretty sure that you’ll feel the same way. This contraption can convert almost any SUV into the ultimate camping unit, complete with a kitchen and bed and installation in under one minute. The bed folds out easy with a handle and boasts a super comfortable cold foam mattress. The kitchen is completely ready for use and boasts a two-flame stove, 20 liters of fresh water, a sink, a workspace, and a storage area. With durability and functionality in one slick package, the Read More

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Poler Napsack

The Poler Napsack enables you to unwind from virtually any place in the world and get some decent shut-eye. These bad boys are reminiscent of the Snuggie, but a heck of a lot manlier looking and plenty heavy-duty. Warmer, too! The next time you and the guys go out for a camping trip, you won’t have to stay glued to the weather reports as much, and if you want to put it on before bed time to stay warm, why not? With one of these things, it won’t matter so much should the fire burn out. And if you’ve seen Read More

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Solar Guard Titanium Beach Umbrella

With the Solar Guard Titanium Beach Umbrella, the bright rays of the sun have finally met their match. This monster is both big enough and built enough to block out harmful UV rays, so if you feel yourself starting to crisp up, but you’re just not ready to go home yet, you’ll want to retreat to the canopy and catch up on some reading and/or nap time. The titanium and the silvery color is rugged and masculine enough for you to stay all day without turning in to a walking cancer-bomb. Just the thing you need as the summer months Read More

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Wave Wam Teepee

Native American culture gave us the awesomeness of the teepee, and now with the Wave Wam Teepee, you can take your own personal version of it onto the beach for a relaxing day that still manages to keep you and your companion from the constant harmful rays of the sun. The Wave Wam is built to last, utilizing a 10-ounce cotton canvas covering. Giving the covering shape and support are the bamboo poles that make this makeshift structure a lot stronger than she looks. And as far as room is concerned, it can house two to three people comfortably, so Read More

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If you’re generally not the type of person, who enjoys pulling the wings off a housefly while it’s still alive, or if you just like to capture bugs in a tubular prison and let them think about what they’ve done for a bit before releasing them safely into the wild, then the BugZooka Bug Catcher is for you. This product reportedly creates ten times the amount of suction that a motorized model can produce. You simply push the bellows to create air, extend the telescoping arm, point it at the wasp, spider, fly in question, and push the trigger. For Read More

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Tenkara Rod

Tenkara Rod Co. is offering their Teton and Sawtooth fishing rods for sale on Kickstarter, and we think you’ll find that this is a smarter way to travel light and be ever ready when it comes to hearing the call of the water. Both of these models weigh in at just 3.4 ounces apiece. On top of that, they deliver a minimalist approach to fly fishing with a rod, a line, and a fly your only worries. No gear or tying knots necessary. Just affix the line to the end of your rod, place the fly on the end of Read More

Nube Hammock Shelter

The Nube Hammock Shelter allows you to enjoy a whole different form of camping out, complete with protection from rain, mud, and insects. A unique design and suspension system mean that you can camp out while suspended in the air. There is an insect shield that keeps out the pesky bugs, an expertly designed water roll-off canopy that ensures water won’t be getting in, even in a downpour, and a hammock that allows you to sleep through the night without worrying about the outside world. Technology and innovation. It’s improved quite a bit, to the point that some outdoor gear Read More

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Shark Wetsuits

Sharks are fierce hunters, and while we personally wouldn’t want to share the same waters as this vicious predator, we’ve got to admit the Shark Wetsuits presented above may make things a lot safer if you just have to get out there in the deep for some scuba diving or snorkeling. Designed and colored in a way that blends in to certain watery environments, each suit you see above will confuse the shark and make it much harder for him to see, so the chances of him mistaking you for supper are greatly reduced. Still, we’ll stick to dry land, Read More

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