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For $1,000, You Could Have Free Beer The Rest Of Your Life

Meet The Picnic Time Folding Chair And Backpack

This portable folding outdoor deluxe chair is for the beach, park, tailgating or deck. It features ribbed padding on a 19-1/2-inch-wide seat and backrest and holds up to 350 pounds. With a fold-out side table with expandable shelves, you can use it to carry books, tablet, camera, and drinks. A detachable insulated cooler and detachable armrest with folding backpack strap system and electronics pocket, make it as mobile as it is sturdy. Topping things off, there are two sturdy, built-in fabric loops on the back that will secure an umbrella or sports banner, making this a must-have addition to your Read More

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Roof-Top Tents From Treeline

Plan on doing any camping this summer? If so, you may want to check out the new Lodgepole and Tamarack roof-top tents from Treeline Outdoors, a Canadian-based outdoor brand. The new curved-roof tents reduce weight, improve water shedding and increase aerodynamics. “We have have spent meticulous time redesigning our roof-top tents to be the most durable, efficient and enjoyable tents on the market. Built with specific roof-top functionality in mind, they don’t necessarily follow the lead of today’s high-tech ground tents,” says Chad Kendrick of Treeline Outdoors. “We utilize a blend of old and new materials (280g poly/cotton, rip-stop canvas) Read More

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The Drink Cooling Pool Lounger From Hammacher

Attention all pool sharks, hurry up and grab your inflatable pool lounger with built in coolers today before the summer gets too hot and heavy. Each cooler stores up to four 12-ounce cans or three 16-ounce bottles, and each has a zippered top with a built-in cup holder that secures one’s drink, waterproof iPhone, sunglasses, or a bottle of tanning lotion. Available now from Hammacher, each one is built with sturdy, heavy-gauge PVC that allows use in pools, rivers, lakes, or oceans. An 18-inch-high backrest slopes slightly down either side into the two inflated armrests, forming a deep seating area Read More

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ReadyAction Captures Your Adventures Without Interfering

The ReadyAction body mount is a system of mounts and harnesses designed to incorporate today’s technology without getting in the way of whatever adventure you’re on. You could be riding your bike, going for a jog, or white water rafting. The ReadyAction harness and mount are there to keep things steady and allow you to film using your smartphone, digital camera, or tablet. Now, a word of caution. ReadyAction is available in two editions — Sport and Office, and it has an extensive system of mounts including bike, ski pole, car, snowboard, and wrist. If you want everything, that’ll run Read More

Nivose Mitts Withstand Temps As Low As -30 Degrees (Celsius)

Do yourself a favor, skiing enthusiasts. Get yourself over to Kickstarter right now and take advantage of the sharp-looking Nivose Mitts. These babies are designed to withstand frozen-solid temps of anywhere from -18 degrees Celsius to -30 degrees Celsius. If you’re not aware, that’s friggin’ cold. Aside from the functionality, they also look the part. The Smitt Mitt is the heavier duty of the two, while The Hound Mitt offers a wider fit, making it a perfect companion for the company’s Merino Liners for optimum warmth. When these babies move off Early Bird, they’ll cost you about $130, so best Read More

The Sun Juicer Solar Cooker Assembly Kit

The Sun Juicer Solar Cooker Assembly Kit is a new Kickstarter project worth keeping your eye on if you’re the rugged outdoorsy type, or if you just want a simpler way of preparing food safely. With this unique device, you can fry, grill, boil, and do virtually everything you do in a kitchen, except with the help of Mother Nature herself, making it great for emergency nutrition situations if you’re stranded somewhere for days and need to catch and cook your food without catching some kind of nasty disease. The Sun Juicer looks like a satellite dish. It requires no Read More

The Aervoe LED Super Road Flare Kit, For Roadside Emergencies

The Aervoe LED Super Road Flare Kit puts out a bright flashing beacon intended to alert oncoming drivers, while lasting for up to 60 hours, and since you’ll get four in the package, it should last you that many times longer! With Aervoe, you can identify road hazards, signal for help, mark detours, underwater scuba, or repair applications. It’s especially ideal for emergency responders or anyone who needs to call attention to what they’re doing in order to avoid intrusion or even harm from the public. To make this happen, each flare has 24 super bright LEDs that are visible Read More

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Rama Llama: A Sleeping Bag With 50-Degree Comfort

The Rama Llama sleeping bag could lead to a whole new means of insulation. Instead of using down and other inefficient means for getting the job done, the Rama Llama sleeping bag uses a special blend of 100 percent natural fibers that are completely sustainable, high performing, and socially just.  Harvested from the mighty llama itself, this material can be used without harming the animal and it keeps you comfortable whether the temp is 20 degrees or 70. Considering that most bags have a 10- to 15-degree comfort range, that’s quite impressive. The fiber is sustainably harvested from rural Andean Read More

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