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EPOC Neuroheadset

Katabatic 2 From Goal Zero And Eddie Bauer

The Katabatic 2 solar powered tent from Goal Zero and Eddie Bauer is for you guys who just can’t seem to disconnect whenever you go on a camping trip. Thanks to the Goal Zero Yeti power source, which we’ve featured before, you can ensure that your devices always have the right amount of juice to make sure that your chance to “get away from it all” is doomed from the beginning. Personally, when we want to go camping around here, we want to go camping. But in a society that is increasingly hard to disconnect from we suppose this little Read More

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Bosavi Headlamp

What is your pleasure — hiking, camping, trail running, climbing? Chances are if you enjoy doing any of these things, you’re probably going to want to do them during the day. And while it may be safer, it may also not work the best for your schedule. The ability to get out and do things at night without fear for your safety is ideal, and now with the Bosavi Headlamp, you’ve got it, any time of the day or night. You don’t need to know how to build a campfire out of two sticks, and you don’t need to carry Read More

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Other solar powered products do not go as far as MPOWERED Luci in maximizing functionality. This portable lantern device promises a means for removing energy poverty across the world, incorporating the functions of a task light, flash light and diffused lantern, in one package. Luci boasts one rechargeable lithium-ion battery and weighs slightly more than a McDonald’s quarter-pound patty. It’s lightweight, collapsible for travel, and both durable and reliable when the weather is at its worst. You may also attach it to a wall or ceiling for a more cost-effective way of consuming energy whenever you need it. No power Read More

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Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

Ever been stuck out in the wild stinking to high heaven and not knowing where the next spritz of water is going to come from? If so, then you would have probably enjoyed having a Nemo Helio Pressure Shower in your corner. Unlike the gravity fed camp showers, which require hanging to work effectively, while still producing crappy water pressure, Helio goes on the ground and delivers fantastic pressure for washing your hair, rinsing off gear, or even doing the dishes. If you’ve got any camper in you — along with maybe a little vanity — you’ll want to pick Read More

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Kammok Glider Rain Tarp And Weather Relief Shelter

The Kammok Glider Rain Tarp and Weather Relief Shelter may look pretty minimalist from the photo, but it’s designed and manufactured in such a way that you’ll be protected from the elements should you ever be caught camping in a storm. But don’t think that’s where it ends. No sir, you can also use the patent-pending technology to resist the heat, blocking out the vicious summer sun with the ease of a six-footer playing one-on-one with a seventh grader. (Hey, we’re 93 million miles away, we can talk all the trash about the sun that we want.) In all seriousness, Read More

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Norquayco Paddles

It is officially kayak season, everyone, and if you’re still trusting your watery movements to some boring paddle standard, then you need to get with the program and think about giving Norquayco a try. Pictured here are three of the finest choices in the spirit of summertime — “water,” “rawhide,” and “summer peak.” That’s nowhere near what all choices are available, only a small sampling. So if you’re itching to get on the water and you’re tired of looking at the same boring, worn-out paddle, you’ll want to venture over to the Norquayco website through the buy link and pick Read More

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Sol Survival Kit

The SOL Survival Kit is (amazingly) just one product that fits in the palm of your hand, giving you myriad uses especially when you need it the most. This cross breed of ten essential outdoor survival tools comes in a single lightweight, easy to carry, and wholly indestructible package. What you get for the dinero: an ABS-plastic waterproof case, which houses the TinderQuik fire-starting tinder, 150lb-test braided nylon cord, mil-spec stainless steel wire, and an emergency sewing and fishing kit. You’ll also get backcountry expert Buck Tilton’s survival instructions with more than 60 survival techniques and strategies that you can Read More

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JamCooler brings two of our favorite things together just in time for grilling season. That’s right: beer and music. If you plan to do a lot of all-day cookouts this year, then you’ll need this icebox music machine by your side. The speakers allow you to rock out via any Bluetooth enabled device for a clear and crisp sound that will keep you going until your skin starts peeling. In all, JamCooler features 10 hours of non-stop playback before it ever needs a recharge. It works with both Android and iOS platforms, and it holds up to 100 cans of Read More

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