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The Douchebag

Unfortunate (and somewhat hilarious) name aside, the Douchebag could be one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to carry your surfing or skiing gear. You can attach it to your back as you would a backpack and carry longboards and skis comfortably in the same way that you would a full-time schedule’s-worth of college textbooks. However, this is actually easier because the weight is more evenly distributed over a greater area, and the material allows you to use the ground for stability while walking or running with this thing affixed to your person. And since the Douchebag itself only Read More

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Grandpa’s FireFork

Grandpa’s FireFork may be the perfect campfire accessory for those of you who like getting a little more outdoors time in before the weather goes to Iceland in a hand basket. The concept is simple. Find a stick nearby, wrap the wires around the end. Stab a hot dog or marshmallow. Then, cook until you’re satisfied. Pictured is the red, but it also comes in green, yellow, and blue. If you click the BUY link on this post, you’ll be taken to a place on Amazon where you can purchase the four-pack, which is a much better deal than buying Read More

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Snow Joe ION

The Snow Joe ION allows you to cut the cord this winter — and for some of you, fall — with a powerful cordless blower that operates via lithium-ion battery and cuts a deep swath of up to 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep with each pass, thanks to the 40 volts of power channeling through the system. In all, it produces 25 to 40 minutes of quiet operation and a 20-foot throw pattern, so you can get the elements far away from your car or work path. And if you plan on doing some blowing at night, the Read More

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NWAlpinist Salopette

The climbing community has really taken a liking to NWAlpine’s stuff. We recently brought you the company’s Eyebright Jacket, and in the spirit of that warm, breathable piece of outdoor fashion, today we’ve got another must-have (if you plan on scaling a rock): the NWAlpinist Salopette. The Salopette is basically a bib pant that comfortably hugs the form without impeding movements or letting too much of the cold in. It contains a water-resistant through-the-crotch zipper for easy relief, two chest pockets, a thigh pocket, grommets on the cuff and a reinforced crampon patch. Material-wise, it’s 88 percent polyester and 12 Read More

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Yardstash II

Yardstash II offers outdoor bike storage, garden storage, and pool storage. Pretty much anything you need to put away for the colder months will find a nice, cozy home inside. To give you an idea of how much this baby can hold, you can easily stash two adult bikes within its “walls.” Other practical uses might include pool floats/supplies, kids toys, lawn mowers, long handled garden tools, and other outdoor gear. It only takes about 15 minutes to set up, and its thick interior weatherproof coating, water and snow shedding design, and front mesh vent work to eliminate condensation, so Read More

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Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130

We know it may still be a little early for talking about skiing, but since a few places throughout the country have already had their first snows, we figure it’s time to get mobilized. That’s why today we want to tell you guys about the Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130, which brings versatility to the ski boot market offering two modes that will ensure you’re taken care of no matter what you’re doing out on the slopes. In normal ski mode, they lock in to place and function as ordinary alpine footwear. A switch on the back enables you to step Read More

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Mammut Pro Protection Airbag

We’re on an outdoors kick today, and in that spirit we’ve got to tell you guys about the Mammut Pro Protection Airbag 35 — an absolute essential if you plan on scaling high altitudes this season. When not in a crisis situation, the bag is an ordinary 35-liter carrier allowing you to haul snacks and any essential gear. But when the proverbial crap hits the fan, it turns in to a lifesaver. That’s when the airbag inflates and works to keep you above the slide while also protecting your head from any debris in the event of an avalanche. We Read More

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Invisible Man Kit

Your chances of a successful hunt plummet when the deer can see you coming. With the Invisible Man Kit, they never will. We could fill up pages about what this assortment includes, but since we’re committed to not taking up too much of your day, we’ll name some of our favorites. First off, we love the snow camo suit because we’ve always wanted to dress up like a Yeti. Secondly, the tactical vest has space for everything you could possibly need on a hunting trip. It blends nicely with a traditional camo color scheme and pockets you’ll still be discovering Read More

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