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22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper

Zack & Zoey Crown Cross Bone Dog Hoodie

Rossignol Soul 7 Skis

What do you look for in a quality pair of skis? Aside from hoping we find something that’ll keep us from going through a tree trunk, we like lightweight pads that offer a quick tour of the slopes, whether going through white powder or navigating a less forgiving terrain. It also helps if there is traction, looks, and dependability present. In the Rossignol Soul 7, we get all three. These black-and-gold beauties have honeycombed tips and a shallow sidecut that make them ideal for your next whoosh downhill. Pros can really get the most out of these, and beginners can Read More

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Warmawear Heated Gloves

The nights are already cooler in our neck of the woods, so we can only imagine what you poor folks in Montana and Michigan and the northeastern US will be experiencing this season. When the temps drop to bitter conditions, you really need a little more than gloves to keep your hands warm and functional, and with the Warmawear Heated Gloves, you’ll have it. These gloves use a carbon fiber infrared heating element on the back of the hand to keep you nice and toasty even when you can’t take a step without blowing a plume of smoke from your Read More

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Brunton Hydrogen Reactor Portable Power Pack

Brunton’s Hydrogen Reactor Portable Power Pack is a two amp system that never requires a charge. (Come again?) That’s right, it never requires a charge. That’s because the self-contained unit mixes hydrogen from rechargeable cells with oxygen (from the air around you) to generate power. When a cell discharges, you can replace it with another to keep things running smoothly. The whole device is just 5.3 inches long and weighs less than nine ounces. It allows you to recharge your iPhone up to six times via the on-board USB port before you ever need to replace or recharge. Plenty of Read More

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BioLite KettlePot

The BioLite KettlePot is one of the most accurately named gadgets that we’ve seen in a while. It pours like a kettle and cooks like a pot, allowing you to hold in heat while keeping the handle cool to the touch. Inside you’ll be working with 1.5 liters of space for a mess of beans, a pot of stew, or anything else you can think of on your next outdoor adventure. Cleanup and storage also comes rather easy. When you’re done with the pot portion, just pack it inside the kettle part and you’re good to go. And with the Read More

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Point 65N Tequila Tandem Modular Kayak

The Point 65N Modular Kayaks are truly sights to behold. Rather than locking you in to a one-size-fits all watercraft, they allow you to decide what is necessary. Here we have the Tequila Tandem kayak, which makes use of the patent-pending Snap-Tap system that allows you to go from single- to multi-seater in seconds. The easy to assemble, easy to take apart, technology makes travel, storage, and use, an absolute cinch. And even though it takes so little to make it work, Point 65N promises outstanding performance that will hold its own with any other kayak. You may have to Read More

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CrazyCoolers Motorized Coolers

The Blue Xtreme Cooler from CrazyCoolers has arrived just in time for the brunt of college football season. With this incredible contraption, the drinks will make the rounds faster than normal thanks in part to the two-horsepower, four-cycle engine. Aside from that, it also delivers toughness unsurpassed with an ATV build consisting of off-road tires, running boards, fenders, aluminum mag wheels, and rear disc brakes. Plus, there is a wheelie/safety bar for added protection, not to mention a great, big full-size cooler with drain for easy storage and cleanup. In short, it’s every single thing that you’ll need for the Read More

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Campa All Terrain Trailer

The Campa All Terrain Trailer (or ATT) is a marvel of outdoor efficiency. Traveling with this on the back of your ride may make you never want to go home. Boasting a kitchen area complete with cutlery and crockery sets, a Brinkmann SS stove, pots, spices, and tupperware, you’ll be able to live off the land and eat like a king at the same time. There’s also plenty of storage capacity, a place where you can grab some shuteye, and a roof extension to stave off the elements. As if that wasn’t enough from the comforts of home, the ATT Read More

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Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand

The Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand promises instant access to a laid back lifestyle with a hammock that connects directly to your hitch via a high bar that is sturdy enough to hold you in place. This product is perfect for tailgating at sporting events, catching up on your summer reading at an outdoor concert, and attending a double feature at your local drive-in theater. All you will need is a standard two-inch hitch receiver and enough sense to put together a three-piece installation. (Seriously, it should only take a few minutes.) The hammock itself can hold a cumulative total of Read More

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