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Strike Cam Lets You Fish Like You’ve Never Fished Before

Whoa, how ingenious is this! The Strike Cam is an underwater camera developed for fishermen to get an up close and personal view of what happens when they drop their bait into the water. Waterproof, of course, it captures how fish react to lures, how they position themselves to structure, the dynamics of schooling fish, the hookset, the fight … you name it … all from a highly detailed POV shot. The goal of Strike Cam is to grow the library of this unique film footage for the enjoyment of viewers. And now you can grab a Strike Cam for Read More

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Laser Illuminating Binoculars: See Life Coming, Day And Night

The Laser Illuminating Binoculars will light up subjects in the dark over 150 yards away with a diffused, wide-angle laser. At 532nm, the green laser generates an ever-widening cone of light that spots subjects in complete darkness: at 30 feet away, it provides a 24-inch diameter spot while at 164 feet away, it highlights subjects with a 13-foot diameter spot. Equally useful during the daytime, the binoculars’ 32mm objective lenses produce a 294-foot field of view at 1,000 yards, and they have multi-coated lenses and a roof prism system, providing 8X magnification and sharp contrast at any distance. Other features Read More

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Infinitely Modular Tent

When a house just won’t do, the infinitely modular tent, now available via Amazon Japan, will definitely do the trick. Rather than camp out in a boring traditional tent that you bought at a big box store, this $1,400 series of interlocking tents give you the opportunity to build your very own maze resulting in fun for the whole family. While we admit that it is expensive, it can also open a whole new world of comfort for the camping enthusiast. It’s particularly awesome if you like to go camping in large groups. Want one now? Just click our buy Read More

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Edyn: Your Key To The Connected Garden

The Edyn garden system monitors and tracks soil conditions and compares them to up-to-the-minute meteorological data so you will know the best conditions to create and actions to take for the life of your garden. The Edyn App displays this data as a real-time snapshot of your garden, and pushes alerts and suggestions to maximize plant health. A separate component, the Edyn Water Valve, uses the data collected by the sensor to smartly control your existing watering system, watering your plants only when needed. With advanced tracking technology and intuitive design, the Edyn smart garden system promises to keep you Read More

JetBoil FlashJava Kit

The JetBoil FlashJava kit is a must-have for any of you who like your coffee out in the wild (presumably everyone). Seriously, why should you have to wait a year for a nice hot cup just because you want to take advantage of the great outdoors and do a little camping? With this nifty gear, you can brew up some awesome sauce in a flash. Contents of the package include a 1.0 Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating koozie, featuring a Flash color-change heat indicator. Therse’s also an adjustable burner with push-button igniter, a drink-through lid and insulating bottom cover/measuring cup, and a tripod Read More

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Critter CR2: A Minimalist Camp Stove

The Critter CR2 Multifuel Backpacking Camp Stove is the lightest and most minimalist piece of cookware that you can get when you plan on hitting the trails for a day or two. It rides alongside, hardly noticed, in your pack and unfurls whenever you need to cook up a meal or heat a cup of coffee. Functionality is universal, working with Sterno, Trangia, Alcohol Stoves, and Wood Fire. All that, and the 316 stainless steel unit weighs under two ounces, so it could conceivably be carried in your pocket, backpack-be-damned. You can get yours now via Kickstarter from Minnesota-based inventor Read More

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Lighthouse 250 Brings USB To Your Portable Lantern

The Lighthouse 250 from Goal Zero allows you to enjoy a bit of Old School practicality with a modern spin. This portable lantern makes use of USB for a thoroughly modern lighting mechanism. Just some of the things it allows you to do per Amazon: Adjust brightness levels to save on power with a max of 48 hours on low. Power up from Goal Zero solar panels, plug into any USB, or turn the crank for light anywhere, anytime. Boost a tablet or recharge a smartphone to stay connected. Fold up legs for easy portability. Use in emergencies, adventures or Read More

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Pocket Reel: Say Goodbye To Pole And Tackle Box

Got a friend or child who has always been intimidated by the mechanics of fishing? Want to do these folks a favor and show them how easy and relaxing it can be? Consider picking up a Pocket Reel from creator Josh Perlmutter. The Wisconsin-based inventor and outdoorsman has effectively eliminated the need for a traditional pole and tackle box. How’d he do it? Well, inside the kit, you’ll find everything you need to fish: hooks and sinkers, bait, a bobber, two lures, and several feet of extra fishing line. You can get yours now through Kickstarter for the price of Read More