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Planet Waves Guitar Rest Rocks Travel And Convenience

Pickers and strummers, if you’re a little tired of laying your guitar flat whenever playing out of town, then we have a small gadget today that you may wish to pick up. The Planet Waves Guitar Rest can actually hold your stringbox upright while you unwind, take a shower, and recharge those batteries for the next session. Just set the Rest on a nightstand or end table, and your guitar will be available at a moment’s notice. It also works with pretty much any flat surface (think: amps, road cases, and studio furniture). And when on the go, it fits Read More

Kyub: Play Any Instrument In The Palm Of Your Hands

The Kyub is an open-source, three-dimensional feather touch MIDI keyboard that allows you to program, practice, and perform, with almost any instrument boxed in an elegant cube-shaped device that will blow your mind the first few times you see it played. To get a sense of what we’re talking about, it’s best that you just see it in action: The internal circuitry of the Kyub monitors each of the keypads to immediately detect even the lightest finger touch reflected in a capacitive disturbance. Acceleration of the Kyub housing associated with a finger touch is converted to a note loudness which Read More

Wire Less And Play More With Acoustic Stream

Acoustic Stream is a device that many of you guitar slingers will love. Essentially it is four gadgets in one, including a wireless music recorder, a perfect wireless guitar tuner, an added audio channel for your performances, and an environment monitor to ensure the health and performance of your guitar. This latter feature even allows you to receive push notifications on your smart phone, so you’ll know when action is needed to protect the integrity of your instrument. By simply tapping the guitar with your hand you can enable any of the Acoustic Stream’s features. It couldn’t be any easier Read More

Guitarists Of The World, Meet Your New Roadie

For guitar enthusiasts, we have a product for you today that you’re going to like. It’s called the Roadie, and it connects to a mobile device via Bluetooth and gets you well on your way to a perfectly tuned guitar in three simple steps: First, turn on the mobile app and place your phone in front of your guitar. Next, place the Roadie on the guitar peg. Finally, strum on the string and let the device do the rest. For electric guitars, you can plug in to the adapter, and that can help tune in noisy environments (which is actually Read More

Gittler Guitar

The most difficult roadblocks to yours truly for learning how to play the guitar has been the neck and the body — in other words, the entire instrument. Now the Gittler Guitar, the world’s first titanium string box, attempts to remove those pesky aspects of learning how to play. The makers of this beauty promise an end to neck adjustments and intonation nightmares. We’re not exactly sure how they pull it off, but judging from the Kickstarter video, they totally do, and they’ve managed to do so with a gorgeously designed device that looks right at home in the modern Read More


Resy has three great prizes they’re currently giving away that we think our music lovers here at inStash are going to love. One of these items — the oil can guitars — we’ve already featured, but the other two are every bit as cool, and if you can win ‘em, then why not check out the site? First, the Airlogic Percussion delivers a reinvented kick pedal that removes the springs and replaces them with a compressed air cylinder. The result is a much faster experience. You could also win the Sugar Bytes if electronic music production is your thing. Check Read More

Tronical Tune

One of the most annoying things about playing the guitar, other than the fact that I have no idea how and hands like The Penguin, is the ever present need to re-tune the guitar once it’s been knocked out of whack from some hard strumming on “Horse With No Name.” Tronical Tune has realized this problem and come up with a solution. The device is easy to work and allows you to tune your six-string (or whatever-string) to perfection in about 10 seconds. All you’ve got to do is install it, strum away, and the tuning pegs will respond automatically Read More

Kitar, The Evolving Instrument

The kitar is a stringed, plucked, electric instrument permitting players to switch sounds and experiences on the fly. By trading distinctive necks onto different bodies, you can make unrestricted fusions to suit a singular style and musical arrangement. Having swappable necks and forms implies you can switch out with close to no effort. Necks from a right-handed form might be swapped effortlessly onto a left-handed one. The current Kickstarter campaign will fund the design and prototyping process for the interchangeable necks, which truly make this instrument unique. Its an open source platform for the real world, and it can have Read More